Hi, so this is my first fanfiction =) This was an Idea I had at the train and the idea is to explore Loki and Thor, more than they did in the Avengers. I've not read any of the comics so this is purely based on the movies. Also English isn't my first language so there might be some errors because of that but enjoy!

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Heimdall was watching as the two brothers arrived on the platform that been built where the Bifrost once stood. The brothers were doing nothing but watch eachother. He flicked his fingers and the guards standing behind him walked towards Loki and surrounded him. The brothers broke eye contact and Loki started walking towards Heimdall, silently but with a grin on his face. He met Thor's eyes; he saw worry flicker in them before Thor passed him with a fake smile.

Something bothered Thor but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Was it the fact that a few punches from the Hulk made him come with him in peace or the fact that h… suddenly purple and brown chaos whirled past him. He saw something fly through the air past him and he instinctively ducked, catching one of them as they passed by. He looked at it, a silver dagger. He looked up in the direction the dagger hade been throwned from and saw a brown long haired, reasonably tall girl in a pale purple dress. Maybe girl was wrong, on the verge of becoming a woman or… she seemed to change her age every minute. She threw another dagger towards him, but this time he was to busy looking at her face to react. But something stopped it before it reached his face. He looked up and saw Loki looking at the girl, one hand holding the dagger. Wasn't he bound?

Loki flicked his wrist and the metal gag around his mouth disappeared.

"Lei, that is enough," he said calmly as he appeared suddenly by her side. He took her wrist and made her drop the dagger she was holding. "It's over."

"But Loki, you could take them out, what are you doing, why are you hold…"

"Sssssh," he said with a grin and winked at her. She seemed to get the hint and looked down. Loki walked back to Thor who was watching him closely.

"I think this was how you wanted me?" he sad and flicked his wrist so both the mouth gag and the rope around his hands were back. He caught Thor a glance and grinned behind the mask. He started walking again with the guards now covering him even closer. He watched as Lei followed the group carefully.

The throne room of Asgard was as grand as he remembered it, mind he hadn't been gone that long but he always missed his home. Thor looked at Sif and the warriors three standing in the corner and he smiled at them. They waved back, their usual happy selves. He looked up against the throne where is father was sitting with his mother next to him both looking intently upon Loki. His mother walked toward his brother as she waved the guards away. She took the mask off him and said:

"My child, I thought you were dead. Words cannot describe how happy I am to see you." Loki tilted his head and looked at the woman that he still thought of as mother in his mind. He did not expect this, he did not expect her to be in a rage, but a scolding, even a refusal to see him would not surprise him. But this? He did not know how to respond to this. Frigga takes his hands and Loki looks down on them. She smiles at him then turns away facing Odin, still holding Loki's right hand.

"So I guess it's time for my Asgardian punishment now?" He looks up at Odin who sighs and closes his eyes and for a second you can see his true age, but soon the moments is gone and Odin looks at Loki with pleading eyes.

"Why are you doing this Loki? Why would you pretend to be dead, why do you attack earth? I just want to help you Loki, you are my son and I love you." Still not what Loki was expecting, maybe it's time for a change of tactics?

"I think you should take me to my cells now brother." Loki turns and cathes Lei's eyes before he walks out of the room.

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