The High Emporer of the Terran systems stood at the window of his starship, frowning as he surveyed the stars passing by, or, the illusion of stars passing by, as light could never truly come to the ship from the outside, during their travels, waiting for his attendant to arrive. She had become very good at her work, something rare in the Fringe Worlds, and the Emporer had found here extremely useful when it came to learning things.

He smirked, her skill had saved her life on more than one occasion. She claimed it came from life in the confederacy bunkers, but he doubted it. Inteligence was visible for miles, light years, in some cases. She was the one he had assigned to researching every colony the confederacy had set up, and she claimed to have found something he may deem "quite usefull." Something that he could use in his war against the Zerg. The signal came up on his moniter that she wished to enter, and he pressed a hand to the pad on his desk, the door blurring, and disappearing.

This particular secretary blinked, then stepped through the door into the lavishly decorated office that the Emporer claimed.

"I have the files Sir." She said, "You may want to look at them on a personal moniter, for the same reasons that I did not send it through the ship's Internet, this information could be valuable to certain… enemies."

The Emporer knew the woman was talking about that reble, Jim Raynor, and he grimaced. "The fool will know that he has lost soon enough. As will all of the Fringe that have allied with him in their resistance. I will have dominance, and that is final."

His secretary didn't seem so certain. "Perhaps, but there are next to no Fringe Worlds still loyal to the Empire, my Lord. The mistreatment under the confederacy, and our early years, made Raynor look like a savior."

The emperor frowned. "Hand me the data. And stick around, you found this, you are going to have some thoughts on the subject, and how we might use it."

The High Emperor took the chip from his assistant, and inserted them into a screen on his desk. (he loved his desk) He scrolled through the information at a rapid pace, eyes scanning over the information and legal jargon dotted through the corroded file.

He grinned, looking up at his secretary. "This base, it was on the asteroid belt of Kalvin 7?"

His secretary nodded.

"And, it's still there?"

His secretary nodded again. "But, sir, the system is a reble stronghold, we'd never be able to get to the remains of the station."

The Emperor's grin widened. "Well then, I suppose that we'll have to deal with that little problem as soon as possible now, don't we? This genetics program…could be usefull."

Ahn'Reada sat up in her bed, sweat tripping from her forehead, as she gasped through her thin mouth. It had happened again. Mother, or, the one they all called Mother, had hoped that the dreams would have stopped, but they were happening more and more frequently, ever since her eyes had turned from blue to this strange green. Her very Terran chest heaved, the man seemed to emanate malice, aggression, and it had all seemed directed at her.

She slowly slid out of bed, her long Protoss legs folding out from underneath her, her four toes, shorter than Mother's, touching the floor soundlessly.

She rose slowly, still shocked by the strange, and mildly terrifying, dream that she had, creeping silently towards the room where Mother meditated through the darker nights. Ahn'Reada had asked her about that before, but the elusive Protoss woman somehow managed to distract her every time she came close to getting answers.

The door was slightly ajar, a soft golden light spilling from the harsh steel that made up most of the complex, where Donavan, Father, had created them. The room beyond, however, was very, very different. Mother had insisted on building this room herself, Protoss glyphs etched in the strange metal that lined the room in a golden gleam, blue lights pulsing occasionally. The room had an almost ethereal quality about it, and Ahn'Reada was perpetually surprised by the sheer beauty of the architecture.

"What is it, child?" Ahn'Reada said, or, well, thought, since the Protoss didn't really have mouths to talk with, "Why have you interrupted my thoughts?"

Ahn'Reada dipped her head slightly, then opened her mouth. "I, I had a dream again."

Cho'Nira's eyes shot open, their faint blue glow seeming startled. "You are sure?"

Ahn'Reada nodded. "But, it was more real than any of the others, like I was actually there. Listening."

Cho'Nira frowned with her eyebrows. "It could be possible..."

"What mother?"

Cho'Nira's eyes lightened a little, wrinkles folding at the corners as she smiled. "Just something I must tell Donavan child, go back to sleep, we will talk about this tomorrow, when we have all had some rest."

"About the dreams?"

"You are twelve?"

Ahn'Reada nodded.

"Then, it is time that I began to teach you about my race."