Spring of Drowned Kryptonian Chapter 2


A/N I will update whenever I can. I may end up with yet another active story being written. This is going to put a lot more strain on my creativity and on my writing time.

This appears to be more of a continuation of the manga then anything else. I am going to do my best to avoid contradicting what is in the manga.

Tendo Household

Monday Morning

Soun Tendo had to leave early on city council business and Nabiki had left Sunday evening after supper to return to her dorm on campus. This left just 4 people for breakfast.

"It is going to feel strange not having Kuno around. I still don't like him and I am not going to miss him at all." Ranma says as they finish getting dressed.

"Yeah. It should be pretty peaceful without Kuno around. Nabiki is in college and won't be selling information and pictures of us. Her underlings will be around but they won't be more then a minor nuisance." Akane says

Kasumi comes out with a tray of breakfast food and calls out "Breakfast is ready!"

Clark comes down the stairs for breakfast. Akane and Kasumi think that he is quite handsome in his Furinkan school uniform.

"Good morning everyone. It is going to take some getting used to wearing a school uniform." Clark looks at Ranma in his usual Chinese red shirt and black pants. "Is that what you normally wear to school Ranma?"

"Yeah, I don't like uniforms. If people don't like me the way I am then that's just too bad." Ranma says.

Clark nods his head as he begins to eat. Ranma is not eating as fast as he would have if his father was around. The meal is very peaceful with a bit of small talk about the weather and other dull (and very safe) subjects.

They head out to school. Ranma and Akane both begin fence walking as they head down the street. Clark is amazed at them being able to walk on a narrow chain link fence.

"Why are you walking up there like that?" Clark asks

"Pops got me started on it. He considered it very good balance training that can be done any place you have a fence to walk on. He has a lot of weird ideas on training. I started Akane doing this after we got married. It has been weeks since I have had to help her. She picked it up real quick." Ranma says

"It took a couple of weeks to get it. The first couple of days, he had to catch me at least 5 or 6 times just walking to school. Now, I can actually fight while up here." Akane says

"Yeah but we do need to work some more on your roof walking." Ranma says.

"True, I still can't jump as far as you do. But I am getting better." Akane says.

The sounds of a bell comes as no surprise to Ranma and Akane as a certain purple haired Amazon comes streaking down the street on her infamous Bike of Ramen Delivery Doom.

"Nihao Ranma and Akane!" Shampoo calls out. "I back from China with Great Grandmother and duck boy! Did you miss me?" She flips off of the bike and lands on the fence in between Ranma and Akane. She gives both of them a hug being very careful about her balance.

'Oh great, I thought we got rid of her' thinks Akane and Ranma at the same time.

"I thought that you were not coming back Shampoo?" Akane says with a nasty tone to her voice. "You know I don't like it when you glomp my husband."

"Akane, this no glomp. This hug give to friends." Shampoo says while looking at Akane "Council agree that Kiss of Marriage no longer apply. Now can be friends yes?"

"Why are you really back Shampoo?" Ranma asks

"Shampoo still look for husband. Would be glad share with Akane, but know that no allowed in Japan so be friends instead. Council want Ranma as ally so Great grandmother here to ask if become ally in exchange for extra training that only Amazon allies get."

"I might consider it IF she trains Akane too." Ranma says "I will also have to talk it over with her later before I even talk to the old ghoul about it."

"That's right. We will have to talk it over first. Tell Cologne that IF we decide to talk to her about it, we will come over to the Nekohanten tomorrow after school." Akane says.

"Okay, I tell Great grandmother. She be happy to see you." Shampoo says. She looks down and notices Clark watching and listening to their conversation. "Hey you, what you listen to us for?"

"I am staying with Ranma and Akane to go to school here." Clark says.

Shampoo jumps down deliberately aiming herself to end up glomping Clark.

"Nihao. My name Xian Pu. If to hard to say name then call me Shampoo like everyone else does." Shampoo says and then steps away from Clark.

"I am Clark Kent. Please call me Clark. " he says. He appears to be only slightly embarrassed by Shampoo's glomp.

Shampoo gets on her bike and turns to Ranma and Akane. "See you at school!" She rides off towards Furinkan high school.

"Is this something you have to put up with very often?" Clark asks.

"Well, she has stopped glomping me like that now. She used to do it to me every time she had a chance to do it." Ranma says with a shrug.

"I am very glad she stopped. Otherwise, we would end up in a fight over it." Akane says.

"Well, we had better get moving if we do not want to be late for school." Ranma says.

They were about a block from the school when they noticed a new sign being put on a building. They stopped dead in their track when they saw what was written on it. "Tatewaki Kuno Kendo Dojo". Even worse, Ranma and Akane saw Kuno inside talking to some contractors working on the inside.

"Lets go before he sees us." Ranma says as he begins to hurry towards the school. Fortunately they were able to avoid being seen by him.

They enter the gates at school before Clark could ask what that was all about. Ranma and Akane stopped dead in their tracks when they saw who was waiting for them. Kodachi Kuno, the Black Rose, was standing there waiting for them.

"Greetings Ranma darling, I have great news for you!" Kodachi calls out "I have transferred to Furinkan to be near you! Since my dear deluded brother has graduated, I do not have to attend the same school."

Both Ranma and Akane mutter a large number of things that would get them punished by Ms Hinako Ninomaya.

"Kodachi, I am married now. Neither one of us want you around. Go on back to St Hebereke's where you belong." Ranma says.

"I will never give up until you divorce this hussy and marry me, the only one who truly loves you!" Kodachi says and with that she whips out her ribbon and cracks it at Akane. Akane dodges while tossing her backpack to Ranma.

"Ranma has chosen me and you will never have him!" Akane screams at Kodachi. She leaps into the air and does a flip towards Kodachi. Kodachi does not see this in time and Akane lands with both feet into Kodachi's chest sending her back into a tree stunning her momentarily. Akane takes advantage of this to close with her and then lands a left-right combo that knocks Kodachi out cold.

Akane turns back to Ranma who tosses the backpack to her. "Let's get to class." Akane says.

"Do you have to put up with this all the time?" Clark asks

"It used to be her brother until he graduated. I guess that Kodachi is taking up where he left off." Ranma says with a shrug.

A/N I think that Kodachi is just crazy enough to want to try to break Akane and Ranma up in order to get Ranma for herself. Shampoo would like to get Ranma as her Airen with Akane as a co-wife but is realistic enough now to realize that will not happen. Eventually they will run into Ukyo again and resolve the lingering matters between them. It should be obvious that Clark is going to get caught in the middle of all the usual Nerima madness. Until next time!