Alrighty! Here's a new story that was floating around in my head for a while and wrote it down. Here's the longer summary:

Anne Bolyen gave birth to her saviour. But, as history says, the baby died with in minutes in 1534. Or did he? Paid by the Seymours, hunted by vampires, a midwife hides the Prince in the future. Fifteen years later, the Prince finds out his past and discovers a way to get his family back. Of course, being the Boy-Who-Lived wasn't easy, how much harder could being a prince be?

Ok, not the best summary, but hey, it's a work in progress. Reviews and ideas are nice. I would like pairings but not for a little while yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Not the Tudors, not Harry Potter (I wish :) or any characters unless they're OC. Even then).


August 13th, 1534, Whitehall Palace

"Push you majesty!" Queen Anne Boleyn of England, cried out in pain. This was her second child in two years. Her first, the Princess Elizabeth, was suppose to be the male heir her husband, Henry VIII of England, wanted. Alas, it was a girl. Anne was a little disappointed but also relieved. Elizabeth was proof that she and Henry could have healthy children. Anne screamed as she felt pain rip through her back.

"I can see the crown!" 'One more push,' she thought. With one more push and scream, Anne felt a small body slip out and felt immediate relief.

"What is it?"

"A son your majesty. You have a son." Anne fell back on her pillows and relief washed over her.

"Let me hold him." The midwife seemed hesitant, but complied. Anne felt the bundle slip into her arms and looked at him. He had a dark turf of hair, the Boleyn hair. She saw Henry in his face, but had her nose it looked like. The baby yawned and opened his eyes. Anne gasped. His eyes were like shining emeralds, beautiful emeralds. Henry's mother, had green eyes, from what she was told.

"Your majesty, if I may?" The midwife wanted this task over and done with. Taking the baby, she barely heard Anne say the baby's name.

"Henry. My baby Harry." Quickly finding a secluded spot, she had cast a muggle repellent ward. No one knew she was a witch. The Seymour's and the Spanish wanted this baby dead. She could never kill this child, or any child for that matter. She had a feeling that the prince was the one the prophesy spoke of. An ancient prophesy was spoken by Alfred the Great about a child, restoring balance to the wizarding world, that is being torn apart by blood fanatics and the witch burnings. Taking off her necklace, she placed it in a box along with one of Queen Anne's old pearl necklaces with a golden 'B' that was thrown away when the clasp broke.

The midwife placed a piece of parchment with the Prince's name, birth date, and parents. Deciding that she's out of time, she placed a magical signature tied to the boy so he could find the box, and only he could see it. She then placed a message inside his head and locked it away until he was fifteen, along with any memories of his mother. Letting a tear slip, she knew this would destroy the King and Queen, but it had to be done. She whispered to the prince who was staring at her.

"May the God's protect you from evil." With that, she placed Henry on the floor and started to chant, with him wiggling in his blanket.

"Tueri puer, nostri salvator, eum ubi suus maxime opus in tempore tamen ad transire et A malum." The spell was simple, but she worried about the Queen's enemies finding him, not knowing how far into the future he goes. Not all the Queen's enemies are, normal. The princess was protected, but not the prince because he is a boy. The spell takes a lot of power and the midwife feared she was turned into a squib. As long as the prince survives, it didn't matter to her. The child glowed for a second, then disappeared. Looking at the box, she placed it in a panel in the wall, hiding it for the child to find again. Looking around, she saw a knife and took the last of her strength and transfigured it into a baby that would mimic breathing for two hours then 'die.'

"God forgive me," she whispered as the midwife walked back with the 'baby.'

So, what do you think? Reviews and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism are welcomed. Oh, if you were wondering about the spell, it's Latin. It's not an accurate translation because I know nothing of Latin.

I forgot to post this the first time around and I lost the translation. Soo, the spell in English goes: Protect this child, our saviour, from the evil of this time and place him where he's needed most. It was something very similar to that.