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and so... please enjoy!

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CHAPTER 1: Their chance meeting


A soft voice echoed inside an old abandoned mansion.

"With you gone, I have gained another reason to hate this world all over again."

He was sitting on a chair next to an old grand piano in the center of the creaking mansion. The darkness that surrounds the place makes it hard for people to see, but one can really tell that it was no place for a child of his age to wander off to.

The swift flash of lightning illuminated the inside of the building for a second, revealing the ruined place and the face of the innocent child. From his looks and size, he was no more than six years old in age. He moved his hand a bit and slowly placed it on the keys of the huge instrument, he started playing a simple tune but he was interrupted by another lightning flash, this time accompanied by a loud thunder, and the sudden appearance of an unknown man with a pink pumpkin headed umbrella. He was already standing next to him before he even noticed.

"Konbanwa!" it greeted without opening his mouth which was stuck with a large evil grin.

The boy looked at the man emotionlessly with his dull silver eyes.

"It's quite strange for a little child to be in here alone, aren't you scared?" the man asked still smiling.

The boy just stared at him for the next few seconds before he averted his eyes back to the grand piano and resumed playing it.

The man touched his hat in curiosity and, ofcourse, a little annoyance since he was entirely ignored. He stared back at the little boy and said, "You have quite a skill in the piano, were you the one who made that piece?"

The boy stopped playing again and looked at the man with his ever-emotionless eyes, "No, I just heard it from a music box in an antique shop and copied it".

The man was a little surprised as he examined the kid, to be honest, he was impressed by his talent.

"That tune sure sounds sad, are you feeling the same way too?" the fat man asked again.

"I should be.." the boy replied, much to the surprise of the man he was talking to.

"..But I can only feel anger and hatred" his small childish voice said that revealed a hint of darkness in it.

The man's eternal grin grew even more, "would you mind telling me why? I might be able to help?"

The little boy tilted his head and his deep stare befell upon the person infront of him, "I lost the one person who accepted me" the boy said still wearing an impassive face, wondering if the man could really help him.

"I can bring him back to you if you want!" the man said.

"You…. Can?" The boy wondered.

"you just need to call him back and this thing here would be his new body!" the man said as he showed the kid a skeleton attached to metal bars that made it look like a toy in a plastic frame, but more terrifying in that case.

It only took a few second before a loud scream was heard.



Blood spilled from his left eye, its silver color turned into a black orb with red rings around it. His red hair became snow white. The boy just stood there and remained motionless.

"I curse you!"

"I curse you!" The skeleton said as he moved towards the boy he just injured. The kid was staring at him with his dull eyes and dry expression that didn't even show a sign of emotion, but at the corner of his eyes are small balls of tears that seemed to be suppressed hard enough to prevent it from falling down his cheek. The blood, though, cannot be stopped. The child swept it away before it even slide down.

"I really am a hateful child, aren't I, Mana?" the little boy said before his hand started moving on its own and destroyed the thing that wants to kill him. Destroy the only person he trusted. Destroy the only human he loved.


"I love you"

"Please destroy me"

It said before the boy's hand delivered the final blow reducing the man to a pile of unrecognizable ashes. He had seen the figure that had floated behind its back before it vanished the moment he destroyed Mana. But he ignored it and instead, he fell down on his knees as if he has no energy left at all. The pain on his eye was nothing compared to the pain he felt inside him.

The evil fat man who watched the scenario unfold before his eyes, still kept his annoying grin. Probably thinking of killing the boy before he grew up as a threat and turn into a new enemy that'll halt his plans. He was astonished and angered at the same time because he lost a new akuma, but then he is curious as to what the boy would do by now, and so, he listened further.

The boy is down on the floor looking at the ashes, his mind was set on a single matter that he failed to recognize anything around him even the fat man.

"This nightmare world, its people and its despicable God hates me" he muttered loud enough for the man to hear.

"….but I didn't care because I despised them even more than they despise me", he continued

"Besides, I have long abandoned them and so they did to me".

"I didn't mind at all, because I have you…" the boy said

"I thought that…. As long as I'm with you, I won't need anything else…but…." The boy cut off his statements and stood up slowly and walked toward the grand piano. The fat man seriously thought that the boy had lost his mind.

"Nee, Mana, would you mind hearing the piece I composed?"

"I've been working on it for quite a long time now, well, I was supposed to let you hear it, once I 'm done…" he said with a soft smile.

".. But as you can see, I didn't get the chance"

"Relo, relo! Earl-tama! That boy is talking to himself, relo!

"Shh!" the Earl whispered to his noisy umbrella and turned his eyes back to the boy.

"I just finished it yesterday" the boy said as he started playing a very familiar song. Before he even finished the first part of the song, the Earl had already recognized the tune and for some reason he felt a very warm feeling that is brought by the lonely melody. For a little boy to make his own piece is strange enough but the fact that what he plays is exactly the same as "that" is even more amusing and at the same time terrifying.

"rero! Earl-tama! That couldn't be….. brggghhh!" the Earl had covered his golem's mouth to stop it from chattering as he wanted to hear the nostalgic tune up to it's end, but before the boycould reache the last few notes, he ruined it by slamming his hand over the keys releasing such a disharmonized sound of random notes out of anger, distress, confusion and enlightenment, much to the Earl's dismay.

"It doesn't matter" the boy exclaimed.

"You're gone.." he stood up quickly and looked blankly at nothing.

"…because I destroyed you" the child said with a dark shadow covering his eyes.

"Now, I don't have to keep this hatred any more" he paused for a moment before a wide grin carved onto his lips.

"I'm going to destroy this world as I destroyed you!" the little boy said with an evil smile making the Earl chuckle, those are certainly not the right words that must come out of a 6-year old child, well perhaps everything about this boy isn't childish and human-like at all, except from his innocent appearance. He walked closer to the boy again as he clapped his hands lightly.

"I am the duke of the millennium, but you can also call me Earl" the fat man said bowing a little as a sign of politeness while he introduced himself.

"Would you mind telling me your name, little boy?" he asked.

"Why should I tell my name to a man who almost killed me, when he's asking for it too casually?" the boy threw the question back at the Earl in the most peculiar and sarcastic way which made the Earl laugh a little.

"And why should a helpless boy asked me straight like that when he knew that I could kill him?" the Earl replied

"Because…. It doesn't matter" the boy added


"It doesn't matter if I'm dead, as a matter of fact I would be more than happy" the boy answered

"But I guess dying means escaping, and I wouldn't get the chance to destroy this nightmare…" the kid muttered.

"You really are a strange kid, aren't you?"The Earl said in response "if I'm too suspicious for you, then I might as well give you one good reason to tell me your name…"


"Like you, I hate this rotten world and I'm currently in the middle of destroying it" the man explained

The boy stared in wonder when finally, he let a few words escape from his mouth "Allen…..My name is Allen Walker, Duke."

"Hmm? What a cute name! The earl said happily "another thing, my boy,"

"From what I heard, you're the one who made that piece earlier, am I right?"

The boy tilted his head in question, "what about it?"

"Well, Allen-chan, that song is exactly alike as the one that my late brother used to play… the earl explained, "And so I think that you're him, considering the fact that you are together with that man's sibling"

"Does that mean you're Mana's brother too?" Allen asked impassively.

The earl chuckled at the response he got, he was expecting the boy to be shocked by his revelation but instead, he asked a rather irrelevant question, "he is a child indeed" the earl thought to himself.

"I'm afraid not, Allen chan." The earl continued "Mana was his brother by blood, that's before he became my brother"

Allen was puzzled and he couldn't really get anything that the Earl said but his thoughts were interrupted when the Earl suddenly stretched out his hands and offered them to him," would you like to become a part of my family, dear Allen-chan?".