The car pulled up outside the summer's house and the five girls got out the car and headed into the house and found Buffy cleaning the kitchen she saw the arrivals and said

"What are you guy's doing back so soon I thought you were going out for the day?" then she noticed a girl she didn't know and said "Whose she?"

"Buffy this is Kennedy she has an urgent message for Giles?"

"Oh, ok Will you know where the phone is go and make the call"

"Thanks Buffy, This way Kennedy" said Willow as she lead the girl in the front room and rang Giles's number then handed the phone to Kennedy.


"Hi is that Rupert Giles?"

'Yes it is and who might you be?"

"My name's Kennedy, my watcher sent me from New York to Sunnydale to find you, with an urgent message?"

'What was the message?'

"It was 'the end is coming the First is ready to strike' then he told me to make sure you got the message? Just before he died at the hands of some weird things that had hoods on and signs carved where their eyes should be, I only know what they looked because I killed them and had a look to see what they were like my watcher taught me"

'Ok thanks Kennedy the info is a big help. I'll sort everything out from this side can you put someone else on the phone?"

"Sure" Kennedy looked round and saw Faith and said "Giles wants to talk to you?" she handed the phone to Faith

"What's up Giles?"

'Faith I want you to make sure Kennedy stays in Sunnydale until I arrive once everything over hear is sorted out, it might be a few months though'

"Ok Giles, do you feel like sharing whats going on we are on the hellmouth?"

'Faith all I can say is be careful and pass the message to everyone, one more thing watch out for hooded men in robes with no eyes?'

"Ok what's that mean Giles?"

'Faith trust me will you and just keep an eye out and watch out for any strange behavior'

"Ok, see you later Giles"

Faith put the phone down and turned back to everyone else and said

"Giles said for everyone to stay put and watch out for anything odd"

"Ok Kennedy do you have anywhere to stay in Sunnydale?" asked Buffy

"Uhm no I was gunna stay with Giles?"

"Right uhm ok how about you sleep on the sofa tonight and tomorrow we'll find you a proper bed?"

"Thanks Buffy"

Finally Faith had had enough and said "Right now that's done me and Dawnie are going to spend the rest of the day together, bye" Before Buffy could answer Faith had pulled Dawn out of the door and in to Sunnydale. They walked towards Faiths apartment and ended up kissing while sitting on the sofa before moving to the bedroom.


Buffy, Tara, Willow and Kennedy were in the back garden. Buffy had decided to test Kennedy out and see what kind of slayer she would one day become. Willow and Tara had looked through some of the watchers diaries that Giles and left behind and found some training styles that Kennedy and Buffy could do against each other. They started with weapons training using wooden staffs and Buffy was surprised that Kennedy was able to defeat her with the wooden staffs even with Buffy going flat out. This annoyed Buffy and soon they were sparing Kennedy was very good at that as well she was able to block almost everything that Buffy hit her with, and Kennedy also connected with a few good hits as well which had Buffy reeling at first but then she made one mistake which allowed Buffy in and she floored Kennedy. Kennedy looked at Buffy and said

"How did you do that?"

"I pounced on your mistake"

"What mistake"

"You stood in the same spot for a few seconds to long which allowed me to get the upper hand, but you did well"

"I know but I let my watcher down he told me to always keep moving?"

"Kennedy you would likely have beaten me had you kept going with the way you were blocking all my attacks. How long were you with your watcher?"

"He found me when I was 5 so it'd have been 13 years next month I'd have been with him"

"Wow that's a long time"

"How long have you been with your watcher?"

"Six years"

"How long have you been the slayer for?"

"Six years"

"Oh so they didn't even find you until you were chosen that explains why I nearly beat you I have more combat experience"

"Don't get cheeky with me potential"

"Why not I could beat you in a fight now you told me what I did wrong"

"You might beat me but I'd like to see you beat Faith she's got more combat experience than you. She was with her watcher for 14 years then her watcher got killed she came here to get back up and we took out the vampire and she's just stayed around and helped out here"

"We'll find out later won't we when she comes back?"