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Harry offered Ironclaw a seat, which he accepted and sat down. He pulled a leather folder onto his lap and announced that there were a few things that he and Harry needed to go through.

"It seems that the Ministry are about to try something rather shady," Ironclaw announced.

Harry just quirked an eyebrow!

"The bodies of two prominent citizens have been found and the main suspect to this is actually their son. " Ironclaw went on. Harry was about to interrupt when Ironclaw waved him silent. "Even though you disowned that part of the family – they did not disown you. So I would like to put in a claim on your behalf for all of the Malfoy estates, property and vaults etc. The son may be innocent but after the Ministry are through with him, he won't be in any fit shape to look after them even if the Ministry does not touch them."

Ironclaw was about to go on when a gasp was heard from the door way. Both Harry and Ironclaw turned to see Severus and Draco standing there.

"Well come in both of you, don't just stand there," Ironclaw grunted.

Slowly Severus and Draco entered the library and took the other seats in front of the big desk.

Severus had his hand on Draco's arm trying to get him to be still and not say anything rash. But that did not work for long.

"Are you just going to go along with this, Harry, I can't believe that you would do this to me. The goody, goody, Gryffindor …."

Draco verbal assault of Harry was soon but to an end by Harry's lips. The Goblin watched in awe as a glow around the boys began to shine. Harry briefly lifted his head when he heard a pained grown coming from the floor beside the chair where Severus had been sitting with a quick shrug of his shoulders Harry stunned Severus before returning to kiss Draco.

After several more minutes the boys parted gasping for breath. They turned as one as they heard someone clearing there throat.

Ironclaw regally rose from his chair and bowed lowly to the boys.

"Things are never easy with you are they Mr Potter? Mr Malfoy."

The boys, still slightly stunned sat as one, it was only the quick thinking of Dobby who had just popped in, that saved the boys from landing on the floor. Having enlarged the big library chair that Harry had previously been sitting in, he popped out to get more tea.

Draco nodded to Ironclaw as Harry made the introductions.

"I meant no disservice to you Mr Malfoy, or should I now be calling you Lord Malfoy? Upon discovery of your parents remains word was immediately sent out to freeze all of the Malfoy assets."

Harry tried to surreptitiously give Draco support by rubbing the back of his hand down the side of Draco's leg. If the shining glow did not give away what he had done the low moan from the floor would have.

"Oh no, Severus, I forgot," Harry said jumping up and hurrying over to where Severus lay. Calling for Dobby Harry asked for some pain potions for Severus before he reversed the stun.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor, Mr Potter," was the first thing out of Severus' mouth. Draco dropped to the floor next to them in a hysterical heap. He laughed pointing at Severus.

"That is all you can think of to say, Severus"

Dobby reappeared with the potions with were swiftly taken.

Severus staggered as he tried to stand; both Harry and Draco rushed to his aid.

"Stand back – I am being called. I will return later, when I am able." With a desperate look around the room Severus' eyes landed on the Goblin.

"Please," he begged, " do try and stop them from touching each other."

With that he turned and in trying to make a dramatic exit he nearly slipped in the hearth as he throw in the floo powder.

Harry and Draco managed to rein in the laughter until after Severus had left. As they went wrap an arm around the other they were discretely pulled apart by Dobby.

"But Dobby," Harry started.

"I believe that the Potion Master is correct, Harry. This bond that is developing between the two of you should be taken slowly and savoured."

Both Harry and Draco shot the Goblin a very disgruntled look before going to sit on different chairs.

"If I may, Harry, could your elf deliver a message for me and then return with some files. I think that today will be an excellent day for two young Lords to learn about their estates." At the grown that came from the two young Lords, Ironclaw and Dobby exchanged a quick grin before Dobby popped away.


Severus staggered into his chambers within Hogwarts and grabbed his robes. He knew that he would be late. Bundling the robes up he decided to risk flooing the Hogsmead rather than the long walk through the castle grounds.

No one saw his arrival in the crowded pub, as he quickly slipped through the drinking wizards. Once outside and in a quiet secluded area he put on the hated robes and concentrated on the pull that the mark had created. At first nothing happened. Then Severus was hooked and pulled towards to magical signal only to slammed into the wards.

When he finally stood he could see the Lestrange brothers stand a little way away. They looked very dishevelled and battered. Upon seeing Severus they quickly came over.

"We can't get in, we have tried everything. We can't apparate in, we can't walk in we have even called to the house elves to come and let us in but they aren't answering," they said. Severus was reminded of the Weasley twins and struggled not to smirk at them.

"What about your wife, have you thought to call for her?" Severus asked the taller of the Lestrange brothers.

Rodulphus Lestrange looked away for a moment and then twisted his wedding ring. Nothing happened. He repeated the gesture but this time his lips moved as he muttered a family spell.

After several more moments there a spark bang and on the floor before Rodulphus was Bellatix Lestrange.

"Why didn't you come when I called you, wife." Rodulphus said.

"I was serving my Lord as you should be, he sent the call for you a long time ago. Why did you not answer? Why did you call for me?"

When she had finally finished speaking and Rodulphus could get a word in edge ways he said, "We can't get into the manor; you must take us through the wards."

Grasping her husband's arm Bellatix stalked forward only to be slammed to the ground again. Repeated she tried each time it took her longer to be able to stand.

Eventually she admitted defeat.

Severus really needed to sit down by now. His whole body ached. When he realised that no one could get into the Dark Lord he made a decision.

"Who else was in the manor with you, Bellatrix?"

Bellatrix wheeled around and only spat out one name – Wormtail.

Making his decision Severus said, "Meet me on the other side of the woods, we may be able to get a message in."

He apperated away immediately and upon arrival cast an invisibility charm on himself.

Quietly he waited for the pops announcing the Lestangers arrival. Moments later there were 3 bound bodies in the floor of the woods.


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