A/N Yokay, this is a pretty random fanfic, but I hope you like it anyway! It's very AU, since a whole shopping centre remains after the Apocalypse (*cough**cough*) and because the 9 are all together. Soooo, here you go...

Chapter One (1's POV)

Yippee. I am so excited. I am currently experiencing the most exhilarating and brilliant chapter of my life. I cannot contain my happiness. Here I am, out in the emptiness, walking in no particular direction surrounded by a bunch of abnormal idiots. Fun or what?

'So, what are you doing out there?' I hear you (who seems to think it perfectly acceptable to look in an old stitchpunk's diary) ask. Well, guess what? It was one of the abnormal idiots; a.k.a 2, thinking that it would be 'delightfully pleasant to go on a walk in the lovely weather'. And how wrong was he?

They seem to be enjoying it though. Well, they would. A bunch of freaks like them are sure to enjoy something like this. The small inky one, 6, is gleefully skipping along, with the twins wandering after him, occasionally turning to one another to share a flicker of lights and that stupid clicking noise they always make. Behind 3 and 4 strolls a content-looking 2. Sure, he's content, but not all of us are happy with his stupid idea to come out here. He chats to 5, who walks next to him, about whatever blueprints for some stupid inventions that they are planning to build. Following them is 9, the not-particularly-bright fellow who 'accidently' ended up killing most of us. But I do not wish to go into much detail about that. Next to 9 walks 7. I. Hate. Her. So. Much. I will have to look away from that horrible girl before I explode with and send 8, who staggers beside me, flying off into the distance. He staggers because of the stuff I made him carry out here. I'm taking no risks in this stupid place.

Then there's me, 1. I am supposedto be the leader of this group, but I am not leading them; I'm walking at the back of the queue. And why is that? It's because they all think that they can do whatever they want, and even have the nerve to make me do that with them. Humph. They respect me like cats respect dogs. They don't.

And I do not respect the back. Yes, 7, 9 and the twins may have brought us all back to life. And yes, they haven't actually tried to rebel against me (Well, except 7). But they do not obey my orders, and go about their stupid lives doing whatever they please. That is not how my society works. My society would be a perfect hierarchy with me at the top (obviously) and the rest below me. A leader and his followers. I could rule over these stitchpunks. I could rule over this world. With no one to stop me.

Talking of stopping, the idiots up ahead of me are slowly coming to a halt; 6 first, then the twins, then 2, and so on, creating a domino effect of stitchpunks almost falling onto one another. I push past them and charge up the slope we were climbing. Then I see it. This is why they need a leader, someone to control them. Because there is something up ahead.