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Before you read i want to say, this takes place 2 years after the end of Sailor Moon. Ranma 1/2 is after the failed wedding. The story will be unique since want something that hasn't been done before, so it might be a bit bizarre.

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Chapter 1 I'm back and the Beginning of something new

"Shenron I wish to be back in my world," said a young blue-gray eyed pigtailed. He was wearing a red style gi with a blue shirt under, black boots, and red wristbands on both wrists.

The massive dragon was hovering over seven yellow shinny crystal balls. The dragon was mostly green and was the size of a whole city if stretched and the sky was dark as night even though it was daytime.

"Thank you all for everything and let fate allow us to meet again," said the pigtailed.

"It was nothing Ranma. We will miss you and hopefully you can live your life in peace once you get back," said a light blue haired woman named Bulma, she looked as if she wanted to cry.

"Ranma don't stop your training. Train hard so maybe one day if we meet, we can have a match!" said the man with spiky hair named Goku excitedly.

"Exactly brat, so don't lack off! It will make our Saiyan race look weak in your home world!" exclaimed another man with spiky hair named Vegeta.

"We will miss you Ranma! You have been like a brother to us. Well, you are our brother. I mean with dad's blood running in you pretty much makes you our bro," said the young man named Gohan as the small boy named Goten nodded.

The Dragon's eyes glowed red and the young man called Ranma started to vanish. Everyone around waved their final goodbye to their friend. He had helped in the fight with Buu and thanks to him and Vegeta, Goku had enough time to build a Spirit Bomb that destroyed Buu. He had also achieved SSJ LV. 2 during the fight and sparred with Goku and Vegita in the same LV. every now and then.

Ranma waved goodbye to them and in a flash he was gone from the world that had been like his home.

"State your second wish," said the massive dragon.

"Thanks Shenron but that's all," said Goku

"Farewell," said the Dragon as it began to glow in a yellow light and the seven balls under him rose and scattered in random direction as he disappeared. The night turned to day and everything was back normal.

"Sooo, who's up for a BBQ?" Goku asked excitedly and everyone raised their hands. It was a good idea after this sad moment, some cheering up would help.

Crossing Dimensions

Ranma was feeling a bit sick. The traveling was quick, but the after effects caused him to throw-up his lunch. Who would have thought that getting wished from a different dimension to another would cause you to lose your lunch?

After Ranma recovered from his little sickness he checked his surroundings. Apparently he was in a tropical area and it was daytime. Then Ranma noticed that his body was once again eighteen! How could that be, he was twenty! He also noticed that some of his muscle mass was gone and would have to work for it again. Suddenly a theory came to mind. He was banished from his world by Happosai, how he hated that pervert, when he was eighteen, so if he came back from the other dimension, he must have returned the same age as when he left! That was the only explanation he could up with. Thankfully his Saiyan blood didn't go away but his aura changed. He could no longer feel Goku's aura in him, but he still had the Saiyan blood! This was way too confusing! Ranma then cleared his mind and decided he would investigate this later.

He put two fingers on his forehead and searched for something, more like someone. A few minutes passed and he found her! He was excited that soon he was going to see his mom! He was about to teleport to his mom's house using the Instant Transmission that Goku had taught him. When he felt a strong evil energy emitting from the city where his mom lived. So he decided at check it out before reuniting with his mom.

Juuban City at night

Nine young girls in short skirts were fighting the most powerful enemy they had ever faced. They were all lying on the cracked concrete, bleeding from cuts, broken in spirit, out of energy and hope, all but one. Their fierce leader, future queen of the Moon Kingdom, and best friend, Eternal Sailor Moon.

She was barely standing and had just enough energy to only do that. Eternal Sailor Moon was scared. She knew it was over, they had failed, soon darkness would rise and they would die. Sailor Pluto had warned them and they had practiced after school at the Hikawa shrine every day. Sailor Mars had seen a fire reading and told them that in the end they would die. At first they tried to ignore it but now knew it was true.

When Sailor Pluto warned them that the enemies of the past were fused into one and brought back to life with some unknown magic that someone extremely powerful had cast. They were all shocked and just couldn't believe it. Their past enemies were the strongest they had ever faced and when they had fought them they almost lost their lives and that was just against one of them! How would they do with all three combined? But wasn't Galaxia rebuilding her planet? Pluto told them that this Galaxia had the evil heart she used to have. Every Senshi was confused.

Now they had fought it and it called itself 'Galaxia Pharaoh 99'. That thing was a woman and quite attractive, but she was evil to the core. The evil woman was 5'9 tall, dark purple hair, black eyes, and was wearing a robe that was all dark and in Super Senshi mode.

Eternal Sailor Moon couldn't believe it was over, all they had fought for was on the line; all the people that would die if they couldn't win, and the sacrifices they had made to ensure Crystal Tokyo existed seemed in vain.

She asked herself why. Why had they failed? They were the most powerful warriors in the universe. They were the Sailor Senshi the protectors of love and justice. They had the power of planets in them. How could they lose to evil?

"Oh the poor little Sailors can't fight anymore? Hahaha! Finally after a Millennium it is over! It's over for you stupid Senshi and the begging of our conquest! We start by getting rid of their leader!" Galaxia Pharaoh 99 said and dashed with awesome speed at Eternal Sailor Moon.

Eternal Sailor Moon was still standing and accepting their fate. At least they had fought with everything they had. She closed her crystal blue eyes with tears running down her cheeks.

Galaxia Pharaoh 99's kick struck the midsection of the future queen extremely hard. Time seemed to stand still for a second or two for the poor Sailor to cough blood. Then she was thrown with the force of the kick, her trajectory leading to some buildings.

Thankfully all the civilians had been evacuated from the destructive fight. The battle had destroyed many buildings, homes, and a few trees. With the civilians out of harm's way, the Sailor Senshi had fought with nothing them holding back.

Currently the leader of the Sailor Senshi was flying through the air and halfway to hit a building. There was nothing she could do but wait for the impact and probably die. She was about to hit when someone caught her.

Eternal Sailor Moon didn't expect to be saved by Tuxedo Mask. She was happy he had finally showed up and to save her. She felt save, warm, and knew everything was going to be okay. Moon looked up to the face of her future husband and what she saw did not correspond with who she wanted to see. She saw a handsome face with blue-gray eyes looking at her with concern and confusion. Then his arms wrapped around her upper body just a few inches from her breasts and lifted her. She blushed and would have pushed him off if she had the energy.

Ranma had used the Instant transmission to go where the evil chaotic energy was coming from. When he materialized he was tackled by a blonde girl in a ripped cheerleader dress. He saw she was seriously injured and had almost no energy, only just enough to stay alive.

He looked around and noticed that eight other girls were in the same condition as the blonde girl he accidentally saved. He took the girl in his arms in the way grooms carry the bride. The girl didn't struggle and he took her to a girl that was on the ground and starting to sit. The girl had short dark blue hair and sat looking at him and the girl he was carrying.

Ranma put the blonde girl next to the other girl that was sitting. Once he put her down he put his hands over her injuries and started to heal them. It was thanks to Dende that he was able to heal the girl.

The other girl couldn't do anything to help her friend/leader. It seemed whoever saved her was a pervert. She then noticed that the hunky stranger wasn't even touching her leader and the wounds were disappearing.

Eternal Sailor Moon started to feel re-energized. Her saver was pumping energy into her and she could also feel the pain going away. She looked up and just admired the stranger. He was definitely in the hunk category. But she was destined for her coward future husband Mamoru. She later felt the energy stop refilling her body.

Ranma stopped healing her and just gave her enough energy to move around. He looked at her and spoke "I only gave you enough of my energy to move around. You should probably help your friends," he pointed at the fallen cheer leaders. " Cuz they look horrible. I'm going take care of the evil creature," he said as he stood up from squatting next to the blonde girl he had just healed.

The blonde with the two pigtails got up and looked at her teammate. "Mercury stay here while I go gather the rest and bring them here," she walked over to her comrades.

Mercury nodded. It wasn't like she had enough energy to help to begin with. She looked at the hunky stranger as he moved to Galaxia Pharaoh 99. She had to warn him. "Stop!... You... Can't... Fight her... She is too strong!"

Ranma turned around and gave a lady killer smile. He turned back to his opponent an walked closer to it. Mercury blushed the definition of red.

"Why are you fighting your fellow friends? Aren't you in the same side, I mean you guys are wearing the same style of uniform," he asked.

"They are not my friends! Just because I happen to wear the same style of uniform does not mean anything stupid human!" said the attractive evil woman quite annoyed.

"Jeez! You don't have to be rude! You could just have said no!"

"Shut up human! Get out of my sight before I decide to kill you!"

"You wouldn't be the first person to say that and fail. Besides, why is a cute woman as yourself fighting for evil?"

Galaxia Pharaoh 99 blushed at the human's comment and at the same time was enraged. She was two thirds woman so the comment did blushed her, but one third was male and hated it. "I am the future ruler of the universe and your killer! Before I kill you, I want to know your name so I may write it on your tombstone!" she pointed at the annoying human.

"I am the servant to justice. The hero to all in need of saving. The light where darkness doesn't shine. My name is Ranma Saotome heir to the School of Anything Goes and master of other styles. But most importantly I'm your destruction!" he said his heroic speech in a way that would make The Great Saiyanman proud. He and The Great Saiyanman had teamed up to face criminals and when you hang around him too much his stupid speeches rub off. Ranma was known as the Great Saiyanman 3 and wore a similar costume to the first but his was red.

Moon had collected her fallen friends and all had awoken from their sleep. They had all heard their saver talk and explain who he was. They knew their speech was flawless, but his sounded with passion and greatness. Most had gratitude towards the guy but they doubted he could defeat the enemy. It would only be a matter time for evil to rise.

Two girls of the team were already under his charms. One was blonde, blue eyed, and wore a orange skirt with a red bow on her head. The second was taller than the rest of her friends, had brown hair tied in a ponytail, green eyes, and wore a green skirt. They had hearts in their eyes. It was the first time they had actually seen a hunk! A real hunk! Not just some pretty face or a good looking body, but a hunk! They knew he had to be theirs. Only one in a life time catch they thought. They were also scared that Galaxia Pharaoh 99 would kill him. But they had sudden faith in their future 'boyfriend'.

"Prepare to die you insolent human!" Galaxia Pharaoh 99 said as she moved at an increasable speed the Sailors had not seen. This only proved that they were truly out matched.

"Bring it! It's been some time since I had a punching bag and a cute one if I may add," said Ranma as he got into defensive stand and did the 'bring it' gesture with his hand.

'How dare he! He is dead!' thought Galaxia Pharaoh 99. She was moving fast and about to hit the stupid human with a quick punch that would surely kill any normal human. She was already going through her mind how to dispose of the body when her punch stopped and shook her out of thought. "How!? How can you stop my punch!?" she was wide eyed and just couldn't understand what happened.

"I am the best! And you're nothing compared to me!" said Ranma as he kicked her in the gut forcing her to depart.

By the sidelines the Senshi were in awe. The hunk had stopped Galaxia Pharaoh 99's punch like nothing and kicked her without even trying. Moon had used the power of the Ginzuisho to restore most of their power and fix the uniforms. She turned to Mercury "How strong is he?"

"Not that strong, the computer says he is weaker than us," Mercury answered.

"But how? Not even Jupiter can do that?"

"Don't know. It's just what the computer shows. Should we help him and where is Tuxedo Mask? He said he would be here in ten minutes but it's been over a hour," she knew the guy was always late, but this late was just unacceptable.

"No. We will help if he needs help and for the coward, I don't care," she said angrily and greatly disappointed.

Everyone was surprised by the way their future queen was talking about her 'Mamoru'.

Back to the fight.

"Is that it? I thought you were going to kill me," teased Ranma.

"You are dead stupid human!" Galaxia Pharaoh 99 said and once again went for the attack.

She started to throw punches and kicks but Ranma was just dodging all of them. Galaxia Pharaoh 99 became angrier and started to powered up to the new power that the wizard had given her.

She stopped attacking and backed a few feet way. "Now you will see my true power!" she started glowing in dark energy and her robes were changing. The darkness faded and a new form was standing. Her robe was now intensely dark, covering her body like a body suite and evil just radiated off her. "Behold the Ultimate Sailor Senshi form of Darkness. Now I will kill you!" she was tapping into the dark energy.

Galaxia Pharaoh 99 moved insanely fast. Ranma this time wasn't able to see her, but could sense her. He put his arms in an X to block the punch from hitting his chest. The force of the punch on Ranma's arms caused strong waves of winds to be created. When both fighters were in a standstill Ranma looked directly at his opponent and spoke " Not bad... For a girl! Now it's my turn to get a little more powerful!"

Ranma pushed Galaxia Pharaoh 99's fist off his arms and started to power up to SSJ.

Sailor Mercury's face had an expression that was worth billions. She was wide eyed; mouth open in shock, her body was trembling, and had a spark of hope.

The others looked at her in question. Sailor Mars decided to ask what was wrong with her. "Mercury are you feeling alright?"

Mercury looked at her and answered "It's... Unbelievable! Ranma I think that's his name is powering up beyond Galaxia Pharaoh 99's new power! I had to shut down the computer or it would have exploded!"

All the Senshi soon had the same expression, but to a lower degree. Then Sailor Venus spoke and pointed. "Look!" everyone looked and didn't know what to think.

Ranma's hair started to spike up changing to a golden color and pigtail got undone, eyes becoming teal, and his aura manifested in a golden glow. His muscle mass increased and his power had at least increased five hundred times. Even his skin color became lighter. Winds started to be created from the force of the transformation and chunks of rocks were being levitate, when he seemed to be done transforming everything returned to normal.

"Ready for round two?" said the newly transformed SSJ Ranma. He punched the air in the direction of the evil woman and the air pushed her several feet.

On the receiving side Galaxia Pharaoh 99 was asking itself how could this human became so powerful. How had he obtained so much power? Why were they weak after being fused together, and had a massive power up? "Who are you?"

"I am hope," he said cockily.

Once again all the Sailors were completely out of words. Except two of them but it took a while for them to speak. "Whoa! He is an angel!" said Sailor Jupiter loudly in delight.

"The hunk became...hunkier!" said Sailor Venus and almost started to drool. Those muscles displaying quite nicely underneath those clothes.

The other Sailors just ignored their hormone crazy companions. Moon turned to the Guardian of the Gates of Time. "Sailor Pluto have you ever seen anything like this?"

"Sorry princess, I have not," she said disappointingly.

"Guys... Maybe we should watch the battle," suggested Sailor Saturn.

Everyone did as suggested by the Senshi of Silence. They saw that Galaxia Pharaoh 99 was hitting the now golden haired hunk in the chest and he didn't seem hurt. He seemed rather bored?

"Are you guys seeing what I seeing?" asked Mars in total shock.

"If you mean the hunk letting himself get punched and not even flinch then yeah," answered Venus as she dumbly nodded.

The rest just nodded.

Sailor Uranus knew she was tough, but that guy was beyond her reach. That hurt her pride but accepted that the guy was incredible. Too bad he was a guy.

"Is that your best? I thought you said your 'Ultimate' transformation was going to kill me," Ranma teased again.

"You want to see power? Fine!" Galaxia Pharaoh 99 jumped back at least 25 feet and used her now materialized staff to charge a black attack.

"Oh? So you want to end this? For once and only once I agree! I was getting bored!" Ranma said and got in a defensive position while putting cupping his hands together and charging ki.

Sailor Pulto felt the energies of the two fighters increasing like crazy an decided to act. "Everyone run and take cover! The attacks from those two could kill us if we don't get away!"

The Senshi nodded and moved as fast as they could away from the battle. They all made it to the top of a far enough building that had a good view of the battle and surprisingly wasn't damaged.

"NOW DIE STUPID HUMAN! Galactic Wave Disintegration!" yelled Galaxia Pharaoh 99 while she fired her wave of dark energy.

"I don't think so! Final Takabisha!" yelled Ranma as his blue attack fired from his palms.

The two attacks collided and once in contact created a 50 feet wide crater and a depth of 30 feet. It created some winds that were so strong it seemed like a hurricane.

The Senshi felt the winds come and grabbed to the edge of the building with all their strength.

"Hang in there and don't let go!" screamed Sailor Moon. She had transformed to her weaker form.

Back to the fight.

"How can he still be matching us!" asked Galaxia Pharaoh 99 out loud. "That's it, FULL POWER!"

'Damn she doesn't give up that's for sure, but I can't let her kill anyone,' "I wished this would have turned out different! Wherever you go I hope you can find peace! Now it's OVER!" Ranma pumped huge amounts of energy to his attack resulting in his attack over whelming his opponent's.

His attack engulfed the evil woman and violently pushed her down several street blocks as it left a huge trench of destruction. The attack then arched itself up towards the night sky while still caring the woman. Then in a flash the attack exploded in the sky causing the night sky to seem like day time.

The Senshi were all incredibly amazed; wide eyed and mouth hanging at the destructive attack the hunk had done. When his attack exploded in the sky, they all closed their eyes at the brightness. When they opened them Galaxia Pharaoh 99 was no more and the battlefield was a mess. Saturn was glad she wasn't the only one with so much destructive force. Finally she wasn't alone! And didn't have to blow up the planet!

Buildings had been destroyed by the force of the attacks and winds. Few trees were still standing with a few branches hanging. The crater was huge and continued several blocks.

The Senshi then jumped down the building and ran towards their saver. Moon was in front of the others. They all stopped when they were five feet from him.

Ranma turned around and scratched the back of his head and spoke "I think I might have over done it. Sorry, but it was necessary," he smiled apologetically.

"We are the Sailor Senshi the protectors of love and justice. We are very thankful. You helped us destroy evil and if you ever need any help just call us. We can't thank you enough," Sailor Moon bowed mid way with the others Following right after.

"It was nothing really. Well I have to go," Ranma was about to take off when someone grabbed his hand and pulled him down. "Is there anything you hmph," he didn't get the chance to finish.

The Senshi in the orange skirt grabbed his hand before he departed, pulled him towards her and 'thanked' him with a passionate kiss. She was blushing profoundly.

Ranma was surprised one of the girls was kissing him. He could feel her tongue inside his mouth and playing with his tongue. He could also smell her honey aroma and her touch was smooth, very smooth. He stiffened and just couldn't return the kiss.

The other Senshi were surprised at Venus's actions; jaws hanging and wide eyes. But a brown haired Senshi was pissed. Venus had beaten her to the hunk. 'Damn it! If only I was ahead of her! I just knew she would do this! Damn it!' Jupiter thought.

Venus was in heaven. The hunk's muscles felt so good when her body pressed on his. Sure he wasn't responding, but it still felt great!

Ranma came to reason and put his hands on the blonde's shoulder and pushed her off. "What was that?" he asked in total confusion and blushing.

"That's my thanks to you for saving us. If you ever, ever want to have some fun just call me," Venus told with a wink.

"I-I-I have to go bye!" Ranma said still in SSJ and took off to the sky fast. His golden aura left a trail, but it faded in a matter of seconds.

Everyone was once again dumbstruck. The hunk could fly!

"Did he just fly?" asked Mercury.

"I think so. Anyways we should get going before the authority shows up," said Mars still in shock.

Everyone nodded.

Hikawa Shrine...

All the Senshi had de-transformed and were sitting around the table.

"Minako! Why did you do that, he was mine!" screamed Makoto semi-loud.

"I just couldn't let him leave without a proper thanks. Besides he is not yours!" answered Minako by yelling back.

"Girls calm down!" said Setsuna. "Thanks to him Crystal Tokyo is still secured," she was really relieved.

"Setsuna do you know where he came from?" asked Usagi.

"I have looked in the Gates but they show me just a little kid training with his father and years go by. Then he is an eighteen year old and fighting the pervert that steals woman's underwear and then nothing."

The girls felt a weird shiver at the mention of the perverted underwear stealer. Then the doors slid open showing an image of a small girl with pink hair.

"Hi guys!"

"Chibi-Usa what are you doing here?" asked her future mother, Usagi, in surprise.

"Just came back to see you guys. By the look on your faces I guess you met daddy!" Chibi-Usa put her hand on her mouth as quick as she said what she was supposed to not say.

"What do you mean daddy? Isn't Mamoru your dad?" asked Ami.

"Ummm... Huh.."

"Spill it brat! Or I might need to spank you!" said her future mother.

"Never! My lips are sealed!"

"Fine! If you tell us I'll take to an all you can eat," said Usagi to her future daughter and almost started to drool at her own idea.

"You promise!?"

"I promise."

"Pinky promise!?"

"Yes! Now spill it!"

"Okay, I will only say it once so pay attention!"

Everyone nodded around the table.

"Ranma is my true dad. He and mom and you guys" once again Chibi-Usa put her hands on her mouth. 'When I get back I'll be in so much trouble,' she thought.

"What do we have to do with this?" asked Ami already having an idea then blushed.


"Chibi-Usa, please tell us and I will buy you some ice cream next time we go to the parlor," said Minako.

"Okay I will tell you, but if anyone interrupts it's over and no more questions! Got it?"

They nodded again.

"All of you guys will become daddy's wives making me your daughter in a way,"

All the Senshi didn't not expect this. They wanted to ask more questions but if they did the conversation was over.

"You guys will fall in love with daddy. Michiru and Haruka will fall in love with him too and with his cursed side."

Wait, what? The two lesbians in the group will fall in love with a man and to his curse side? Every straight Senshi thought.

"Don't worry it's not bad. Daddy turns into... Never mind I will let you guys find out. If you guys ask me a question I won't answer got it and Setsuna the gates won't work if you're planning to search for more Intel. Your future self blocked it. Anyways, it's kinda late. We should get going,"

"WHAT! How can he be your dad! My future self and Mamoru said we are your parents!" screamed Usagi.

Chibi-Usa started to sniff, her mom was being mean.

"Really? We become his...wives?" asked Haruka.

Chibi-Usa nodded.

"Pppuuffffff. HAHAHAHA! That's...the...biggest...bull...I...have...ever heard! HAHAAH. Ouf!" she had been elbowed by her lover Michiru. Michiru then leaned and whispered to her lover. "Look your making Chibi-Usa cry. No race car movies for a week," Haruka grumbled.

Chibi-Usa wanted to cry. Her future mothers didn't believe her and they were being rude. She then felt an arm go around her shoulders.

"Please don't cry. It's just very...hard to believe," said Ami with a smile.

The little pink girl couldn't help but smile. Her mother Ami was always very supportive.

"Chibi-Usa?" the pink hair girl turned to face Hotaru. "How is it that we marry him?" she blushed.

"Can't say anything else or I might affect the future and I have already said too much. Sorry," she looked down.

Rei was stunned at the information, but couldn't help to think about the hunk. For once after she had given meatball head Mamoru she was think of another man.

"I think we should go its late and we need to rest," stated Ami.

And so they all went to their prospective homes with lots of questions and some with excitement. When they went to sleep some had dreams involving their future husband. While Haruka was sleeping on the sofa and missing her sweet lover. Setsuna was at the Gates and couldn't access any Intel on the future anymore. Damn, could what little lady said be true? She thought and returned to her bed, as she started to drift to sleep she was thinking why her future self would prevent her to look in the Gates? It's not like she was planning to attack their savior because she couldn't get a proper view on his life or how the Gates didn't work properly to see the future? It's not like she would attack him every time she had a chance. Okay fine, she had planned it, but he was stronger than them, so it wouldn't help.


Ranma was flying over the partially destroyed city and had returned to base form. He was flying to his mother's house. Damn he had not expected the blonde girl to kiss him. But he had to admit her kiss was absolutely awesome.

He was flying over houses when he spot it. Yes that was his mother's house alright and her ki signature too. Although her ki seemed sad, depressed and alone. Ranma could read what she was feeling and it ate at him. She was at home alone and with those feelings. Where the Hell was his pop!?

Ranma landed in front of the door and knocked several times. He noticed his hair was undone and tied it back into a pigtail. It was really late at night, his mother must be sleeping. He was about to go when he heard the door unlocking and saw a small opening between the door.

"Who is it?" asked a woman and by her tone of voice she was alert and fairly tired.

"Mom it's me, Ranma."

"Stop your lying! My son died two years ago! Whoever you are leave!"

"Mom I'm not dead. Open the door and look at me. I promise to go if you're not satisfied, you have my manly word," he sounded serious.

Nodoka closed the door and unlocked all the locks. She was getting a weird feeling. When she opened it fully she saw her son. She was wide eyed and just couldn't believe it. At first she stretched her hand to touch him and then ran to him.

"My manly son!"

She rushed and hugged him with all her force. She could tell when she opened it that the young man standing there was definitely her son. He smelled like her son and he was as strong as he was.

"Mom...I...can't...breathe," Ranma said it between breaths, but was extremely glad to see his mom.

"Sorry son it's just that I thought you were dead. Cologne wrote me a letter saying that you were dead. The Tendos kept it a secret but thanks to Cologne's letter I discovered their lies," she was crying furiously while sounding happy through her fast pace.

"Mom can we go in. It's late to be out," he suggested.

"Of course son, come," Nodoka dragged her son by the arm to her house. Her tears were pure happiness.

Nodoka wiped her tears with her hand. "Ranma where have you been all these years? I have been worried sick. I cried when I learned you were dead for weeks. And why haven't you aged?" Nodoka once again went to her son and hugged him tight and tears of joy running free. They were sitting in the large living room on the large sofa.

"Mom I'm not going anywhere so you can stop hugging me to death." Nodoka let go and went to her seat on the chair.

"Mom I never wanted to go. But stupid Happosai cast some kind of spell on me and I ended up in a different world," Ranma let the information sink into his mom and continued. "There I made new friends and got really strong, beyond my imagination. We fought alongside and defeated an evil creature. Thanks to them we gathered some dragon balls and I made the wish to return here. That's about the summery of where I was," he stopped and let that sink again into his mom and continued. "As for why I haven't aged. I have aged, but when I returned I was again my current age when I left this world. I still need to figure it out."

Nodoka as dumbstruck. Her son had been fighting in another world and when he came back he was the same age as he left. But what about his studies. "Son, tell me did you go to school in the other world?"

"Yeah I didn't have a choice," he sighed. "Bulma and Gohan helped me enroll in high school and made me study with no mercy. Thanks to them I always came second to Gohan in tests and sometimes we tied," he chuckled at the inhumanity he suffered under does two.

Nodoka was surprised. It seemed like nice people took care of her son and educated him. "I'm glad and if I ever meet them I will thank them. But now you are back and need to finish school here,"

"Mom please no! Once was bad enough, but twice!"

"Ranma! Don't scream in the house and especially to your mother!"

"Sorry, it's just that I can't stand school. But if it will make you happy I'll do it. Mom how about we go to bed and continue this tomorrow morning,"

"Your right son. Tomorrow I will call Juuban high. Now come let me show you to your room,"

And so the reunited son and mom went to their separate rooms and slept.

Somewhere in Hell...

A beautiful blonde demoness was heading to her boss's office. She was wearing a full black tux, with a cape and had a few red markings on her face. Mara didn't have good news. The boss's plan had failed. She was scared and didn't want to face an angry Hild. She walked pass the secretary and into the office. Once inside, there was a dark skinned beauty typing into her keyboard.

Hild looked up at her employee. She was waiting for the good news. "Mara, so the plan was successful?" she asked.

Mara was sweating and panicking "No. The plan was a failure..." she said in a low voice.

Hild stood up and slammed the desk. "WHAT! How could those idiots fail? I fused their essence and granted them power! How could those weakling Sailors beat my creation?" screamed Hild.

"Boss, it wasn't the Sailors that beat your creation," she squealed the answer and was still panicking.

That got the ruler of Hell's attention. "Who destroyed them?"

"We don't know much about him. His name is Ranma Saotome and that's all the computer could show," she was somewhat scared.

Hild sat back on her desk and typed in her master computer. "Interesting, the system doesn't want to or doesn't not have any information on this mortal but his name. I want you to investigate and leave your current mission of stopping Belldandy's happiness."

"Yes, boss. But if I come across him, what do I do?"

"Destroy him. He might be a bit of a problem in the future and for you if he destroyed Galaxia Pharaoh 99. Now go and don't come back until your mission is complete!"

"Yes! Boss!" said Mara and walked out of the office.