Thor and Loki continue to walk around, looking for food stalls which may be attracting Volstagg attention with its wonderful aroma.

Then there is a stall selling weapons, attracted Loki's attention.

"Come and see! All these beautiful weapons and shields with the finest jewels and gift of magic!" The stall vendor said.

Loki walks over curiously and look at all the fine dagger and swords on the table.

"What do you like to have, young man? Do you like a sword which can help to curse those enemys with the contact of the sword or a shield which can withstand all kind of weather conditions in it's most brutal form?" The vendor said, showing the items to Loki.

Loki shakes his head before looking upon a twin emerald daggers. He picks it up and admires it's detailed design of mysterious swirls.

"You have a good eye to see that twin dagger. But so far no one likes it at all. It heals the holder with each enemy bloodshed and not only that it can store magic. It also can return to it's own sheath immediately after stabbing people with it." The vendor sighs.

"Really? How about I get these twin dagger?" Loki asks politely, making the vendor raise his eyebrow in surprise.

"You really want to get these dagger, Loki?" Thor asks, looking at the twin dagger.

"Yes, Thor. It is so rare to see such exquisite twin daggers with such unique abilities." Loki said, as he admires the sharpness of the daggers.

The vendor looks thoughtfully at Loki.

"How about I give you these twin daggers for free?" The vendor said with a smile.

"Really? But I can pay you any amount of jewel and gold for it." Loki frowns at the vendor.

"Nay, it is good enough for me to know that the daggers have a fine master who actually understands it's true value. Just help me introduce my store if any friends of yours need any weapon." The vendor said cheerfully.

"Okay! Thank you for the twin daggers." Loki smiled at the vendor before vanishing with Thor to find Volstagg.


Sif and Fandral looks around the crowd for an inn to stay.

"This place is really so huge. How are we suppose to find the inn?" Sif sighs, looking at the crowds moving busily.

"Well, you can rest my lady. I can search far and wide for a suitable inn for all of us." Fandral said cheekily, earning him a glare.

"I hope you are prepared to have a painful training match next time." Sif said with a scowl.

"Always for my lady. This inn looks promising, doesn't it?" Fandral said, looking at the inn name which is Starlight.

"Hmm, yes it is." Sif agrees with a nod.

"Let's get a room for all of us to rest for the the night. Then we will find Thor and the others." Fandral said, entering the inn.