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Chapter 3

"What is going on? How is this possible? WHO THE HELL AM I?" Harry was almost in hysterics. He was holding his parental results that everyone had to take, to see if anyone could claim the vaults that had no one drawing gold from them. Harry almost fainted when he saw the results.

Name: Henry James Charles Edward Richard Tudor

Date of Birth: August 13, 1534

Name of Mother: Anne Bolyen

Born: January 19th, 1508

Died: May 19th, 1536

Name of Father: Henry Tudor

Born: June 28th, 1491

Died: January 28th, 1547

Name of Siblings:

Elizabeth Marie Margaret Claude Tudor

Born: September 7th, 1533

Died: March 24th, 1603

James Francis Edward Tudor

Born: January 29th, 1536

Died: January 29th, 1536

Half-Sibling: Alexandra Catherine Isabella Tudor

Born: January 31st, 1510

Died: February 2nd, 1510

Half-Sibling: Henry Francis Tudor

Born: January 1st, 1511

Died: February 22nd, 1511

Half-Sibling: Edward Philip James Tudor

Born: November 18th, 1513

Died: November 21st, 1513

Half-Sibling: Henry Charles Richard Tudor

Born: December 15th, 1514

Died: December 22nd, 1514

Half-Sibling: Mary Elizabeth Margaret Juana Tudor

Born: February 18th, 1516

Died: November 17th, 1558

Half-Sibling: Eleanor Mary Catherine Tudor

Born: November 6th, 1518

Died: November 10th, 1518

Half-Sibling: Henry John Richard FitzRoy

Born: June 15th, 1519

Died: July 23rd, 1536

Half-Sibling: Catherine Margaret Elizabeth Carey

Born: March 31st, 1526

Died: January 15th, 1569

Half-Sibling: Henry John Edward Carey

Born: March 4th, 1526

Died: July 23rd, 1596

Half-Sibling: Edward James Henry Charles Tudor

Born: October 12th, 1537

Died: July 6th, 1553

Harry couldn't stop staring. He had a family. A large family. Sure, he only would've had one full sibling that lived, but all those half-siblings!

"Griphook, is there anyway to figure out what happened?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Tudor, but this was during the witch burnings and religious turmoil. Moreover, these were muggles."

"Then how am I magical?"

"I guess we could do a blood test that goes deeper into the family tree, finding witches and wizards."

"That would be great Griphook." Harry waited until Griphook came back with another dagger and another bowl and parchment. Harry stared at the parchment. He's seen something like this, long ago from a buried memory with a woman holding him, muttering something. Deciding to worry about that later, Harry took the dagger and looked at Griphook.

"Seven drops of blood will do Mr. Tudor."

"That sounds so weird." Harry muttered while cutting his finger. Making sure it was only seven drops, Griphook took the bowl and poured the contents onto the parchment while chanting in Gobbleygook. The parchment glowed for a second and names started appearing.

"We'll have to wait about ten minutes Mr. Tudor."

"Can we please call me Harry. My last name is up for debate right now."

"Of course Harry. Now, since nothing like this has ever happened, we'll have to assume that there is no one left in the Potter line to take the vault. Unless of course, a fluke happens and you still are a Potter or the Potter left everything to you in their will."

"With me, you never know. Wait, they had a will?"

"Yes but the copy at the ministry was sealed. The copy we have says that you were to get everything, regardless on who raised you"

The parchment stopped glowing and Griphook took the parchment in his hands. His eyes grew wide and wordlessly passed it to Harry.

"Well-Harry, it seems you are a fluke after all and more." Harry looked at the parchment and didn't believe what he was seeing.

Pendragon (Paternal)

Merlin (Maternal)

Ravenclaw (Maternal)

Potter (Paternal)

Slytherin (Maternal)

Platagenet (Paternal)

Woodvile (Paternal great-great grandmother)

Black (Blood adoption)

Faey (Paternal great-great-great grandmother)

"No way," Harry breathed. An heir to three of the four founders, King Arthur, and Merlin! Harry checked the list again.

"I guess I'm still a Potter then."

"Indeed, your majesty." Harry's head snapped up.

"What did you just call me?"

"Your majesty. You are a prince of the old England and a prince in the magical world for being a descendent of the Pendragons. Legitimately of course."

"I thought all the legends said that there was no Legitimate offspring from Arthur and Gueneviere?"

"History tends to muddle some things. They had a daughter they named Hunith. Morgana was hunting down any child of Arthur so they decided to hide her with a peasant family so she could have a normal life. The legend said that when Morgana and Mordred were defeated, Arthur would come back for his child. He never did and that was the last anyone heard of the girl. Soon, she was written out of the legend but we goblins still remember. Now, what we didn't know, was that there was a living descendant of Hunith. We thought she died in the massacres after the fall of Camelot when the invaders came. Now, your Highness-"


"Let's see, Potter, so you can claim that through your fathers welsh family, the Tudors. The Potters had a son that was thought to be lost in battle. He wasn't declared dead, only missing, so the family line could've easily passed through his line. For Black, according to our records, you are already heir, not Lord because of Sirius Black. Don't worry, we know he's innocent. If he were to die, you would get the title. The claim is tightened because he did a blood adoption of you when you were a baby so you are his legitimate heir. Now, for Woodvile, you are the only magical being in the family so you would get the title in the magical world. The muggle Woodvile family died out with your great-great-grandmother."

"Thanks for reminding me." Harry said sarcastically. Ignoring Harry, Griphook went back to the list.

"Merlin. Now, your Aunt Mary also had children but, they were bastards so they had no claim what so ever. But, they can claim Gryffindor through the Tudor line again. Ravenclaw and Slytherin, you are the only one who could claim it anyways because you can speak parceltongue. The Ravenclaw and Slytherin line merged from their marriage-"

"Wait, Ravenclaw and Slytherin were married?"

"Yes Mr. Potter. It seems history forgot that little detail. Platagenet, there have been rumours about that family for centuries on whether or not they are decedents of the devil. The truth is they were descended from death. Do you know the tale of the three brothers?"

"Yeah, I read it over the summer."

"Good. What the story got wrong were the names. There were three brothers but they were called Richard, John and Geoffrey. They may of died in the muggle world but they lived on in the wizarding world under the names of the Percevells. Richard received the elder wand because of want for greatness. Now, Geoffrey got the resurrection stone because he missed his mother and wife that died years before and John had the invisibility cloak. John is interesting, he probably was such a coward that he never wanted to be found. Death eventually did find him, but not before having death as his only option. The wand, the stone and the cloak make up the Hallows and when brought together, it's said it could bring the dead back alive."

"Like inferi?"

"No, they have their own minds and souls back. Death never considered the possibility of having people reclaim their souls. But remember, it can only be people you are related to. That's the catch. Now, the faey, there was a rumor that Jaquetta was decended from Melusine, the river godess who was a faey. I don't know what that'll mean for you right now. Now, lets see the vaults: Merlin and the three founders have vaults 1-4, Pendragon has vault 6, Potter has vault 7, Black has vault 8, but you can't access the money, just the heirlooms, Faey has vault 10 while the Plantegenets have vault 134 and Woodvile has vault 222. Most of these are our oldest vaults that have the highest security in all of Gringotts. If people break into Gringotts, no one can get to the first ten vaults. Their warding secrets have been passed on only to the decedents of the original warders."

"This is a lot to process. I am over 400 years old, I had a family who probably thought I died, my parents aren't really my parents, I have some of the oldest family vaults, probably rich beyond belief, and now you're telling me that I have titles? What's next, Dumbledore playing with my life?" Griphook said nothing.

"Mr. Potter, press your finger on this rune, I want to see if I'm right about something." Raising an eyebrow, Harry pressed his finger to the parchment and gasped when he felt a prick.

"Gringotts rune. Now, lets see." Griphook read the parchment wide wide eyes.

"What does it say?" Handing over the parchment, Harry's shock turned to disbelief.

Name: Henry James Charles Edward Richard Tudor


Glamour-Placed at age 1 (Broken)

Power-70% (placed by Dumbledore, age 1, 7, 11, 14)

Metamorphase-90% (placed by James and Lily Potter, age 13 months)

Parceltongue-80% (placed by Dumbledore at age 12)

Parceltongue Magic-100% (placed by Dumbledore, age 12)

Elemental Magic : Wind-70%



"This is unbelievable! When can I get these things off?"

"Now if you want."

"Of course! Great. I have to be back at the Dursley's in an hour. Is there anyway to have the process done in an hour?"

"Yes, it's an unknown secret that Gringotts has a time chamber that slows time down quite a lot. Now, I can take you down now."

"That'll be excellent Griphook." The ritual itself didn't take long, it just knocked Harry out for six hours chamber time which is six minutes outside time.

Harry came too and felt groggy.

"Feels like I got hit by a lorry."

"Were sorry for the unpleasantness your highness."

"Please, call me Harry."

"As you wish Harry," the Goblin bowed. Harry felt as if a weight was lifted off him and flexed is hand. They were more defined and you could see some muscle on his arm now. Deciding to examine himself later, he turned his attention to Girphook.

"Here are your vault information with new keys. The vaults under 100 don't have keys so that's why there isn't many keys here." Harry nodded and held the folders. Stepping out of the bank, Harry looked around and was almost seeing everything for the first time.

Quickly shrinking the folders, Harry walked through the Leaky Cauldron and into muggle London. He leaned against a building and took in a deep breath. Deciding he could call the knight bus, Harry went behind a dumpster and took out his wand to flag down the bus. With a bang, Harry stepped back, not wanting a repeat of two years ago.

Not bothering with Stan's speech, he told him for Mongolia Cresent.

"That'll be six sickles there." Harry shrugged at the price and climbed on. With a bang, the bus left for Mongolia Cresent. Stepping out, he realized how late he was and jogged to the house where he was greeted with silence. Just the way he liked it.

Skipping steps, Harry quietly climbed into bed and fell asleep quickly. He never realized that there were four dementors on the loose in Privet Drive and six people were kissed, including Dudley.

Ok, I made up the little legend with Hunith although, we never know and I played around with the legend of the Three Brothers. It's important for later :)