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Summary: this story is an idea I had after reading 'A SHIFT OF REALITY' which is on this site

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Back in Dracula's castle everyone was getting over the shock of seeing Julius Belmont standing there.

"What do you mean?" asked Wesley after the shock had died down.

"Due to the changing allegiances of Faith and the fact that her Successor Kennedy have both turned evil and have allowed their beings to be combined with the Demonic Spirits, Lady Midday and Lamashtu, the Powers That Be are trying to find a way to extract the Slayer power from Faith" said Julius.

"But that's impossible Lamashtu is always followed by Dimme the two of them are a team they always work together" said Wesley.

"Yes they do and Dimme, Proserpexa and Echidna are also present in Sunnydale"

"Do you know which Humans they are bonded with?"

"Yes Dimme is with the one know as Dawn Summers, Proserpexa is with the one know as Willow and Echidna has not yet fully bonded with the human know as Tara"

"Any other problems in Sunnydale?" asked Dracula.

"There is more Darla, Drusilla, Spike and Angelus are working for them as are Illyria, Gwen and Conner"

"Then the Prophecy could be fulfilled" said Wesley.

"Unfortunately it looks as though this time we cannot stop it, the Powers are still researching for anything that could give us some hope but for now we should prepare for the worst"

"And what just give in?" asked Wesley.

"No we should use what time we have to find the strongest warriors we can and get them to a safe location so that when the 5 of them have defeated Satan and return to take over the planet the best hope we have of returning the world to what it should be are safe"

"Can we launch an attack on Sunnydale while they are busy and take out some of their allies?" asked Dracula.

"Unfortunately not they have an army of Bringers on their side, plus the 4 Guardians of Echidna are their keeping her essence safe" said OZ remembering what had happened when they last went to Sunnydale.

"If they have the Bringers on their side what has happened to the First they are his soldiers?" asked Wesley.

"They must have destroyed him it's the only way his soldiers would work for someone else" said Dracula.

"But how would that have happened since the first is not corporeal"

"A Spell to solidify it maybe?" said Julius.

"Yes I would agree that is the only way they could do it" said Dracula.

"But is it possible that they could have solidified and defeated the Ultimate Evil without the Powers That Be interfering to keep the balance?" asked Wesley.

"Unfortunately yes. It is because the Powers That Be keep the Balance and when they deemed they Willow and the others were more powerful than the First they accepted that the First needed to be taken down" said Julius.

"Ok we need to bring the strongest fighters we can find here and we also need a place to try and save as many civilians as possible"


An hour later and preparations had been made to get strong demonic fighters into place ready for the war to try and return Earth back to the way it was were finalized and then Wes had a thought.

"You know we will need a Slayer to help with this war and the only one is Buffy who has been captured by them" he said.

"Unfortunately we will not be able to reach her in time to save her Echidna has instructed Angelus and Spike to collect her and they are going to sacrifice her to the Proserpexa statue thus making Willow's connection even stronger and insuring victory over Satan" replied Julius.

"Then how are we going to win the war?" asked Gunn.

"That is simple The Powers That Be will give the two potentials the chance to become slayers and they will also be trained by each of you in your specialized field and become the best Slayers the world has ever seen" said Julius.

"I'm in I want to take out my former friend" said Janice.

"Me two this sounds like a battle for the survival of Earth and I want in" said Jane.

"Good now we need to find a way to limit the amount of terror the five Demoness can inflict on the world before we can organize the fight back" said Dracula.

"How do we do that?" asked Michael.

"Easy we close some Hellmouth's so they can only release demons in certain areas" said Julius.

"Right if we closed say all the Hellmouth's that are close to our location it means that the 5 can't launch a surprise attack on us" said Wesley.

"Well let's do it then" said Gunn.

"Ok Amy, Wesley will you join Julius and I so we can perform the spell and close as many as we can" said Dracula.

The other 3 nodded their agreement that it was the best idea they could come up with.


Four hours had passed as Dracula, Julius Belmont, Wesley and Amy were ready to perform the spell.

"Powers that be hear our words close the demonic entrances starting with those closest to our location" said Amy.

"Powers that be hear our words close the demonic entrances starting with those closest to our location" said Dracula.

"Powers that be hear our words close the demonic entrances starting with those closest to our location" said Wesley.

"Powers that be hear our words close the demonic entrances starting with those closest to our location" said Julius.

"Power that be the Hellmouth's must be closed to give balance a chance to return to the planet" said Amy.

"Powers that be I Julius Belmont agrees to this assessment" said Julius.

"Hellmouth's closed" said Amy.

"Infierno Boca cerrade" said Wesley.

"Naiba Gura închisă" said Dracula.

"Abyssus os propinquus" said Julius.

As Julius finished the final phrase a bright white light shot outwards from Transylvania and shut more than half of the known Hellmouth's around the world.

"Well that went as well as we could have hoped for" said Gunn.

"Yeah now we might stand a chance of getting the Earth back from the Demoness and the Family" said Dracula.

"The only thing left that we need is the Slayer Energy from Faith to enter one of the two potentials and then unfortunately once Miss Summers is finally killed her Slayer power can enter the other one then we can train them to be the best they can be before attacking the 5" said Julius.

"Amy when you feel ready we will set up the Activation spell and give one of the two potentials the Powers of the Slayer" said Dracula.

"Ok if you can give me a few hours of recuperation which will allow me to research the spell then I should be ready" said Amy.

"Take as long as you need Amy this spell will be the most important spell you ever do" said Dracula.


Amy had finished her research for the correct spell and returned to the main Chamber where everyone else had been gathered.

"Words to the Goddess, Prayers to the Goddess, Protector of the women, The power of the Goddess, Queen of the Moon of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, of the Angels of Guardians and of Slayers, of Slayers, of Slayers Goddess Queen of the Moon of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water of the Angels of Guardians and of Slayers, of Slayers, of Slayers of Sister Jane"

As Amy completed the spell a White Light shone over Jane and as it died down it revealed that she hadn't changed that much but when they tested her it revealed the Slayer Powers had been activated.

"Jane how do you feel?" asked Alison.

"I feel strong and ready to kick some Demon Ass" replied Jane.

"I'm so jealous that you got the powers first" said Janice.

"Don't worry Janice you will soon get the same feeling" said Michael.

"How do you know?"

"The Prophecy that is being finalized in Sunnydale requires them to sacrifice Buffy over the Proserpexa statue once they defeat Satan" said Michael who had done research on the Prophecy once they had arrived at Dracula's Castle.

"Unfortunately that is true and there is nothing we can do to try and prevent it, if we tried to get back to Sunnydale we would arrive to late as they are at the final Stage" said Julius.

"So we have to just sit and wait for the right time?" asked Jane.

"No for now we train and make sure as a Slayer you will be able to stand up to any sort of demon you fight" said Alison.

"Who do I train with?"

"For now you will join the training regime that Oz and Nina came up with for the Werewolves and then we will progress from their" said Dracula.