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"Rrrrrrrrrrriiiing, Rrrring"

What? What was this sound that awoke him from his slumber?


There it was again, stronger this time.


He looked around the room and saw the earth piece of technology he'd gotten from Tony vibrate on the table. He walked over to it picked it up and stared at it. It had stopped ringing and the vibrating had stopped.


He nearly dropped the thing before remembering what Tony said, "When it makes a noise press the green button", he pressed the button and heard a voice far off, so he put the device closer to his hear.

"HOW DARE YOU? How dare you Thor, you came down to earth you met Erik and you thought I wouldn't find out?"

It was Jane's voice, was it some sort of recording or should he answer?

"I'm waiting for an answer here!"

"No I didn't think…"
"So you just ignored me then, is that it? You think just because you're some sort of God, superhero or whatever you can treat me however you like? I spent months looking for you, you promised you would come back and… for once… for once I actually believed it."

She would never admit that she was crying, but Thor could notice the difference in her voice when she said those last few words.

"Jane, Jane I'm sorry. It just wasn't the best time and I would have come back to you right away if I could, but our transport disappeared. My father sent me to earth, but he had to use a lot of power because of that, I could only be gone so long. But now that we have the Tessaract I think we can set up a new communication system to earth. Until it's ready I can talk to you here Jane, over this device."

"Yes, yes, I knew there was a reason I just…"



"He didn't touch you?"


"Loki, he said he would hurt you, I couldn't take that risk, there…there's no logic to what Loki does. I thought he was dead so I was calm because I thought you were safe, but then he came back and I was so worried… you are alright aren't you Jane?"

"He hasn't been here Thor, I'm fine. Don't worry about me; I can take care of myself."

"I know you can." He chuckled a bit, relieved not only because she was okay but also just because he could hear her voice. It was soothing, after everything the past week that really was exactly what he needed.

"So how you've been? Tell me everything."

"Oh I finally found my proof and…"

He'd been in the cage for almost a week now, not really being alone. The whole of Asgard seemed to be queuing up outside for a look at him. Or for most of them a speech of how he was an adorable little boy, a troubled boy but still a fantastic boy and now he was a shame for all of Asgard. But there were those who gave him praise, standing up to the authorities. Haha, authorities. He just hoped they would leave him alone. But Odin probably knew him to well for that. He was still waiting, there were one person yet to see him, when he did he would finally get on with his plan. He would finally get out of here.

"Love you, bye"

"Bye" Thor answered and pressed the red button as he had been instructed, he looked at the numbers in the corner of the screen 4:20:37, was that the time that they spoke? He looked up, yes it was dark outside already, the days in Asgard this time of year were short. The worry Odin felt about Loki for the moment didn't make it any better.

He looked out of his window and over the realm he loved so much. A single snowflake fell across the sky. It was a bit early for snow, but he wasn't surprised. He sighed, he couldn't put it off much longer, but even the snow interested him more at the moment than the thought of talking to his brother.

"Finally," Loki mumbled as he rose and walked towards the bars where Thor stood and watched him.

"It saddens me to see you here brother."

"Well in that case, you might as well let me out." Loki said with a grin.

"I guess you know why I'm here."

"Reasoning, how I'm better than…"

"I'm here to ask you a very simple question, why?" The grin still lingered on Loki's face but Thor could see a glimpse of rage in his eyes when he got interrupted. But Loki's discipline was good and he soon regained his calm eyes.

"Oh but I've told you that brother" He spat out the word "brother" as if it was poison. "I only ever wanted to be your equal, you drove me to this."

"But what's your motive now, why did you want to take over earth?"

"Hahaha, you actually think it was because I wanted revenge or something petty like that? I'm the god of mischief, I do what I want. I had an army so I invaded earth. It's easy as that."

He looked Thor deep in the eyes, put his hand up and snapped his fingers.

"Now, if you'll excuse me."

A white light was now surrounding him and Loki started to laugh, a manic crazy laugh. And then he was gone and the cell was dead silent.