Chapter 2


When Nickey finally got to the Casil house, both parents weren't there when she arrived so who knows how long the poor boy had been alone, she should have come early (Damn Johnny). The money was on the table along with a note that said just two short sentences:

Nickey Lee,

The kid is in his room. Money's on the table.

Mr. Casil.

Nickey had spent most of the first few minutes trying to convince Todd that she was here to take care of him and not eat his soul. After gaining some trust, she made him a sandwich to eat and few minutes later, she was now tucking him into his bed to get him to sleep, I was almost dark when she got there and was really late (Again because of Johnny).

"So... When did your parents say they would be back?" she asked, really hoping he knew. Sadly Todd knew nothing either.

"They didn't tell me anything. Maybe they're not coming back! Maybe they've got tired of me or what if -"

"Hey, hey, calm down." Nickey hushed him, playing with his hair, "They're coming back, I know it. Till then I'll stay with you. Now go to bed. Okay?"

"But what if I never wake up. What if you -"

"You will wake up, and then I'll make some pancakes!" She smiled, brushing away little tears that were forming on the sides of his eyes, "I'm sure that your bear here won't let anything hurt you." She said holding on to the stuff toy.

"His names Shmee" Todd told her. Nickey nodded and said it was a good name. She then made the scary bear kiss the Todd on the head, before tucking him in next to Todd. Outside she was smiling and calm, but on the inside she was totally pissed. How could a parent leave their child scared and alone, leaving him even before the (live in) babysitter showed up! Nickey was very maternal and couldn't stand what his parents did.

"Do you want me to tell a bedtime story Todd?" she asked trying to ease her mood.

He ducked his head and spoke softly, "You can call me Squee if you'd like, my friends do."

She nodded, he made that noise a lot. She could see it as a nickname, "Okay. Squee." She said his name silly, which made him giggle softly.

He then settled down into a sleeping position. As he yawned he glanced at his window and whispered, "Will you stay until I sleep so that the crazy man next door doesn't try and talk to me?"

"Crazy man next door?" she asked, looking out at the window. "You mean Johnny?" Squee nodded his head slowly. Nickey smiled, "Its okay we met earlier today." She patted Squee's head. He looked at her, she just smiled.

"He's the reason you were late, wasn't he?" he asked. Her smile almost flattered, but she keep petting his head softly.

"Yes, Todd he was. That man has a very strange hobby." She said softly. She knew Nny was a little crazy (okay maybe a lot of crazy). But what the boy said next made her fall over:

"He kills people." Squee said quickly. When he saw Nickey fall he quickly add, "But only the bad people, like the man at the mall." Nickey sat back up and looked at Squee.

"Hey Squee." He looked at her with his big (cute) eyes, "Do you want to do anything tomorrow after school?" He shook his head no. "Then do you want to invite a friend to come over and play?" Squee thought about it for a bit then answered her.

"Yes." He said softly. "His names Pepito. Can we play video games?" Nickey smiled.

"Okay. Pepito can come over and you guys can play games. And if you get bored we can find something else to do." Squee smiled at her. She tucked him in some more, kiss his forehead (he asked her to) and told him good-night. She was at the door about to turn the light when she remembered she had to tell him of her diorders or he might get scared.


"Yeah" he asked sleepily.

"If, um, you see me walking around in and daze or I suddenly pass out, please don't worry. I have sleeping problems and that happens sometimes." She smile and switched the lights out. What see didn't see was Squee's worried expression. She hadn't told him to try and help if that happens, what he would do if she did pass out on him suddenly. What if she passed out while crossing the street, or while cooking! Or what i-

Squee thought were cut off when his window opened. He went "squee...". Then he saw Johnny, that didn't make him feel better at all. "J-Johnny?" he asked.

Johnny smiled at him, "Why hello Squee. Have fun with your babysitter" He asked, he had to make sure Nickey was caring for the boy right.

"Y-yeah. She's nice." Johnny Smiled some more. Squee held Shmee closer to himself. Johnny then opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by a loud crash coming from inside the house. Both boys looked toward the door. Then Johnny spoke.

"Um. Did she tell you about her problem?" Squee nodded his head. Nny sighed, "I guess we better go make sure she's okay." Squee nodded again, crawled out of bed and ran to the door. Johnny already had it opened. They walked over to the stairs, only to see Nickey lying face down at the bottom. Nny sighed again, "You go back to bed Squee. I'll make sure she's okay." Squee gave him a look, but did as he was told. Johnny silently walked down the stairs. He bent down and poked Nickey's face, she didn't budge. She was deep asleep. Johnny picked her up and carried her to the couch. He knew she'd be sore in the morning, but there was no serious damage. She'd live. Johnny then proceeded to go back upstairs to the bathroom and grab so medical supplies. Once he had them he went back to Squee's room. Squee was awake. "When she awakes tell her what happened." Squee nodded his head and Johnny left quickly as he had come. Squee then, took a deep breath and laid down to try and sleep. He had nightmares of Nickey dying because she fell asleep at the wrong time and place; Johnny was there, kind of, trying to help; Shmee laughed and he cried. Such a sad dream.

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