Nickey woke up the next morning, she was glad to see she was in the Casil and not Johnny's. She slowly got off the couch, where was Todd! She ran up the stairs. He wasn't in his room! She ran back down stair and swung the front door open.

Only to be met by a fist in her face. Luckily it wasn't a punch, it was Johnny. He was about knock on her door, right when she opened it.

After both came out of shock, they went back to their usual selves. Nicky smiled, "Oh. Hi Nny." She looked of his shoulder, "Have you seen Squee? I can't seem to find him." Johnny frowned at her.

"He's at Pepito's house."

"Oh...Why?" She asked.

"Because after you past out. Mrs. Diablo was so worried, she offered to watch Squee." He looked down at Nickey. "And I did not want to turn down a nice offer from the Devil's wife." He paused, "I'm sure Todd's a school now." Nickey let out a sigh of relief, Todd was Okay.

"Oh. That's okay then." She turned back around. Prepared to go sleep some more, but Johnny stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. She "Eeked" and turned back to face him. He was glaring at her.

"I had to drive us home." He squeezed her shoulder. Hard. "I had to get gas for your car." Now Nickey was sure she was gonna have a bruise, "With my money." He looked at her darkly. Nickey was shaking with fear. Then his face completely changed, "So you are going to spend money on me!" He let her go, motioning her to follow him, "Come on, hurry up." Nickey wanted to protest, she was in the same clothes as yesterday, but thought better of it. She followed him.

They didn't take the car, Johnny wanted to walk. After walking awhile Nickey spoke up, "Uh, where are we going exactly?" Johnny kept walking but turned his head to her. She was behind him, he walked fast.

"Where going to my favorite place!" He clapped his hands together. It reminded Nickey of a child. "You're going to buy me a Fizz-Wizz!" He yelled happily. Nickey had heard of that, it was some kind of Ice drink. She never had one though.

"Cool. I've never had one." Johnny looked at her.

"Well I'm getting one, not you. So who cares?" He said. She raised her eyebrow and he explained. "You're spending money on me and not you. Remember?"

"Oh..." Johnny stopped suddenly, causing Nickey to run into him. "Ow..." she groaned. Johnny glared at her.

"Sheesh, watch where you're going." He then smiled, "We're here!" Here was a rundown looking store. Nickey sighed.

"Oh Joy." Nickey said jokingly. Johnny ran in quickly, not waiting for Nickey to stand. She sighed and stood up, walking in to the place. Once in she called out, "Johnny?"

"Over here!" Nickey walked toward his voice. She found him filling a cup with a red icey drink.

"So that's Fizz-Wizz?" He nodded, "I should try one," Johnny looked at her, "when I am not spending money on you." He nodded, taking the drinks straw into his mouth. "I guess I'll go pay now." She pulled her money from her pocket, heading toward the cashier. The cashier, a teen guy, had head phones on and was playing a hand held game. She had to yell, "Hey!" he still didn't look at her, "Hey kid!" He still didn't see or hear her. She clinched her fist, and was gonna call out again, when Johnny came and stood beside her. He had a knife in his hand. Nickey paled, 'Where the heck did that come from?'

Johnny grabbed the kib by the throut and ripped his head phones out, "Listen when when customers are talking!" He screeched. The cashier dropped his game.

"What's wrong with you? You freak!" The cashier screamed with fear. Nickey watch them yell at each other for a while. She poked Johnny's shoulder. He turned and glared.

"What?" Nickey took her money out and set it on the counter.

"Uh, I am going to leave the money here, you can pay with it when you finish," she paused motioning at the teen in his hands, "with this. Till then I'll be outside." She smiled and ran outside quickly.

Johnny watched Nickey leave, then looked back at the person in his hold, "What a weird girl." The cashier, not knowing what to do, nodded his head in agreement. Johnny glared at him, "What do you know?" and Johnny stuck his knife in the cashier's left ear, then his right ear. "Listen to music like that!" He said smuggly before taking Nickey's money and laying it in the screaming, and probably dying, cashier's hand. He walked out of the store, drinking his Fizz-Wizz joyfuly. He saw Nickey sitting on the sidewalk, he went and stood beside her. She heard him come up and look at him.

"You're the weridest neighbor I ever had." Johnny frowned, "But you're okay for a maniac. I guess." She said chuckling as she stood up from her spot on the ground. She began walking, "You coming or what?" she looked behind her. Johnny noticed her walking away and began walking with her.

"You're the calmest person I know." Johnny told her.

"Yes well," She looked at him, "I'm sure the other people you know are always screaming and yelling." Johnny thought about, she had a point. They walked in silence for a while. Nickey couldn't take it, "So can I go home now?" Johnny frowned.

"Yeah sure whatever. I have to go get some," he took a sip from his drink, "paint for the wall in my house." Nickey look at him questionable. He shrugged and they went their different ways.

I don't really like this chapter. I was in a rush. I hadn't updated the story in so long, I felt like a just had to write something. I do like the story, just not this chapter. I have no idea where I'm going with it. Thanks for reading, though!