Me: OMG! I really don't want to start another long story before I finish Love it up but I cant help it! This idea is just too awesome! Anyway this one is not based off the show like "Love it up!"is. In this story Deuce and Ty haven't met yet, Gunther and Tinka are normal, and Gunther is a popular football player at school. Alright lets get this story started!

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Deuce was never really popular. He only had two friends Dina and CeCe and he never had a girlfriend. It didn't really bother him but sometimes he wondered if he would ever be considered one of the normal popular people.

"Deuce! are you ready yet?" Dina yelled from down stairs.

"Hold on a minute!" Deuce yelled back as he slipped on his blue jeans.

"Well hurry up! were gonna be late! Plus I don't want CeCe to get board of waiting in the car. She'll start going threw my stuff!" Dina yelled.

"Okay I'm almost done!" Deuce yelled again as he finished spiking his hair. He grabbed his backpack, stuffed it with his stuff and went down stairs.

"Finally!" Dina said as she saw him come down the stairs. "Lets get going." She turned around an began heading out the door with deuce in tow. As they walked to Dina's car she turned her head and ginned. "So Deuce... what do you want for your birthday?" Dina asked wile they headed to the car. The Latino sighed. He knew he shouldn't have told her when it was. He didn't want anything. He already felt like a burden to everyone and that she had already done enough for him. He lived alone because his parents died in a car accident when he was 10. His godfather paid the bills for him since he didn't want Deuce to move in with him. So the boy felt he had been given enough already.

"I told you I don't want anything..." Deuce said.

"Come on you have to want something. how about a laptop or-" Dina was cut off by CeCe screaming

"There you guys are! I was just about to go threw Dina's stuff!" CeCe said.

"See told you." Dina said while hoping in the car and starting it up. Deuce laughed as he also got in. As they reached the halls Dina and CeCe said goodbye because their lockers were all the way on the other side of the school. Deuce began to walk over to his locker but was stopped when he bumped into someone. He looked up and saw Gunther, the most popular guy at school and the star of the schools football team.

"Oh sorry." Deuce said quickly, trying to regain his composer.

"It's no problem. Hey what's your name I haven't seen you around before. Your kind of cute." Gunther said.

( Deuce's point of view... )

Hey! What does he mean he's never seen me? Wait, wait, wait... did he just call me cute? He knows I'm a guy right? Course he does! I don't look like a girl. I better ask him.

"Um thanks but... you know I'm a guy right?" I asked.

"I'm fully aware." Gunther said smirking. Oh my god. "And I would like to get to know you. Here's my number. See ya! " Gunther said now walking away. Oh yeah, I forgot he was bi.

I quickly grabbed my books out of my locker and turned around only to see that everyone in the hall way was staring at me. Some of the girls looked really angry while others whispered to each other and the guys just looked disgusted. I decided to ignore the stairs and just run to my next period. Great its only 9 o'clock and I'm already embarrassed. I finally made it to my first period class room but as soon as I walked in everyone was started staring at me. I sighed and walked over to my seat... when I sat down I found a note that read faggot in big red letters on the desk. What the hell? He was the one hitting on me and I didn't even say I would call him. Then again I did take the number.

"Hey Deuce!" a voice said behind me. (Me: OC time. I hate doing them.) It was Jaden. Jaden was white with brown hair and blue eyes. He was kinda my best friend in elementary school but when we got to middle school he kinda became distant.

"O-oh hey Jaden." I said.

"I herd Gunther asked you out. Lucky! " He said. Jaden was openly gay and I had no problem with that. It just creeped me out when he went all fanboy on me. Am I gay? I don't think I am.

"Deuce. Deuuuuce. Deuce!"

"Huh?" I said just noticing the voice.

"You spaced out on me." Jaden said a bit irritated.

"Oh sorry."

"Here comes the teacher! Godda go bye!" Jaden said.

"Bye." I said lazily.

"Okay class, today-" blah blah blah was all I herd. I had too much on my mind right now to pay attention. Why does Gunther of all people think I'm cute? If you ask me id say I'm below average.

"New student." I suddenly herd the teacher say. Now I'm interested. I look up. "His name is Ty Blue but ill let him tell you that. Come on in! " The teacher said and a tall light skinned black boy walked in. I felt my self blushing at how handsome he looked. His eyes made me melt into my seat.

"Hello. I'm Ty Blue." He said with the sexiest voice I ever herd. Wait! What the hell am I saying! I don't think guys voices are sexy and a guy's eyes don't make me melt! And besides, I should be worried about Gunther.

"Please take your seat mister Blue" The teacher said. He took the empty seat right next to me and looked over at me with a questionable look on his face. It took me then to realize that I was staring at him.

I quickly turned my head and blushed. He smiled and turned his attention back to the teacher. Dammit! what did I do know? After 20 more minutes the bell rang signaling that class was over. I packed up my things and headed out the door when Ty stopped me.

"Hey." He said with that voice of his. "Can you help me? I have no idea were anything is."

"Uh.. sure." I said nervously. Oh crap what did I get myself into now.

Me: Heh done. Glad this idea has been put down. Hope you guys liked it!