Okay, I know there's another story up on this site like this, but I've been considering doing this since the first day I got my copy of The Hunger Games. Of course, I won't be using the exact storyline of the books; I'll be taking a 24 for the characters (old and new cast (I…still don't care for the new cast, but I like some of the characters on their own)), splitting them into the districts I could see them living in and watching them fight a gruesome battle to the death. A few aspects of the books will be in here, but just a few scenes will be similar/the same if I'm in an unoriginal mood. Anyway, here are the four districts reaping days. I'll do a few districts each chapter during the reaping, a few train rides per chapter during these times, all of the interviews at once and, finally, the Games will begin! I must've started this chapter weeks ago! Yeesh, I really need to focus…

And I'm sorry if some people are OOC (most likely members of the new cast will be to some extent), having not watched much of Season 4 (I saw the first few episodes), I don't have much of a feel for the new characters, but trust me, there is some idea of how to write them.

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There once was a place called North America. But droughts and fires, hurricanes and tornados, and encroaching seas took their toll. Brutal wars broke out as people fought for the few remaining resources. The Earth was scarred and desolate, the people terrified and hopeless.

But out of the ashes and wreckage rose Panem, a nation made up of a great Capitol ringed by thirteen districts, which brought peace and prosperity to its citizens for many generations.

Then came the Dark Days, the uprising of the districts against the Capitol. The shining light of our nation was clouded by war- terrible war. The thirteen districts rebelled against the country that fed them, loved them and protected them. The revolt left the country in tatters. Motherless children filled the streets. The land was torn asunder. After a long struggle, in which many died, there came a hard-won peace. Twelve districts were defeated, the thirteenth obliterated. When the traitors were at last suppressed, we swore as a nation we would never allow such treason again.

Thus was the Treaty of Treason written and signed, providing us with new laws to live by—laws that would guarantee peace. As a yearly reminder that the Dark Days must never come again, it was decreed on the same day each year, the various districts would offer up in tribute one brave young man and one brave young woman to fight in a pageant of honor, courage, and sacrifice—the Hunger Games. The twenty-four tributes are sent to an outdoor arena, where they struggle to overcome both man and nature and triumph over the odds. Each year, the lone victor serves as a reminder of the nation's generosity and forgiveness.

This season is both a time for repentance and a time for thanks. This is how we remember our past. This is how we safeguard our future.

(Disclaimer: This is from the beginning of "The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide". I own NOTHING! DON'T FUCKING SUE ME!)

Reaping Day- District One- 5:00 pm (Theirs is later than some districts…just because)

I smiled sadistically. This was my prime. I was 18 years old, beautiful, strong and, overall; I would be the best tribute my district would ever see. A freakish woman stood before the crowd. She had long pink fingernails that looked like talons, whiskers like a cat's and she was dyed a light lavender colour. No, really, her skin, her hair, her dress; everything was this pretty shade of pale purple. I recognized her as our district's escort: Violet Viola. Her name was ironic, due to the colour scheme she followed. Next to her was a blond girl I recognized as Dakota, who'd be my mentor. There was no male mentor this year.

The video from the Capitol ended, and she squealed. "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

"Ladies first!" The woman said in a sing-song voice, walking in her freakishly high heels towards the fishbowls as if she would die if she didn't know immediately who she was sending off to the Capitol.
She pulled a name from the bowl.
"Amy L-"she began, but I cut her off before she could finish saying the girl's name, with a loud "Uh, hey! I volunteer!"
"Oh! Of course" she laughed, embarrassed. She was recently transferred here from one of the loser districts, the ones where tribute was a synonym to "corpse". Whiny little babies…

I strutted up, confidently, towards the stage, my gorgeous black hair flowing in the wind, behind me.
"And what's your name, dear?" Violet asked as I made my way to the microphone.
"Heather. My name is Heather Hamilton." I told her, proudly. I smiled at the camera, and knew that I'd soon be smiling for all of Panem once again, this time, as their victor.

Male Reaping

I smirked. The poor girl. She thought she'd be out of this in a week. Actually, she would be out in a week. Just not in the way she seemed to think. I could pretty much guarantee that she'd be returning home after the Games were done…Just in a box, this time.

"Do we…Do we have any more volunteers?" Violet stammered, embarrassed.
"Yes, my fair woman, you do." I spoke up, already beginning to saunter towards the lovely stage.

"And, young man, what is your name?" Violet asked, smiling proudly.
"Alejandro Buerromuerto." I smirked.

"Well, how very brave of the two of you." Violet smiled again, charismatically.

She grabbed the two of us by the hands, and raised them into the air.

"I give you the tributes of District One!" Violet cheered, and we were met with an applause that was almost humbling…almost.

No one's perspective

His green eyes met her dark gray ones. They knew that (at least) one of them would be coming home in a wooden box. Of course, they both expected that the other one would and that they themselves would be too busy enjoying the Victor's Village to care about their fellow tributes, who would all have fallen by that time.

Reaping Day- District 2- 3:00 pm

I stared at the woman in rage. Dressed all in red, named Jemmy. She had been our escort for as long as I could remember. She strutted forward towards the mic after the stupid video from the Capitol ended. On the stage stood a girl who, honestly, could pass for a girl born in the Capitol. Her hair was stupid, her orange skin was stupid; her accent was stupid…I could ask for a better mentor, but I could end up with a worse one. Sure, she was more concerned with her hair than with the tribute's survival, but I could save myself this year.

"Welcome, welcome! Welcome to the 73rd annual Hunger Games!" I turned my attention to Jemmy.

"Now, first off, do we have any female volunteers?" she asked the crowd, and I step forward. I was strong enough, my age was irrelevant. The other girls my age stared in shock, but also in fear to say something.

"Oh! Well, come forward!" Jemmy said, surprised.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I growled, already close to the stage. I climbed up the stairs and looked her in the eye.

"A-and what's your name, brave young girl?"

I glared. "Eva. And I'm not that young."

"How old are you, exactly?"

"I'm fourteen." I told her. Sure, most volunteers were at least 16, but I was the strongest student yet.

"Oh…Well, good luck to you. Now, for our male tribute, any volunteers?"

Male reaping

I smiled, innocently
"Y-yes, I volunteer." I spoke up, trying to sound nervous. Jemmy appeared shocked at my nervousness. Good, that means she couldn't see through my act. I walk hesitantly towards the stage.

"And what's your name, young man?"

I uncertainly took the microphone she was holding out to me.
"Scott Evill, ma'am." (A/N: Pronounced like "Devil", but without a "D")
"Evil?" she asked, startled at her mishearing of my name.
"N-No, ma'am, Evill."
"Yes, ma'am."

I caught eyes with the terrifying 14-year-old, Eva. She'd never given a last name, which was an odd occurrence. I had to admit that she was intimidating, but, unlike me, she wouldn't have the likeability to gain sponsors. While I may have seemed nervous and sweet, I was a marvellous actor.

"And how old are you, Scott?" Jemmy asked with a smile.
"I'm 16, ma'am" I told her, respectfully.
"Well, it's an honor to have you representing our district"

She turned to the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you all, this year's tributes!"

She turned back to us.

"And may the odds be ever in your favor."

I couldn't help but feel confident. I noticed that, while she should have been addressing us both, I couldn't help but feel that her gaze was directed mainly at me.

I would win these Games. I would make my Papi proud.

Eva's perspective

I had to hold back my rage at every person on the stage with me. Jemmy for being so stupid, Anne Maria for getting me high off of those fumes from her hair spray (I'm still convinced she's addicted to them) and, lastly, my fellow tribute. He thought he was so smart, playing the innocent, nervous child. He was smart, when compared to the Capitol folk, that is. What idiot with such a personality would volunteer when so many others in the district would gladly do it for him?

District 3 reaping- 7:00 pm

Female reaping

I looked up at our escort in disgust. He clearly had a problem with self-control. The man had a major gut and panted as he walked across the stage to get to the microphone. The stage wasn't even that big!

"Do we have any volunteers?" he asked in a joking tone. It was rare that there was ever a volunteer (or victor) from District 3.

I stepped forward, silently and made my way towards the stage. As I climbed the stairs, Mizoger stared at me in shock. I finally got a better look at him. I had already known that his skin was dyed a bright cyan and that his hair was dyed a dirty-looking gold, but I got a look at him from up close. He had flakes of gold embroidered throughout his face and neck, with silver ones in his hands. Speaking of his hands, his nails seemed to have a blackish tint to them. He was dressed in an eyesore of a suit; it was a bright yellow with green glitter accented throughout the jacket and tie. I almost looked away, but my onyx eyes had met his bright orange ones.

"A-and what is your name, miss?" he asked, startled.
"Courtney Garcia. And, before you ask, I'm 17 years old. I will win these Games." I told him, bluntly.
"Okayyyy…" he said, trying to hide his nervousness.

"A-and now for our male tribute!" He fumbled around in the fishbowl.

Male Reaping

I admired the boy standing on stage. Not our creepy escort, Mizoger, but the one who would be a mentor to whatever poor saps got stuck in the arena this year. His name was Cody. He was my age when he won the Games two years ago. I just hoped it was no one I knew this year.

"Samuel Blue!"

Oh. Well, I guessed that worked, too. I put on a brave face and walked up to the stage. On the bright side, I would finally meet Cody in person.

I put on a brave face and moved towards the stage. As I got up there I told him "Actually, I like to be called 'Sam'"

My partner rolled her eyes.

"I've been the top player for years on the Hunger Games video game" I bragged to the crowd. "How different can it really be?"

Mizoger laughed, good-naturedly. "And how old are you, Sam?"
"I'm twelve." I told him, quickly.

The crowd seemed to stir, almost as if they were sympathetic.

"Well, Sam, may the odds be ever in your favor." He told me, sadly.

Courtney cleared her throat.

"Oh! A-and yours too, Courtney!"
He then presented us to the crowd as this year's tributes, and said something about the video they forgot to show.

District four- 3:00 pm

Female reaping

"Do we have any volunteers?" This question was merely a formality Melee had to go through every year. It really meant 'Whoever volunteers can get their lazy butt up here'

I stepped forward. It really shouldn't be much of a surprise that I'd volunteer. After all, no one was better than me.

"Ah, and what's your name, sir?" she asked in the same dull, bored tone.
"Jo." I told her, waiting for her to realize I was female.
"Alright." She yawned. It was obvious that she just wanted to go home.

As I stepped up onto the stage, I looked her right in the eyes and cleared my throat.

"Well, you're slightly feminine for a male…No offense."
Was she really this stupid? "I am a girl. Johanna Odair's the name."
"Oh! Well, why didn't you say so?"
I just rolled my eyes.

"Wait; Odair?" she asked, surprised.
"Yep. Odair. As in Finnick Odair. He's my older brother, actually." I told her, proudly. Sure, he'd been completely against my volunteering, but I couldn't care less…so had Annie, who it was harder to disobey.

"Oh! Well, how about the boys? Volunteers?"

Male reaping

I think about 50 other boys stepped up at these words. Luckily, I was the first one to the stage.

"Oh! And…what's your name?" Melee asked me.

"Duncan Duke" I told her in a bored tone. I looked at the others standing on stage with me. There was Melee, who was, oddly enough, a beautiful woman…well, as beautiful as Capitol people could get, really. She couldn't be over 20 years old, with aqua blue eyes and her skin was tinted a soft pink, and her long, curly hair was dyed a nice lavender colour and she had a great body. She must be an outcast among the Capitol folk, but I liked her.
There was also the 16-year-old who'd volunteered before me. Johanna Odair. She was going to be a tough competitor, being the little sister of a previous winner and all, but I could take care of myself.
And, lastly, one of the worst mentors I could ask for. Justin DeRulo. He was more concerned with his appearance than anyone else could ever be. I turned my attention the crowd, cheering me, their future victor…and that man-lady.

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