JAS: Hi, I'm Jasmine, not Faith. I'm good friends with Faith, and a long time ago in LA we decided to… but wait; I'll get to that later.

This will NOT be a regular Gallagher Girls fanfic… for these reasons:

1. I (Jas) am grounded

2. I am not allowed to have a FF account (sob)

3. This actually (mostly) happened. Some of the list is too hard… but most of it we did.

4. Every so often we will interview characters from our favorite books or ourselves. (As a commercial break of sorts.)

5. Faith and Jas are awesome!

Enjoy the show…

[It opens on a brightly lighted stage. Two AMAZING girls sit on a big couch, and the cameras start rolling. The taller Asian girl (around the average height) is Faith, the smartest, (maybe a bit too wise for her own good) seems perfectly confident. The short girl is Jasmine, a little nervous, but ready to go.]


"Hi everyone! As you know this is a Gallagher Girls fanfic. Don't worry, all your favorites will come up, along with are other favorite book characters!" Faith explains.

"But first, let's introduce the main characters! You already know us, but you need to meet your friends! First up, Hannah!"

"Hi everyone! Hey Jasmine, have any sugar?"

"NO! Faith, help me here!"

"Everyone, this is Hannah."

"Hi Hannah."

"Faith, we got to speed this up!" whispers Jasmine.

"Hannah is a sugarholic, and willing to do almost ANYTHING. Next up, Kylee!" Faith rushes.

"Kylee is a good friend, but is easily obsessive. Next, Sophie Olivia, and Maggie."


"Anime lovers, they are usually by themselves, but love to annoy each other. Sam, Micah, and Connor!" Jasmine was in the lead.

Faith adds, "Sam always has a random comment, and Micah is always dark, and-"

"Connor always gets kicked for the stupid things he does." Jasmine interrupted.

"Jas! Anyway, those are the main people… Now onto the Prologue!"

The Prologue

"Guys, turn it down, we'll get in trouble! Seriously, it's loud!"

It was a normal Tuesday morning in school; the MacBooks were out, and we were supposed to be working on an essay for Language Arts. Very few people were. Faith was researching for her Marie Curie research paper. Jas was playing with iPad apps. Kylee was listening to music; and Hannah was about to make a discovery…

"Look what I just found!"

It was the funniest list they had ever seen. Well, almost.

"Faith, remember Taylor's fanfic? The 150 Things I'm Not Allowed to do at Camp Half-Blood? We should do one!"

"Great Idea! But how would we post it on ?"

"Um, remember how she had those interviews? We could do that!"

"Perfect! Are you guys in on the List? Great. So, first…."

0 (Yes, 0)-1

0. Tell no one about the list.

"…So no one else can know about this. Get it Hannah?"

"Got it. Did you bring chocolate milk today?"

Faith sighed. "Yes…"

1. Make appointments for the 31st of September.

"MY TURN! Where are we gonna call?"

"Shhhh! Hannah, how about the dentist?"

"I hate them."

"I agree. Want a macadamia, Kylee?" teased Jasmine.

2Kicks and a phone call later…

"So, when will that root canal be?"

" Well, I'm free on the 31st of September, What about you?"

"Let me check… Hey, wait a minute!"

Jasmine hurriedly hung up. "I'd say that's a good start to the list."

Everyone agreed.