Gunther and I had been the talk of the school since the football game, even more so than usual. Everyone had pegged us as the "it" couple for homecoming and, due to the way Gunther asked me, I was eligible to be his homecoming mate. Wonderful…

"Deuce, what's up man?" Logan asked. "Woah, what's wrong with you?" I sighed before closing my locker and leaning against it.

"It's nothing." Logan shook his head before crossing his arms knowingly.

"Zam, never heard a lie from you so quickly." He chuckled and nudged my shoulder softly. "Come on talk to me man. I know I'm not Ty but I'd like to think of you as a friend."

I looked up at him. I guess out of all of my friends he would get this the most. Logan was the only one who had been in a relationship with Gunther before.

"Logan, why did you think you were gay?" Logan jumped, backing away from me as he raised his hands in defense.

"Wait what? Are you… I thought. Huh?" He scratched his head, his beanie falling out of place in the process.

"Don't worry, I know I'm gay. I was just curious." Logan blushed as he began staring at the ground.

"Man. Well, idk man. I guess… I thought I was kinda… different than other guys. Like I didn't like talking about girls all the time, I liked talking about my feelings and I wasn't into any sports unless you count skate boarding. So when I met Gunther I thought 'hey this guy's handsome' and asked him out. To tell you the truth, I probably should have did some self-searching before I jumped into a relationship. It wasn't really fair to him."

"So how did you handle it? Telling Gunther I mean." Logan sighed, putting his hands behind his head.

"Well, I didn't really tell him. I guess he just figured it out. I mean when we kissed it was like, I didn't really mind it. It was just there you know? But when we tried to go further I got… uncomfortable. I couldn't… get… uh, happy." He nudged me at the end so I could tell what he meant.

"So Gunther broke up with you?"

"Not exactly. We continued trying and he kept asking me if I was really straight and I kept denying it. Then one night we went to this party and there was this girl." He coughed nervously. "She um… didn't go to our school so she didn't know I was with Gunther. So she was hitting on me and I kinda liked it. Gunther was nowhere to be seen, then out of nowhere she just starts kissing me and I got… happy. I pushed her off me and left without telling anyone."

"And then he texts me two days later saying switching schools because he's moving in with his mom and he wants to break up." Gunther says. Logan and I jumped at his sudden appearance.

"Gunther. You uh, scared me." Logan said.

"You didn't sleep with her?" He asked.


"Everyone at school told me you slept with her. I wanted to ask you then but, you disappeared." Gunther said crossing his arms in indifference.

"Oh. No, I didn't. I would have told you-"

"Shut up. You wouldn't have told me anything because you left without a word."


"You led me on. I asked you time and time again but you lied. And then you just left. You left me without a word. I thought you loved me. You knew all the shit I was going through with my parents and acted like you wanted to help. You were everything to me and you ended us like that? Just threw me away like some fucking trash! Fuck you Logan!" Gunther yelled slamming the locker next to us.

"I do love you man just not like that. If you just give me a chance…"

"Deuce, I don't care if he's you're friend. But that doesn't mean I forgive him."

"Gunther…" Logan began.

"Quiet! It doesn't even matter if you slept with her or not. I can't trust you anymore."

I looked over the two of them. Logan looked really upset, both his hands curled into fist as he stared at the floor. Gunther's veins popped, his face scrunched up in anger. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there between them uselessly. Gunther was rarely angry but the mere sight of Logan seemed to make him a different person. But Logan seemed genuinely sorry. Gunther had to be important to him if his words were so upsetting.

I had to do something.

"G-gunther." He turned his attention to me, trying to soften his expression. "I know that I don't have much of a right to say this but maybe you could, hear him out." Gunther raised his eyebrows.

"Why the hell should I?"

I scrambled to find words.

"W-well." Logan looked at me, desperate with a mixture of hope made up his expression. "He seems like he wants to make up. If he really didn't care about you, then why would he be so upset that you don't want to talk to him?"

Gunther frowned for a moment but sighed and turned to face Logan.

"What did you want to say?" He spat. Logan almost lit up.

"I wanted to say that… I'm sorry. I never should've did what I did but I was scared and freaked out. I had told everyone that I was gay and then I found out I wasn't. I felt like my life was a lie and I wanted to start over. But I was only thinking of myself. I forgot how much you meant to me, the whole time I was at that new school you never left my mind. I was worried. I want us again man. You're my, my best friend. I miss you okay? Please Gunther."

Gunther mouth fell a bit. I could tell that Logan's words had gotten to him despite his effort for them to not.

"I-I don't know Logan." Gunther said finally.

"That's fine. We can just start over, if you want. I just want you in my life. I miss our talks man."

Gunther laughed a little at this.

"Yeah yeah. Just, give me some time okay?" Logan beamed.

"ZAM! Okay, Okay got it. I'll just, see you two later okay?" He gave us both a hug. "Thanks Deuce." He whispered only in my ear before running off.

"I'm uh, sorry you saw me like that… again." Gunther said, pink coloring his cheeks.

"It's fine Gunther." I smiled and he pulled me into a hug.

"How did you two get on the topic of me anyway?" He asked running a hand through my hair. Oh right, my selfish butt was trying to see how he broke up with Gunther so I could get some type of idea how to. God I'm a terrible person.

Gunther has enough to deal with. I can't just-


"Oh uh. I was just curious about what happened between you two and I thought it was too personal to ask you so… yeah."

"Okay. Guess it was a sore subject for me. But just know you can ask me anything, I won't get angry with you. Want me to give you a ride home?"

"Yeah sure."

Me:…Sorry…. 2016 was a busy ass year for me okay! I needed life to calm down before I wrote again. But like I said. This is going to be finished. Good day.