Spring of Drowned Kryptonian


A/N This is a Ranma Superman crossover with a hint of Sailor Moon added. There may be other series that have a part in this. They may be there in just one chapter or they may be major story elements added as the story moves along. Sailor Moon and Oh My Goddess are the 2 primary series I have an interest in doing crossovers with at some point in time. They are not likely to be major elements in this story.


My name is Clark Kent and I was born in the town of Smallville. Over the last 30 years, I have unearthed quite a bit of information about my heritage that is not commonly known.

The history behind my story really begins thousands of years ago when the planet Krypton was colonized. The colony started out as a research station dedicated to examination of Krypton's unique properties. Over the next 300 years, thousands of families emigrated to Krypton to exploit the planets resources. Terraforming had brought the average daytime temperature at the equator to a robust 30 degrees F. (-1 degrees C). The planet was in what was believed to be the last decades of an ice age when disaster struck. Unfortunately, the disaster was not natural.

In the waning days of the Moon Kingdom, Beryl and her minion were ripping the empire that was called the Silver Millennium apart. Thousands of planets were scoured of all life. Her scientists made use of Krypton's unique properties to cause the planet to explode. Thousands of Kryptonian's were evacuated before the planet exploded. Most of them took refuge on Earth and some enrolled in the Moon Kingdom military to fight Beryl.

One of Beryl's scientist-mages had a nasty hobby. He had been investigating the properties of the water at what is now called Jusenkyo and was responsible for creating the Pool of Jusenkyo. The bird-people if the Mountain were created to guard the waters of Jusendo and to guard his attempt to make himself immortal. His name was Saffron and his re-birth was to insure that if something killed him, he would come back again... and again... and again...

Saffron also did research into what made Krypton unique. He determined that the planet's nature infused itself into anyone born there. All of those born there have latent powers that could be unlocked by Magic. Descendents who have DNA that is a two thirds match to 'pure' Kryptonian DNA can have their powers unlocked as well. If everyone on Earth who has enough Kryptonian genes were to have their powers unlocked, there would be hundreds of millions of Supermen and Superwomen.

Saffron created a spell to unlock Kryptonian powers. He hoped to create a weapon that could be used against any of his enemies... or against Beryl. His test subject was a young Kryptonian named Kal-El. Kal-El ended up turning on Saffron and they ended up killing each other. Ironically, Kal-El's life ended in one of the Spring of Jusenkyo. The magic that unlocked Kal-El's powers were transferred into the pool and could only be transmitted to those with enough Kryptonian genes. This would be a one-time transfer. Knowledge of how to create the spell was destroyed during the battle between Kal-El and Saffron.

My story begins in Smallville prior to my senior year in high school when I was accepted as an exchange student in Japan. I had been studying Japanese for several years with a Japanese couple who moved here 20 years ago. When I was accepted into the exchange student program, they arranged for a cousin in Nerima Japan to be my host family...