Chapter 1


Johnny stab the victim one last time and then smiled to himself. He just killed a cheerleader, the most awful females of them all. He shivered just thinking about the pompoms she had. Of course she still had them, they were shoved into her ears. Johnny looked over at her and remembered there was another girl down here. It was the girl the cheerleader was bullying, Johnny brought her here because she was unable to protect herself, disgusting. Johnny left the cheerleader mess to go have a look at the girl. When he entered her torture room the first thing he noticed was that she wasn't awake. "Strange," he spoke out loud, "you should be awake by now." Then he remembered that some people have heart problems and she might have died of fright. He couldn't have that, he went over to her and felt for her pulse. Yep, Johnny smiled to himself. She was still alive, but she was SLEEPING so peacefully, Johnny frowned. Why wasn't she awake? Most people would have come back to their senses by now. Why didn't she? He didn't want to kill her while she was asleep. He turned to leave, that when he heard her mumble. "Stupid girl," Johnny spoke out loud again, "You wake when I leave? How rude." He turned back toward her. She had her head up and Johnny got a better look at her. He almost screamed with anger. The girl was obviously older then Johnny thought. She had short dark brown hair and deep green eyes. Here what made him made: This women was an adult and she was being bullied by a cheerleader? WTF?

Johnny was about it to rant to her, then noticed she wasn't struggling against her restraints or moving at all. She had only looked up, her eyes were dazed, like she was lost or something. Johnny went over, he was curious now, and poked her cheek with a knife he got from his boot. She didn't even flinch. Johnny was amused at first but soon grew irritated with the girl, he wanted her to be able to feel the pain he was going to inflict upon her! Johnny started yelling at the girl. She blinked, he stopped and smile. Her eyes were no longer dazed. She looked at her, really looked at him. He was covered in blood of course, and was rather dark. He must have frighten her into shock or something because she spoke calmly. "Um... May I ask where I am?" Johnny almost fell. The girl wasn't yelling to be released or demanding to know who he was or threatening him. All she cared about was where she was. Johnny sighed, he must have picked up some one slow in the head.

"You're at my house." He told her. She nodded her head, like it was totally normal for her to be at his house.

"...Nice house?" Johnny smiled, she was trying to be civil. "Can I ask you another thing?" Johnny shrugged, why not? "How'd I get here?" She asked. So Johnny told her, he told her about the cheerleader, the not protecting herself, and how he tazzed her. She took it all in calmly, which would have driven him mad if he already wasn't. After he finished she spoke to him in a polite manner and said, "I see." He fell over laughing. She looked at him confused. "May I ask what the joke is Mr.-" Johnny calmed and remembered he hadn't introduced himself.

"How rude of me. I Johnny, but you can call me Nny for short." He did a quick smile at her, she did a little smile back. "And I was laughing because I told you all about what happened, even the death of the cheerleader, and all you can say is 'I see'? What's wrong with you?" He looked at her all serious now. She sighed.

"Well you get used to waking up in unfamiliar place after doing it for a while." He looked at her, and she knew he wanted to know more. She took a breath. "You see I have a sleep disorder, hypersomnia or something, and I tend to fall anywhere and anytime. I've also been diagnosed with parasomnia, which means I also tend to sleep walk. In fact I must have fallen asleep quite a long time ago, because I don't remember any cheerleader or being tazzed. All I remember is getting ready for my job." She frowned, "Which I must be very late for." Johnny was amazed then confused. He couldn't really hurt her because she couldn't have protected herself if she was asleep and it probably wasn't her fault. He sighed deeply and walked over toward her. She looked at him with fear in her eyes but for the most part stayed calm (that's her specialty, ya know). She sighed in relief. He was undoing the restraints. Once finished he asked:

"Where is your work, I'll show you how to get there from here." A rare act of kindness on Nny's part. She nodded and pulled out a piece of paper from her jean pocket. She read over it. Then told him-

"I'm supposed to be watching over a Todd Casil while his parents are away, "She paused, making sure she was reading it right, "for a very long time?" She looked at Nny. "Do you know where I might find the Casil residents?" Johnny smiled and nodded that he did. He then motioned for her to follow him, she did. Nny was kind of happy some one other than his stupid fucked up parents was going to be watching him. They entered the main living area of Johnny's house. Johnny stopped mid-step and turned around.

"I just remembered, I don't know your name." he frowned at her. She smiled softly.

"I'm Nickey Lee." Johnny nodded and led her out of the house. That stopped in the milddle of his lawn and pointed to the house next door.

"Squee, I mean Todd, lives right next door." Nickey saw it funny how her abductor was gonna be living right next door to her from now on. Nickey smiled at Johnny.

"Well then, J-Nny, I guess I shall see you around then." She turned and walked off toward the Casil house. Johnny turned back toward his house. He had a few more live ones in his basement and the wall need some blood.


This is all I could think of. I might write more about Johnny, Nickey (OC), and Squee (Todd) later if I think of anything. So R&R! I could use some ideas.