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Summary: this story is an idea I had after reading 'A SHIFT OF REALITY' which is on this site

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"Something bad has happened down their My Hosts essence and the one they call Kennedy are in trouble" said Echidna.

"Then let's go and help the others save both of them" said Illyria.

"Yes then Proserpexa can return and our Demon selves shall take control of the hosts bodies permanently"

"One more thing to allow that to happen we need to sacrifice the Slayer to Proserpexa's statue"

"Yes while we are down their Chimera and Orthurs will ensure the sacrifice happens correctly"

Illyria accepted the answer and together they made their way over to where Gwen was keeping the portal open and then Illyria grabbed Echidna and they teleported through the portal and to the outside of Satan's Castle.


"NNNNOOOOOO" screamed Willow as both Kennedy and Tara dropped towards the fiery Vortex.

Satan was sitting on his thrown grinning which turned into a maniacal laugh which eventually died down enough for him to speak "So you 3 Demoness's think you can still complete the Prophecy without them then you are mistaken, and you only have time to save one so who will it be?" said Satan.

Willow let out a primal scream as Proserpexa made herself known and shot down the hole and grabbed Tara.

"HA,HA,HA I told you, you would have to sacrifice one of them" said Satan.

Just then Echidna and Illyria arrived and while Echidna stayed on the surface waiting for Willow to bring Tara back Illyria went to save Kennedy.

"No it is not supposed to happen this way" said Satan as he spotted Illyria grab Kennedy and head back out of the fiery vortex.

"Well it has and you now cannot stop the Prophecy from taking place so we will destroy you to stop you plotting against us"

"You can try and destroy me but I am the most powerful creature down here" said Satan.

"Not when you have a Slayer present and we have two" said Willow smirking.

Faith got ready to fight and before she could hit Satan with any sort of attack a painful white light left her body and the same happened to Kennedy before melding together and vanishing.

"So much for Slayer Power what have you got next" said Satan.

Echidna moved over to Willow and told her that two Potentials had survived and were in the process of getting their powers.

"Complete the Ritual" said Willow as she looked to Tara who's normal Blond hair was now black, her eyes were blood red and there was dark magic flowing through her body, she had locked eyes with Echidna and smiled before opening her arms welcoming the Demoness.


Meanwhile on Sunnydale bluffs the body of Buffy had been placed in position over the Proserpexa statue, Chimera and Orthurs were sat one at each end of the device holding Buffy in position while Conner stood with a Bringers ritualistic Knife ready for the moment to begin Bleeding Buffy. Cerberus nodded to them when he felt Echidna send the signal that it was time to begin.

Conner jabbed the Knife in to the required locations and the blood began to run down the statue which began to shine as the blood ran down it.


In Dracula's castle in Transylvania Jane was getting ready for her first training session with Oz and his werewolf pack, when a bright White light appeared in the castle and floated around until it found the individual it was searching for.

In Dracula's Personal Library Michael and Alison were doing research on the 5 Demons that were taking over Sunnydale and fulfilling the Prophecy while Janice was also doing her own research on the different types of Demons that existed and what their weak points were, so she knew where to attack them when she was called. The White light floated through the doors to the Library and floated over towards Janice who was sitting with her back to the door of the Library and didn't see the light floating towards her.

"Michael what is that?" asked Alison.

"I have no idea" said Michael.

"We should warn Janice"

'NO THAT LIGHT IS HER DESTINY' said a voice that happened to be the Powers that be.

The White light flew into Janice and she screamed in pain. "AAAUUUGGGHHH" before she fell to the floor.

A few seconds later Janice recovered and slowly sat up before looking round and finally setting her sights on the two watchers. "What the hell just happened?" she asked.

"That was your Slayer Powers activating" said Michael.

"Does that mean that Buffy is gone?"

"I'm afraid so"

"It also appears that the 5 didn't kill her" said Julius as he walked in. The powers that be had told him that Buffy was dead and that Janice was about to be called.

"How can that be I thought she needed to be alive for the ritual to open all the Hellmouth's?" asked Alison.

"No the ritual states that it be her blood, so I guess it will have been collected after it was used for the Ascension of the 5 Demoness" replied Julius.

"So we are too late to stop them all we can do now is prepare for the fight back to begin?" asked Michael.

"I'm afraid so, we have lost Sunnydale" said Julius.

"Janice let's get you outside and you can train alongside your sister slayer Jane"

"Right if we train together now we will become used to each other's fighting styles when the fight back begins" said Janice, as she was escorted out to the training grounds where Jane and the Werewolves were.


Back in Hell the 5 girls were enveloped in a bright light before, Proserpexa took over control of Willows body, Echidna fully joined with Tara and took control of her body, then Lamashtu and Dimme did the same to Faith and Dawn and finally Lady Midday joined with Kennedy taking control of her and instantly she stood beside Illyria and the 6 Demoness's began their attack on Satan, while the four horsemen ensured that nothing could get within Satan's castle and help him.

Satan was finding it harder than he had thought it would be to defend against 6 powerful Demoness's whenever he thought he had an advantage he was attacked by the others soon the 6 of them surrounded him and linked hands in a Circle around Satan and they each spoke in one voice as a Vortex opened up around Satan and sucked him inside but that wasn't enough to defeat Satan as he destroyed the Vortex with his Sword and using his weapon Satan was now able to counter there attacks, but he was still outnumbered and it was starting to show as the Demoness's started to get more and more hits on target and were wearing down Satan, Lady Midday using her Grim Reaper like Scythe managed to get the blade of her weapon caught between the blades of Satan's Swords with help from Lamashtu and Dimme they forced the Sword from Satan's hands. (Satan's Sword has a split at the end of the blade like a demonic snake's tongue) This left Proserpexa, Echidna and Illyria to keep Satan away from his Sword now it had been removed from his grasp and unite with Lady Midday, Lamashtu and Dimme to finish off Satan. The 5 Demoness's all charged up their most powerful attack and fired them at Satan, While they were doing this Illyria was working her own magic and combined the attacks in to one super attack which the minute it made contact with Satan vaporized him. The 5 Demoness's broke out into evil laughter as Satan was no more.

What none of them saw was that a female demon that somewhat resembled Satan was watching them.

"Just you wait one day the Satan family will rule hell once more" said the women.

"Rosa let's not do anything hasty, we will need to get the support of your late father's secret Army if we are to re-establish our ownership of this domain" said Absalom.

"Thank you Absalom for remaining loyal and standing by my side now let's go and begin our plan to get back what is ours" said the female now known as Rosa.

They left the castle just as Proserpexa approached Satan's thrown and with Echidna and Lady Midday either side of her and Lamashtu and Dimme in front of them they once again combined their energies and with the help of Illyria Satan's Castle ripped out of the ground in hell and began ascending upwards.


Twenty minutes later and in the middle of the building site that was to become the new Sunnydale High cracks started to form as Satan's castle rose to the surface and took a dominating position looking over Sunnydale.

"Excellent they were successful" said Conner as he walked towards Gwen.

"Yes and now we must prepare for the final stage of the Prophecy" said Chimera.

"So what do we need to do to be ready for the final stage?"

"We just need to wait for the Demoness's to return and then they can open the Hellmouth's from around the world and bring back the Old Ones"

Then with a Blue Flash the Demoness's returned and it became clear that the Demoness's were now in complete control of the human hosts bodies.

Proserpexa approached her temple and collected a vile of Buffy's blood that had pooled around its base before turning and joining hands with Echidna and together they recited a spell before braking the vile and as the blood rose it became infused with Purple energy and then it flew off and opened the Hellmouth that was now located in front of Satan's Castle which was now the Demoness's Castle since the Castle now sat on the location of the old Sunnydale High. Then the blood flowed through the Hellmouth and spread out to find its way to the rest of the Hellmouth's the next one to break open was in Cleveland, the next was New Orleans that was followed by Toronto, then Kiholo bay on Hawaii and the final Hellmouth in North America to open was in Salina Cruz in Mexico. Then around the rest of the world there was two Hellmouth's in the UK, one in a village called Pluckley and the other was in London. There was also a few Hellmouth's opened up in Portugal and Australia, the ones in Portugal were in Lisbon and the other was in Portalegre, and the two in Australia were in Darwin and the other was in Sydney but no other Hellmouth's opened. The spell that Amy had performed with the help of Julius Belmont had worked and keep a large amount to Hellmouth's closed.

In Sunnydale the Hellmouth opened demons started to come through the gateway and they were followed by Lava erupting from the sewer system and the Lava began to flow down the streets and the Demoness's were floating above it laughing at the destruction that was being created by the Lava and the various pure demons that had already made their way through the Hellmouth. The Demoness's arrived back at their castle and were met by the rest of their allies and Proserpexa waved her hand over the dust that had once been Darla and she reappeared standing alongside her family, Conner and Gwen.

"Thank you all for your help in making sure the prophecy has come to fruition and from now on this world is run by us and no one can stop us" said Proserpexa.

The End for now.

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