Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 1

"Ohayou minna-san!" Mikan exclaimed loudly as she happily

Skipped into the classroom. Mikan then got out of her happily self

and returned back to normal. "Hotaruu!" she screamed and tried to

hug her with her long arms. BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! Hotaru had just

shot her with her newly improved Baka Gun. Mikan flew back

onto the wall. "Daijoubu?" questioned Yuu as he tried to help Mikan

stand up from the impact of the Baka Gun. "Hai.." Mikan replied. Just

then Narumi-sensei twirled in wearing a pink tutu with sparkles

and glitter. Most kids were disgusted by his girliness. "Okay, kids

today I have an announcement!" "Today we're gonna have a play

called Romeo and Juliet." Commented Narumi. A few second later,

Natsume and Ruka came in. Sumire and her fangirls squealed in

delight. Wakako ( one of Sumire's best friend and vice president for

the Natsu/Ruka Official Fanclub) and Sumire shouted Natsume-kun!

3..Ruka and Natsume just ignored the two annoying fangirls.

"Ahem, as I was saying, we're gonna have a play so you're gonna

pick your parts in this box." Narumi explained. Everyone lined up to

pick their parts and Sumire started to bawl. :'( "Why..! do I have to

be the stepmother?" Sumire cried out. 'Okay, you can stop crying

now" Narumi said in an annoyed voice because of many

interruptions. "Now, let's go back to the subject. Who got Romeo and

Juliet as their parts? Please raise your hands." Ruka and Mikan both

raised their hands.

Mikan's POV

Thoughts: Oh my god… I can't believe it. I'm Juliet and Ruka is

Romeo. I really wanted Natsume to be Romeo instead but..wait what

am I thinking? Am I in love with him? Maybe I am..

End of POV….

End of Chapter 1 ….

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