Maho: Hi~ This is the idea I got after watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn! So… yeah. My diseased mind created this so…. XD Yeah. I don't think this should be in the crossover section really, because I'm not crossing their worlds, just using the plotline… So yeah, enjoy please! And trust me, you don't need to know KHR to read this. Also, please vote for pairings~ I'll keep voting up until chappie 5.

Well, uh, hi there. I'm Haruhi Fumiomi. I'm not all that special or anything, and I want to be a lawyer when I finish high school and such.

But thats what I'd have said yesterday…. My life has changed drastically since then. So, I guess I'll start over.

Hey there. I'm Haruhi Fujioka, the 10th boss of the Fujioka family in the mafia. I can make flames shoot out of my hands for some odd reason that defies all logic and reasoning.

Yeah, that intro is true. Weird, huh?

Anyways, let's rewind a little and you'll figure out why my introduction changed so much over roughly 24 hours.


A wake up, gasping for breath when something falls on me. I stare for a moment, eyes wide at what had just broken my window. A kid. A little girl, in fact.

"Oh crap! Are you okay?" I began to panic a bit, it's not everyday that a little girl falls into your room…

She rubbed her head a little, sighing. "Yeah, I'm fine, Haru." she mumbled. "Haru? Wait, who are you? How do you know my name? And most of all, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU IN MY ROOM?"

She smiled, her yellow pacifier shining like her long blonde hair, and her bright red eyes sparkling. "I'm Faige, your professional hitman tutor~ I have my connections, and I'm your tutor, so I should be with my student, no?" she said with a small giggle. "Nice to meet you, Haru."

"Uh, what? Hitman? Tutor?" I said, holding back laughter. "Haha, well, we better go find your mommy, Faige. You can play 'hitman' with her." I said, making fingers quotes as I said hitman, chuckling. "You really should take me seriously, Haru. I guess I'll have to punish you." the innocent smile on Faige's face turned mischievous.

"Hiyah~" she said as she came towards me with a punch. I smiled and expected it to be light, so I didn't move out of the way. BAD mistake…

The force of her punch sent me flying to the wall. "O-Ouch!" I shrieked, clutching my cheek. "WHAT THE HECK?"

"I'm an arcobaleno. One of the 7 strongest children in the world. You really should take me seriously next time, Haru." she said, a malicious smile curved onto her tiny lips.

I sat there, against the wall, my gaping at the excessively strong kid, who continued to talk. "Anyways, Haru, your real name is Haruhi Fujioka. You're the 10th boss for the Fujioka Family." she stated. "And, anyways, we need to find your guardians."

"Guardians? You mean like parents?" I stopped questioning, her, just trying to find a logical explanation for everything. "No, no, no, Haru." she shook her head. "Guardians to guard you when we get to the Fujioka HQ."

"…." I soaked all that in. WHAT? My head was spinning with questions.

"I've already sent rings and letters to all the people suited to be your guardians, and you know them all, so surely it won't be a problem, ne?" she smiled and grabbed my wrist, having an iron grip on it as she pulled me out of the house and through the city.

"We'll find your first guardian right now." she said as we neared a mansion. She rung the doorbell, and quickly, a certain blonde opened the door. "HAAARRRUUUHHIIII~ Have you come to visit your daddy today?~" said blonde yelled happily.

The he noticed Faige. "Oh, what a cutie~ What's your name, little girl?" he asked, picking her up gently and spinning around a couple times. "I'm Faige. And put me down please, Tamaki." she replied cheerfully.

"OH~ Faige Arcobaleno from the letter? Wow, I'm honoured, so much~" he spun her around a couple more times before putting her down. "I'd love to protect my dear daughter! And the ring is beautiful too~" he giggled stupidly.

"Good." replied Faige as she turned to me. "This is your storm guardian; and your right-hand man." Tamaki smiled. "Right hand man, huh? Of course, this will strength our father-daughter bond!" he yelled loudly.

I was all too ready to commit suicide. This… THING, was going to protect me? I'm so confused with this situation already, so you just have to throw Tamaki in here too, huh?

… Well this can't be good…