Chapter 5

Meeting Pepi's Mom...

When Nickey left woke up, she found herself in a white room. Her first thoughts were, Ah shit. If she was in the hospital then that means they contacted her family. That means her family contacted-

Nickey jumped out of the bed. If he showed up in her like again she'd go crazy. She ran out of the room, nearly knocking over a nurse. The girl ran into the waiting room, where she saw all three of the boys sitting around looking bored. She ran up to them and grabbed Todd and Pepito by the arms. "Come on guys, we're leaving." Then she ran out ahead of Johnny, pulling both the little boys behind her. When at her car, she shoved both into the back seat, and hopped into the driver's chair. She turned and saw Johnny already buckled in. She didn't question on how she got there before her, just started the car and drove off. Only when they got to a red light did she calm down. She turned and looked at everybody. "So... How was dinner?" All turned and looked out their windows, which had become more interesting then every. Nobody wanted to tell her how bad it was.

"It was fine. Till you passed out, and we thought you were dying because you weren't breathing." Pepito said. Johnny looked at the devil boy with respect, the kid just blamed their bad dinner time on her. Nickey got all depressed.

"Oh, you guys! I'm so sorry!" She looked at Todd, "How about when we get the chance next time, we just go to a movie." Todd nodded his head, he was bad at lying and didn't want to say a word. Nickey looked at the car clock then at Pepito, "It pretty late how about we drive you home? Okay?"

"Yeah, I'm sure my mother's pretty worried." So they spent the next few minutes trying to fine Pepito's house and as it turns out Nickey's not good with directions. They, maybe, passed the boy's house three times before finally stopping there. Once parked Pepito said his goodbyes to Todd and hopped out of the car, Nickey got out to. Pepito gave her a look. "Where are you going?" Nickey glared at him.

"If your mother's home I should apologized and tell her why you were out so long. It's polite, duh." Pepito just rolled his eyes. The two walked to the door. Nickey looked back at the car, Johnny and Todd didn't look happy to be at Pepito's house. Nickey took it as nothing and knocked on the door. Mrs. Diablo (I don't know her name!) answers. "Hello, Mrs. Diablo." She greets Pepito's mother.

"Hello dear. Hello Pepi." Mrs. Diablo hugs her son, "I was so worried. You didn't call!" Nickey speaks up.

"Oh, that's my fault! I'm terribly sorry!" She gets a dramatic, "We were out eat, but because of my condition we had to go to the hospital!" She cries. "I so sorry." she cries over and over again. Pepito watches the two grown women with little interest. Mrs. Diablo tries to calm Nickey down, but she just keeps wailing. The she passes out. Mrs. Diablo gives a little yelp and bends done to try and poke Nickey awake. This is when Johnny, who was watching this all go down from the car, gets out and walks over with a sigh.

"Hi Mrs. Diablo. Nice to finally meet you." Johnny says. Mrs. Diablo looks up at Johnny.

"Is she okay?" She asks, while still poking Nickey with a single finger.

"Yes this is part of her condition, she's just sleeping; she'll be fine." She tells the lady. He then grabs Nickey from under her arms and begins to drag her away. "Tell Satan I said Hi!" He calls out to Mrs. Diablo, who is now holding her son close, while watching the two weirdies that hung out her with son today. She was extremely worried for her son and young Todd. Extremely.

This was short, but all I really wanted was for Nickey to meet Pepito's mother, for some reason. Anyway, can someone tell me if Mrs. Diablo has a first name or is it just Mrs. Diablo? Satan has many name, Pepito too. But what about Mrs. Diablo? Someone please enlighten me!