The Love of A Seeress

Chapter: ? AF

Author's Note:

This "chapter" has an absolute requirement that you listen to "My Hands" by Leona Lewis while reading it. That is, unless you have already heard the song. It plays at the end of Final Fantasy XIII. The other day, I was checking out a playthrough of FFXIII, and when the song came on it held on to my heart and would not let me go.


My Hands

Only agree to hold

Your Hands

And they don't want to be without

Your Hands

And they will not let me go,

No they will not let me go.

Though the ceremony was unfamiliar to her, Serah could see that in this foreign land marriage still symbolized the joining of two people in love. Her heart sunk as her thoughts drifted to Snow. How could she have entertained thoughts of being with Van? Clutching the railing tight, she tried to forget the feeling of Van's hand in hers and the intoxicating sensation of his breath on her neck. She felt so conflicted. Why had she been brought to Gaea? This place was not her home, and never would be. She belonged on Pulse, or Bhunivelze, or even Cocoon, as long as she was with the people she loved. Weariness gripped her soul, and it took all the strength she had to keep herself together. Her hands were shaking as she raised herself over the railing. It felt as though her life was a carnival ride that kept making endless loops, and every time she thought it was over it started up again. Enough! She thought. I can't bear the responsibility of saving the world again. I can't bear the thought of falling in love again. Overwhelmed by grief, she could see only one solution. Snow, I'm coming, she thought as she jumped from the balcony. Darkness surrounded her as the sun was blotted out from the sky.

She had meant to close her eyes, but a flash of light made her look down. Peering at her chest, she saw the pendant that Van had been wearing around her own neck. The seconds between her and the stone pavement below stretched incomprehensibly into hours as she contemplated her fate. Was she doing the right thing? Moments ago, her death had seemed like the only way to return to her world. Now the pendants appearance gave her pause. What if she died? Before, with Noel, she had accepted her destiny and had been ready to give her life for it. But now, her desire to see Snow again filled her heart to the point of bursting. Responding to her wish, the pendant shone brighter and below her a time gate appeared. In the last second, a smile spread across her face. I'm coming home.

No they will not let me go…