"What is it now, brother…?" Loki signing in despair over Thor's shouting.

"Have you heard about the news of a dark magician escaping from prison of Alfheim?"

"No, I didn't for once and can YOU just stop shouting and let me read my book!" shouted Loki.

"Why do you even care about books? You should go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. You will ... "

"Enough already!" shouted Loki. "For once just train outside with me or at least go..."

"Do you need me cast a silence spell to shut that big fat mouth of yours?"

Thor started to grumble and went to train with the warrior three. Loki for once is happy to be able to read his book leisurely under a tree.

The dark magician from a distance looking at the crystal ball which is showing whatever action Loki seem to be doing at the moment, started grinning evilly.

"So this is the last soul I need for the ultimate dark ritual to raise the legendary beast to destroy the nine realms...": the dark mage murmured.


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