AN: Okay, this is the final chapter of Book 1, i hope you all enjoy this, the second book probably wont be out for a while but i will get to it.

Harry James Potter was pissed, no scratch that, he had passed pissed long ago, he was absolutely furious and ready to kill "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S MISSING!"

Neville, Frank and Alice Longbottom all flinched and stepped back in fear "Harry calm down mate!"

"My mother simply asked you to watch over her, so how did you lose her?"

Alice was the one who responded "We have no idea how, but someone managed to sneak in and take her while we were sleeping."

Harry lost control of his flame powers in his anger and was quickly enveloped in back and green flames "Harry!"

Harry vanished in a flash of his flames leaving a stunned ad terrified family behind. Harry had immediately appeared in Knockturn Alley just of Diagon Alley in a flash of black and green flames scaring the seedy people lurking about with his entrance.

As Harry walked down Knockturn Alley a spell splashed harmlessly against his Basilisk hide coat, Harry turned and the person who fired the spell, some decrepit old man dropped his wand from his shaking hands and practically shit himself at the look of fury and rage on his face "I highly recommend that you never do that again."

The man nodded rapidly and turn and ran away as fast as his old legs would carry him, Harry turned his head and glared at the people staring at him "What?"

The people immediately scattered and Harry simply continued down the alley until he came across a seedy looking bar and immediately he went in, now the people in the bar stopped and looked at the thirteen year old that entered the bar and scoffed, one guy came right up to Harry with his wand in hand but before he could say anything Harry grabbed him by the arm and with his demigod strength threw the man across the bar.

"Now that I have your attention, I'm looking for James Potter, I know that at least one of you knows where I can find him, so here is the deal, you tell me where I can find him and anything else you have heard about him in the past four months and I'll leave peacefully, but, if no one speaks up, then I'll get even madder than I am now, and then I'll have to start beating the answers out of people, so what's it going to be."

Harry looked around at the people in the bar and finally after almost a minute a man near a corner raised a shaking hand. Harry marched over there, his hood up obscuring his face.

Harry sat down across from the man and said "Your name?"

"Mundungus Fletcher. I know where Potter is, and I know something else, he recently had another kid, a baby girl he named Natalie."

Harry glared at Mundungus from under his head and Fletcher paled as a feeling of anger rushed over him "He's meeting with headmaster Dumbledore and the Weasley's at the Burrow in a week. I-Is that the kind of information you're looking for?"

"It is, I appreciate your help, but now I must offer you a warning, if I don't find them there where and when you told me they would be there, I will send you to the underworld alive, do I make myself clear?"

Fletcher nodded his head rapidly and Harry vanished in a swirl of black and green flames.

Harry sat in the woods surrounding the burrow, it had taken some time to find its exact location and now he was practicing his animagus transformation, when he had arrived and settled down to wait he had taken the Animagus Potion his mother had sent him before his journey with Percy, Annabeth and Grover, he had then had the normal potion induced vision, but he was surprised when he saw a leopard the size of an elephant, a Nundu, the most deadly animal in the world, and then a phoenix with black plumage.

The something strange happened, the two powerful magical creature began to merge until what stood before him was the same creature he had drawn that day he left on the quest with his friends.

The creature was about half as large as an elephant, it had four legs and the body type of a leopard or panther, its torso was like a leopards, as was its hind quarters until you got to its legs, all four of which were like a leopards at first before ending in large talons like a bird of some sort, on its back were two large wings big enough to support the large size of the creature and fly with ease and its head was very much like a leopards but with the eyes of a bird and a what appeared to be a long line of poison green feathers along its spine and wings.

So now he was meditating trying to work the change, so far all he could do was make his teeth into leopard like teeth, but he knew that it would take some time.

On the day the Fletcher told him that James would arrive Harry was reaching his boiling point, he had Diatrypon at the ready, and as it neared lunch Harry finally had enough, he moved to the tree line and looked into the house, he saw the Weasley children and their mother sitting down for lunch, he took aim and fired a mortal iron arrow, the arrow pierced the window and pinned Ronald's hand to the table, they all screamed and Harry burst through the window with Diatrypon at the ready "Be quiet all of you!"


Harry reached out and slammed Ron's head into the table breaking his nose and pointed Diatrypon now in its sword form at Molly Weasley "I'll ask once and only once, where are James Potter and my sister?"

Molly was shaking in fear "T-They were s-supposed to come over t-today but James sent a message that they c-couldn't make it for reason."

"Then tell me where they are and how to get there, I have reached the limit of my mercy, now tell me or you'll be mourning a son!"

Ginny Weasley was the one who told him, she pointed at the fireplace "Use the Floo Travel, step into the fireplace and throw the green powder and say Potter Manor."

Harry turned without a second glance and did as Ginny told him but before he did he said "If this doesn't work I'll be back."

Harry rolled out of the fireplace in a large expensively decorated room and immediately rolled to the left and fired an arrow at a figure on the other side of the room.

Andrew cried out as the mortal iron arrow pierced through his shoulder and pinned him to the wall, Harry stalked right up to him and got right in his little brothers face "Andrew, I am in a really bad mood, so unless you want to risk pissing me of further you will tell me where James and my sister is now."

Andrew cold tell that this was not the time to risk his brothers wrath "S-She's upstairs, second door on the left on the second floor, dad's upstairs in his study on the third floor."

"Andrew I'm giving you one chance because mother asked me to, now do you care about her at all."

"Of course, she's my mother; do you know where she is Harry? I've sent her several letters but she never responded."

Harry pulled the arrow out of his younger half-brothers shoulder and drew his wand to heal the wound "She's dead, James killed her months ago, he brutally raped and beat her for days before killing her, she came to see me as a spirit and told me. Now do yourself and mother a favour and get the fuck out of here."

Andrew was too shocked to move so Harry threw him into the fireplace and sent him to Hogwarts Headmasters office.

Harry changed Diatrypon into its sword form and changed the Shield of Helios into its true shield form and put on the cloak of invisibility before slowly making his way upstairs, he reached the second floor easily and slowly scanned it, he scowled at what he saw and thought to himself 'I'll have to track down Fletcher and deal with that rat.'

All over the second floor hidden under disillusionment charms which he could see through thanks to the Eye of the Falcon were several armed wizards, obviously James Potter had been expecting him and had set his only son up as bait to let the guards know when he arrived.

Harry noticed three guards around the room Andrew told his Rosaline was in and let out a growl of frustration, the guards tensed as the growl came from deep in his chest and sounded like a lion or tiger, or in his case a Nundu.

Harry in one swift movement threw of the cloak as it would only hinder his movement and charged the guards, as he reached the closest guard he struck slamming the face of his shield into the man's head sending him to the ground out cold, as he did he spun and slashed across the second man's chest leaving a deep gash as the man hit the wall, Harry blocked incoming spells with his shield as he made his way towards the last four, when he was close enough he struck, he lashed out with a kick taking out the first guys knee, as he did he deflected a spell at another and followed up by slashing the third across the stomach and ending the fight by stabbing the final one through the thigh and knocking him out with his shield.

It was only after he was done with the brief fight that he realised that the wizards had been harmed by Diatrypon which was forged from high quality celestial bronze.

He quickly opened the door to the room and found even more reason to uphold his bargain with Hades, the room smelt like someone hadn't made it to the toilet, he saw his sister lying in her own waste and was obviously starving and she was unconscious. He kissed her on the forehead and drew his wand; he then cleaned her up and gave her a quick magical bath before conjuring some clothes for her "Don't worry Rosa, Harry's here to take care of you."

In a quick flash of his flames Harry transported them both to Olympus interrupting a meeting of the gods.

"What is the meaning of this boy?"

Harry turned to Zeus and bowed slightly surprising all there "My apologies, but I need to see father immediately."

"What is it Harry?"

"Your daughter needs your help."

Apollo came over and shrank down to an adult size and carefully took Rosaline from Harry and placed her down "What happened, and what do you mean daughter."

"She is Rosaline, and she is my full sister, James Potter did this, and now I'm going to send him to Hades."

Harry vanished in the same blaze of black and green flames and reappeared back in Potter Mansion before any of the gods could stop him "POTTER! YOU'RE DEAD! YOU HEAR ME! DEAD!"

He made his way up to the third floor with all the subtly of a rampaging African elephant. He let his Basilisk hide coat take the first hit of the deadly spells James fired at him the moment he saw Harry, who blocked the second spell with the Shield of Helios.

"I knew I should have killed you after you were born."

Harry glared as he stalked towards his step-father who was trying to get away from him "Well it's too bad for you that you didn't, cause now I'm going to end you, Lord Hades the God of the Underworld wants you alive, but he didn't say unharmed, and just so you know, I'm not really your son, I am a proud son of Apollo, the God of the sun, healing, plague, disease, music, song, poetry, archery, truth, prophecy, and oracles, as is my baby sister Rosaline."

James scoffed "If you're going to lie try something more believable brat."

Harry sneered "I wouldn't expect a mere mortal like you to comprehend something as powerful and important as the Gods, but it just shows how pathetic you are, you can't believe in anything that is more powerful then you are which unfortunately for you is most of the planet."

"Artemis, I want you to send the Hunters out immediately, I want the boy found before he kills this mortal."

Artemis nodded and vanished in a flash of moonlight "Apollo, the child?"

Apollo shook his head as he continued to focus on healing his daughter "She is in very bad condition, she's lucky Harry arrived when he did, any later and I wouldn't be able to do more than ease her suffering. I want this mortal to suffer for this Zeus!"

Zeus sighed and sat back down on his platinum throne "Normally I wold not get involved, but I have seen the state of the child in the boys mind, I will speak with Hades personally, of this you have my word."


Zoe Nightshade led the hunter to their goddess and thy all kneeled "My lady."

"Time is of the essence, you are all to track down my nephew Harry in England, he has been pushed to the edge, he has a full sister who has been left for dead by their step-father and now Harry is out for blood after just managing to save her life, you must stop him from taking the life of a mortal even one as disgusting as James Potter. Now go!"

Harry calmly stalked after James through Potter Mansion, all of the spells he fired at Harry were blocked by the Shield of Helios, and now Harry was trying to draw out his suffering.

"Do you realise just how pathetic you look right now Potter, you look like a stag."

Potter scowled as he ran "Is that supposed to mean something brat?"

Harry smirked "yeah, a stag is a creature that is hunted, and in this case I'm both a predator stalking its prey and the hunter looking to put you down" James cried out as an arrow whizzed past his head cutting into his ear "Can you feel it Potter? That feeling of the darkness closing in on you, it's a terrifying feeling isn't it. Knowing that no matter where you turn the darkness is always there, just waiting out of sight."

James ran down stairs and made it to the first floor before Harry had calmly walked to the stairs, James tried to escape but found all his options magically blocked, the fireplace was sealed, there were new wards put up, the windows and doors had been magically barred.

James stopped when he heard footsteps coming towards him down a dark hallway 'Damn, how did that little shit get ahead of me.'

So James decided to go on the offensive, he quickly launched a stream of cursed flames down the hallway like a flamethrower, and the scream he received wasn't what he was expecting, he ran down the hallway and found a young looking woman with long, silky black hair, coppery-like skin, a silver circlet around her head, a slightly upturned nose and black eyes like volcanic rocks wearing a white shirt, silver jacket, silvery camo pants and black combat boots, but now her clothes were burnt as was her skin which most of it was visible because she was now almost naked.

"Well, what do we have here, don't worry whore, I'll be back to have some fun with you once I've killed that bastard."

Zoe Nightshade wanted to fight, she wanted to kill this mortal who attacked her and wanted to steal her innocence, but she couldn't, she had always been strong, but now for the first time in a very long time she was terrified.

James heard the footsteps approaching and took off running.

Harry entered the hallway to see the flames dying out and his Aunt's Lieutenant lying on the ground burnt badly and almost naked, harry drew his wand and crouched down over her and saw how scared she was.

"Hey" he whispered to her "I'm going to help you" he began to wave his wand over her and chant in Latin, and slowly, very slowly her burns began to heal, and soon only pinkish new flesh was left "You're going to be sore and tender for a while" he then shrugged of his basilisk hide coat and draped it over her like a blanket to protect her modesty "Don't worry, he's going to suffer for this."

Harry grabbed Diatrypon and continued to stalk after James.

"Have you found him yet?"

Phoebe, a huntress of Artemis bowed and shook her head at her Goddess "No my lady, Zoe told us to set up a perimeter and make sure no one escaped by warding the property and she went in to find him, alone. But just a minute ago we heard her scream in pain, I've sent several hunters in to find her."

Artemis nodded "My lady, we've found her!"

Artemis turned to see a nearly naked Zoe covered in her nephew's coat and rushed over "Zoe? What happened my child?"

"I-It was the other one, the m-mortal, he attacked me from the shadows with cur-cursed flames, and then he- he said he would t-take my I-I-innocence."

Artemis was angry, you could tell because she was suddenly in her adult form with her bow drawn, she then vanished in a flash of moon light.

"I'm going to draw out your suffering Potter, I'm going to make you beg for death, and then I'm going to hand you, still alive, to Lord Hades, and he is going to make sure that you suffer never ending torment in the Fields of Punishment."

"You really need to stop lying brat. ARGH!"

Harry smirked as his drill head arrow pierced right through a corner wall and then through James' shoulder "You can't escape. And you really should stop calling me a liar, it just makes me angrier." Harry smirked at the trail of blood James was leaving "Just like a wounded animal, unable to cover its tracks."

James ran while clutching his wounded shoulder 'I have to get away.'

Only when he turned a corner he saw at the opposite end of the hallway was an ethereally beautiful woman waiting with a deadly bow drawn and ready to fire, he tried to turn and go back but Harry was waiting for him "Got you now."

James smirked while inside he was panicking "You know your mother begged for more just like the whore I knew she was…."

There was a dull thud as James fell to the floor, he looked down to see an arrow with a wider than normal blade edge had sliced his leg of clean at the knee, and he screamed while Harry smirked "Now who needs to stop lying, mother would have never 'begged for more' especially not from some pencil dicked asshole like you, I know that you told her to scream for you, and every time she refused to you would cut her, but she never made a sound. It was probably easier for her to not make a sound when you were torturing her then spending years faking an orgasm with you in the bedroom when you were married."

James began to scream obscenities at him but Harry ignored him "Aunt Artemis, what brings you here?"

"Zeus asked me to send my hunters to stop you from killing this mortal, but with what he did and was planning to do to Zoë is unforgivable and I plan to kill him myself."

Harry shook his head "Sorry but I can't let you do that, I have made a deal with Lord Hades, I'm to turn Potter over to him alive."

Artemis sighed "Pity" but with a snap of her fingers James' leg wound was cauterised causing James to scream in even more pain "Moon Burn is painful isn't it mortal."

Hades watched as Harry appeared in his usual flash of black and green flames, only now he had a broken and bleeding passenger who caused Hades to smirk "Ah, I was wondering when you would arrive, let us waste no time."

Harry watched as the Furies came down from their perch on the back of Hades throne and grabbed Potter in their talons and began to drag him away "Our deal is complete godling, now leave."

Harry nodded and vanished in a flash of flames.

Harry was walking towards Half-Blood Hill, with his hands in his pockets, he looked up at the hill and saw a family of four, and he got a good look at the father and smiled "Excuse me."

The family turned to him "Yes?"

"I hate to pry but are you Annabeth's father?"

The man nodded and offered his hand to shake "Yes I'm Frederick Chase, and you are."

Harry shook his hand "I'm Harry, Harry James Potter, I'm Annabeth's boyfriend" he saw the look on Fredericks face and sighed "And I'm guessing she hadn't told you yet."

Frederick nodded "That's right, she didn't say anything about a boyfriend in her letter."

"So she actually wrote to you?" Frederick nodded and Harry smiled "That's awesome, I've been telling her for ages to contact you and work things out."

"You have?"

Harry nodded "Yeah, I know how things are for a demigod and their mortal parents."

"Do you mind us asking how so?"

Harry smiled at Fredericks wife and Annabeth's step mother "My step-father was a real bastard, my mother lost her parents as a teenager and her sister hates her, so she convinced herself that she was in love with my step-father, and then he forced her to abandon me. But before she died we worked things out, I was really looking forwards to spending time with her."

"I see, and I'm guessing your father is a…"

"God, yes, my father is Apollo, God of the sun, healing, plague, disease, music, song, poetry, archery, truth, prophecy, and oracles."

"I see, and am I correct in guessing you have had the same kind of relationship with him that Annabeth has had with Athena."

"Not exactly, mine is different than most demigods, I would be dead right now if my father hadn't come to help me and tell me who I really am when I was eight. So my father has taken a larger role in my life."

"Do you have any siblings, I can't imagine how they feel about this."

Harry nodded "Yeah, my younger siblings are a bit jealous but they'll understand when their older, but my older siblings all appreciate and thank father for aiding me."


Harry turned and smiled "Hey beautiful."

Annabeth blushed as he kissed her "Not in front of my dad."

Frederick smiled slightly "We should be going, Harry it was a pleasure meeting you, we'll have to talk again some time."

Harry understood he meant to talk about his relationship with Annabeth and nodded "That's fine sir, I'll see you soon Annabeth?"

Annabeth nodded and hugged him goodbye.

Harry stood under the shower in his new apartment, just two floors above Percy and Sally Jackson's place "You can rest in peace mother, that bastard will never hurt someone ever again."

Harry exited his shower and stared in disgust at the uniform for his new school "Damn, couldn't Percy have gone to a better school."

He decided not to wear it and instead wore a pair of simple black cargo shorts, sneakers and a red muscle shirt that clung to his chest and abs showing of his toned body under a white open hooded jacket with the number seven on the back in black and his Python fang necklace visible.

He made sure that he had Blue Rose in its holster on his belt, Diatrypon on his wrist as a bracelet and the Shield of Helios on his left wrist as a watch. Before he made himself a bowl of cereal and then headed downstairs to wait for Percy once he was done.

He watched as Percy walked right past him "Where you going Jackson?"

Percy spun around and immediately had Riptide at the ready before he realised who he was looking at "Harry?"

"Who else would it be Seaweed?"

Percy shook his head and re-capped riptide turning it back into a ballpoint pen "Whoa, I didn't recognise you, you look completely different."

Harry laughed and walked out of the building with Percy behind him "I have other clothes, these go well together, so did my previous outfit. But for now let's going or we'll be late for school."

"Wait, school, you mean you're coming with me to school?"

Harry nodded "Yep, your mom helped me get enrolled at this new place with you, Meriwether College Prep, but I worked it out, you and I will be going here for this year, and next year we got to a top of the line school for rich snobs so we can kick their butts."


"Well, you're one of my best friends, I need an education, you need a friend at school and so do I, I mean we aren't exactly normal Perseus Jackson."