AN: Bazinga, i decided to try a different HP/PJ after reading VINcredable's Tides of War, this is just a quick first chap meant to explain some things and make way for the next chap, my old HP/PJ originally was meant to be just a HP/PJ but then i saw Thor at the movies and a began to put that in as well but now i don't like how it turned out, so it will stay up and anyone that wants to take it of my hands let me know. now Disclaimer, i don't own anything i write about.

"Who are you?"

A eight year old Harry James Potter managed to get out, he had arrived back at the Dursley's after a day at school, only when he arrived he found that his family was missing, seeing a rare opportunity he quickly raided the fridge and began to fill his empty tummy, only when he turned back with an armful of food and a cold chicken leg clamped between his teeth he found a man with short spiky dark hair sitting at the dining room table with a sad smile on his face.

The man had short spiky dark hair and bright yellow eyes that had a slight shine to them, he was athletically built like a runner not a body builder and wore simple everyday clothes and had an iPod in his hand with head phones wrapped around it, and on his back was something Harry couldn't quite see.

'Harry" The man smiled at him sadly and for some reason Harry just felt like he knew this man "My name is Apollo, and I am your father."

Harry shook his head as he dropped all the food he was carrying "That's a lie, my parents are dead, Aunt Petunia told me so."

Apollo shook his head "She lied to you Harry, I am your father, and I'm quite alive, but unable to take care of you because of a law set down by my father a long time ago…"

Harry interrupted him by running around to him and hugging him tightly while silent tears ran down his cheeks "Please, my mom, what… Where…"

Apollo sighed as he hugged his son before he pushed him away and held him at arm's length and he held Harry's head to made him look at him "Harry, listen to me, you mother is physically alive, be she is not your mother, your mother Lily Evans was a kind, smart, beautiful woman, you have her eyes, but the woman is now Lily Potter, and Lily Potter is NOT your mother, Lily Potter is an ego driven fame seeker, a rich snob and a world class bitch."

Harry shook his head "I don't understand?"

Apollo sighed and hugged his son again "The woman who gave birth to you and the woman she is now are like two completely separate beings."

"WAIT! You said the woman she is now, she's alive?"

Apollo wished he wouldn't have to tell his on this as it could possibly destroy him "Yes, Harry, she is, but before I say more, there is important things I must tell, you, if there is time after I will tell you more."

Harry tilted his head in confusion "What do you mean if there is time?"

"My sister Artemis is covering for me but she can only do so for a time, now, the main things first, Harry, My name is Apollo, son of Zeus, the King of Olympus and Leto, I am the god of the sun, healing, plague, disease, music, song, poetry, archery, truth, prophecy, and oracles, which makes you a demigod. Second, your mother is a witch, as in magical, and you are part wizard on top of being a demigod. Third, your mother and stepfather James Potter abandoned you here after your family was attacked by a dark wizard because of a prophecy, this wizard used a dark mortal spell known as the killing curse on you, but your god blood saved you and rebounded the curse destroying the wizard who attacked you. Now you have a younger mortal half brother who is the son of Lily and James, he was given the credit for defeating the wizard and not wanting anyone to steal their fame they abandoned you here not wanting any spotlight taken from them or your brother. Are you following me so far Harry?"

All Harry could do was nod as he failed to give voice to the many thoughts running through his mind.

"Now, I want you to leave this place once I have left, it is not safe here, I have dealt with your relatives so you need not worry, rest the night here to gain your strength you must make your way to America, more specifically Long Island, New York to a place called camp Half-Blood, it is a camp for demigods where you can live in peace and train. I will leave you some gifts but I cannot help you any further then this, once you arrive at the camp I can claim you as my son."

Harry shook his head "W-What do you mean claim me as your son."

Apollo smiled "The other gods beside your Aunt Artemis do not know of you, when you arrive at the camp they will know and then I will claim you as my son so that everyone knows."

"O-okay, but how am I supposed to get to America? I don't have any money for a plane ticket, and I doubt that they would let a child ride a plane by myself."

Apollo merely ruffled his sons hair "That's up to you to decide. Now my time is up, remember, Long Island, New York, and remember that you will never be alone, I'll always watch over you my son."

Harry quickly hugged his father and tried to tell him not to go but Apollo smiled sadly and hugged his son one last time before he vanished in a flare of light leaving an eight year old Harry physically alone once more.