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Chapter 31


That night the scouts had searched all over the battle zone for Ranma with no luck. Some called it off as it was late and if they couldn't find him by now maybe he did leave. Michiru however didn't believe he would walk away. Not him. He was too prideful to do that. But she did understand that searching for him on a exhausted state would prove to be worthless. Deciding to pause the search with the group, they left to continue until tomorrow or in this case, a few hours.

Rei arrived home feeling energized, but was worried about the Baka. How could he just vanish? Sighing she made her way up the wooden stairs. She sudden turned around when she heard her name. "Setsuna?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

Looking at the tanned woman, Rei was confused. "Sure?"

"Eventually the others will know but I wanted to tell you first." Taking a small pause she resumed. "The power inside of you-" Rei unconsciously placed a hand over her chest. "is the Heart of Mars. To be precise it's an extension of its core."

"…Incredible." Rei was more than just surprised, she was overwhelmed.

"Yes. However, how it's on Earth is beyond me."

"What do mean?"

Walking closer to Rei, Setsuna summed her staff. From the staff she managed to manifest some visuals. "The extensions or Hearts were extracted from the main magical core of the planet, yet remained with the core due to the inability of their use. No one, including the Queen of Mars could use it. Which means-"

"They were still in the core when the kingdom fell."

"Exactly." Nodding she continued. "If the Heart of Mars is here, it means the planet is alive. This revelation is extremely important as it may play a major part in the future." Sensing Rei's questionable facial expression, she decided to back away from speculating. "Anyhow, after the discovery of the core extraction process many tried and succeeded. However, same result. No could wield them."

"Then how was I able to use it?" She wondered due to Setsuna's remarks.

The green haired stopped to think about it. "I don't know."

Rei sighed, she really hoped Setsuna could shiny some light into this power. "Then does that mean each Senshi has a Heart?"

"No. Usagi and myself don't have one, and I'm not sure if the rest do. You must understand that back then some of the rulers were secretive, but remained loyal to the Kingdom." Rei opened her mouth, but Setsuna quickly continued. "But enough of that." Turning towards the stars she said. "I wonder if the Queen of Mars had a vision of what was to come. That would be one explanation of how your Heart ended here on Earth." Giving her attention to Rei she smiled and turned around. "Now that you know I need to see if it's possible to track your boyfriend."

Rei blinked a couple times in confusion and stared at the green headed woman's back with a slight blush. "He's not my boyfriend!"

"Sorry. I meant to say fiance." Smiling she disappeared.

Having learned about her new power, Rei swept the shrine. It had taken her a while to calm her mind due to the new feeling inside her. Placing a hand over her chest she let a small breath out. "Cant believe a piece of Mars is inside me". Staring at the passing clouds she smiled. Clenching her fists she dropped the brume. "I'm finally stronger than that Meathead! Hahaha!" She declared her victory to the sky. Of course, as a Senshi she would have to be modest in front of the Princess.

But more importantly where is Ranma? Looking at her feet she couldn't help but feel sad and useless. Sure Setsuna had told them she would use the Gates to locate him and that this plan was more productive than having to search all over the city. Turning her attention towards an older couple pass by she wondered if she really liked him. Was it puppy love that she felt or plain attraction? Surely she couldn't be falling for him in just a few weeks of sort of knowing him. Plus there was the engagement. Shaking her head she decided to finish sweeping the front and go look for him.

Sometime Earlier

Entering the Cat Café the elder Amazon was carrying a body multiple times her size over the shoulder. "Shampoo! Get the guest room ready!" she yelled as she continued her way. Entering the room Cologne couldn't help but see her great-grand daughter's face of expression. "Help me lay him into the bed". In shock Shampoo could only nod. Setting him down Cologne left the room in search of medical remedies, leaving the young couple alone.

Shampoo finally allowed her tears to flow. Aggressively placing her head on top of his half exposed chest she whimpered. "You're alive! You're alive!" Sinking into his chest she felt a hand over her shoulder.

"There will be time for a reunion with son in law. Now we need to help him recover". Moving her head away Shampoo noticed the torn clothes and several cuts with dried blood. "Yes great grand mother".

"Here, give him this to drink while I treat him with our 3000 year old Amazon traditional herbs". Nodding Shampoo took the green glass, popped the wooden lid open and began feeding it to her husband.


As the body began to wake up he saw an unfamiliar ceiling. Even the scent in the room was strange but there was a tasty scent to it. Feeling some pressure next to him, he moved his head to the left. 'Who is-' Opening his eyes wide open he immediately recognized the figure.

"Good morning son in law. Glad to finally see you, even if it is in these conditions". Smiling she hooped over to his right side.

"How did you find out?!" With voice of concern and question he asked.

"Massive amounts of strange energies have been originating from Japan. Let's just say I had a hunch you might be involved. But tell me, how did you survive Happosie's forbidden attack?" Intrigued Cologne starred at Ranma's eyes.

With sigh he said, "Look old Gould.." He immediately got hit on the head. "Tsk, hurts as always".

"Watch your naming towards me. Should be grateful I rescued you from the rumble".

"Fine. When he used the summing technique, the energy warped me to another world. Thankfully there's a magical dragon that can grant wishes and I used one to return". Feeling the old woman's hand on his forehead he looked annoyed. "Stop that!"

Slightly jumping back she said, "Making you're not running a fever".

"Jeez, I would think you of all people should be used to this".

"Well now, now son in law, you should keep your voice down if you don't want to wake her up".

Looking over at Shampoo he quickly stayed silent. "By the way, I'm surprised you haven't asked for food".


"It's been one day since I brought you here".


With the loud noise the blue haired Amazon began to stir. "Airen?" she asked with a sleepy voice.

Ranma tensed up, he didn't know what was going to happen.

Lifting her head she meet a pair of blue eyes. Realizing he was awake she quickly moved her upper torso that was lying on the bed to hug him. "Airen!" she cried tears of emotional distress and happiness. "Yo-you came back!"

Hugging him tightly Ranma could feel the air leave his being. "Sha-Shampoo…I can't breathe". Turning to a shade of purple he managed to slip out of the embrace and roll a few feet away from the bed. 'I need to get outa here'.

Seeing the boy stepping away from them and creeping towards the door she said, "Not so fast son in law. I won't let you go so easily". Jumping off her new staff she grabbed it and pointed it at him. "Not escaping after we found you".

'Crap'. He knew he had to run away but his injuries were still healing. Apparently he had taken more damage than he first thought.

"Airen". Shampoo said softly to herself with pain backing up the word.

Seeing the strong sun light enter the room he got an idea. "Hate to admit it, but you got me". Cologne raised an eyebrow. Walking towards them he let his guard down, hopefully his body language would be enough of a bait. "There's just something I gotta say first". The Amazons looked at him in confusion. "Solar Flare!"

As the light in the room died both women rubbed their eyes. They attempted to open and with some attempts they regained some sight. "Darn that son in law of mine!" She said with annoyance and feeling proud of the boy.

Shampoo quickly jumped to her feet and dashed towards the open window. She was about to leap when the voice of her great grandmother stopped her. "Stop child!" She turned her head to see Cologne bounce towards her. "Why great grandmother? I still can catch husband."

Looking down with her eyes closed she shook her head slowly. "I fully understand your motives, but going after him will only create distance." Seeing Shampoo step away from the window she continued. "This doesn't mean we will give up." She bounced over to the bed and took a seat. "Come, join me."

Shampoo took a seat beside her and stared at the wooden floor. She felt a hand under chin raise her head to see her great grandmother. "Don't be sad child." Cologne wiped a tear away from her beautiful grandchild with the back of her finger. "I know you love him, but you must be patient." She giggled slightly to herself. "We know how son in law is." Smiling she jumped off the bed and onto the wooden stick. "In order for him to acknowledge the marriage, we must learn from the past." Turning towards the clock in the room she knew it was time to open the restaurant.

Sailor Mars had been looking for the pigtail for sometime now and to her surprise she met with a couple others that were doing the same. Taking a break in their civilian forms they walked towards downtown. Sighing Makoto let a feeling of disappointment. "We've been searching for him all day and nothing. Hate to think anything bad happened to him".

"Don't say that". Minako looked at the ground. "We will find him." Turing to Rei she asked, "You've been quiet for sometime. I know you well enough to know you're going over something".

"Its just I don't understand how he could've disappeared. We can rule out him running away".

"Yup! My fiance would never run!"

"Shut it Makoto".

Makoto stuck her tongue out at Minako.

"Yes, it is strange. We were all caught up in the fight".

"I'm sure it was just us in the area". Rei stopped as Minako got in front of her and Pointing at her. "You have to tell us how you transformed!"

"Like I said at the meeting, I don't remember the specifics. I just wanted to protect everyone and needed the strength to do it. Then out of nowhere I felt-" looking at her hands she continued. "At peace, as if there was nothing I could to do. It felt so normal. It was as if it was first time becoming a Senshi but stronger, way stronger". Looking at her friends she gave them a little smile.

"Ugh, here I was hoping you could help us". Minako hung her head in disappointment.

"Yet thanks to you there's a chance we might have a Heart and a smaller probability of them being somewhere in the planet."

"True Makoto, but we cant forget that the planets could be alive." Clapping her hands together Minako went to fantasy land. "Imagine, being able to travel to Venus." The two girls ignored their friend. Even if the Planets were alive, the technology wasn't advanced enough for planetary travel.

Arriving home Ranma climbed through his open window. Taking off his upper and torn Shinto attire he noticed some type of leafs stuck to him. Peeling one, about the size of his fist from the abdomen, he understood that the Amazons had been taking care of him instead of shipping him to China. Grabbing a towel and clothes he decided it was time for a shower where he would remove the rest of the leafs.

Michiru had just returned home from hours of search. She knew Setsuna had the right idea but there was no way she could abandon Ranma. She owed him so much, plus Auntie would worry. Or so she told herself. Passing by the bathroom door she heard some whistling. Stopping she recalled Auntie was not home. Her heart jumped a bit. Was it an intruder?! Placing her ear to the door she didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, just someone whistling a somewhat cheerful tone.

On the other side, Ranma was soaking in a hot bath trying to stay cheerful with anticipation of what was to come. Oh he knew perfectly well that his life was on a ticking bomb. Sighing he got up deciding it was time for some food.

Outside the door Michiru was standing just by the edge. In a good position to whack this intruder on the face with a wooden baseball bat. Seeing the door crack open she got a good grip of the bat. Seeing the form slowly walk out she was about to swing when she realized who it was. Dropping the bat she jumped to give the form a hug.

"RANMA!" Her voice was joyful. Taking a step back she couldn't help but laugh gently. His facial expression was hilarious.

Ranma so confused. "Hey there Michiru. What's up with the bat?" He took a quick glance at the bat and back to her.

"Hehe, don't worry about it". Smiling she asked, "Where have you been? I've-" she blushed a bit. "The group has been looking for you".

Ranma was taken back by her smile, she was so cute. It never really occurred to him how the woman in front of him really was. To think of it, this was the first time he had seen her this happy. It felt…good. As he opened his mouth his stomach spoke. Embarrassed he began to scratch the back of his head. "Sorry, I'm a bit hungry. Did mom leave something?"

Shaking her head she was about say something when her own stomach growled. Blushing she said, "Guess we both need to eat." 'Now to think of it, I didn't eat breakfast'. As soon as she had woken up she had gone to look for Ranma.

After Michiru had cooked a few serving of food she just couldn't believe how he could eat the way he did. It was more like animal eating. But he did try to eat like civilized person here and there. He really must've been hungry'.

" Wow! I know-"*munch* "I've said it many-" *munch* "times but your cooking-" *munch* "is really incredible". Michiru was about to stop him from talking while eating but she did enjoy getting complemented. "Thank you Ranma but please try to hold conversation while eating".

Drinking a glass full of water he set it down. "Sorry".

"I'll let it fly this time, go it". Ranma shivered, her words were a lot heavier than usual. She must mean it. "Now, tell me where have you been?"

Staying quiet for a few seconds he was debating to whether to tell the truth. He felt like he trusted her so he did.

"Are you serious?" asked Michiru after letting him finish.

"As serious as you being a Senshi".

"So you really are married". Her voice seemed to sadden. "Then why even the engagement?!"

"I'm not! It's all their idea, I don't want anything to do with them! You've got believe me!" Raising his voice he stated firmly as he moved up from his seat.

"I do, just calm down". With a concerned look Ranma sat back down. "Why the face?"

"You believe me?"

"You haven't given me a reason not to". Taking a sip from her tea she added, "You do realize the others will want an explanation".

A sweat drop ran down his face. "Crap".

"I suggest you might not want to tell them about your Amazon wife".

"She's not my-" he raised his voice but stopped when he noticed the laugh.

"I'm teasing. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it". She had her eyes closed with a smile and waving her hands in front of her in a apologetic way.

Sighing he smiled a bit. 'At least someone is having fun'.

Entering the giant mansion Nodoka gasped at the beauty of it all. The yard was huge with trees and small bushes well organized for presentation. As they got close to the actual door of the building there was a artistic fountain with water running down its circle shape. The fountain also provided a roundabout for traffic.

Having her door open by the chauffer she smiled and thanked him. On top of the steps Mrs. Kaioh was waited. "Welcome to my home!" she walked down the few stairs to greet. "Please follow me". They made their way inside.

"Your house is very beautiful".

"Thank you. It has been in my husband's family for many generations". Arriving at the destination Nodoka was in awe. "What do you think? Isn't it lovely!"

"My this is incredible!" The room was huge with decorations hanging from wall to wall. Employees were still setting up some tables and flowers. Even the curved stairs that lead to the next level of the mansion were covered with flowers and silky white cloth.

"It will be our anniversary. Thirty years of marriage, can you believe that?"


"Thank you! It has been a rocky journey". Taking in the sight she turned to Nodaka. "Hope my Michiru will come. Surely you'll be able to conscience her".

"I'll do what I can".

"That's all I needed to hear". Smiling she guided Nodoka further into the mansion.

Haruka entered the new restaurant she had heard so much about. According to a few magazines this was the place for some great okonomiyaki. Moving to an open seat by the actual grill she looked up to read the menu.

"What can I get you sugar?"

Turning to the voice she instantly noticed the cute chef. "Can't decide. All looks so good". She gave the chef a warm smile. "What do you recommend?"

Ukyo placed a finger to her chin. "Well, it all depends on your tastes". Seeing how the blonde hadn't said anything she continued. "The best seller right now is octopus".

"If you recommend it, I'll have one".

"Coming right up!" pouring the batter into the grill she noticed the blonde didn't have an Adam's apple. "How was your day?"

"Now it's a lot better. What's your name?"

"Its Ukyo. Yours?" she flipped the grilling pizza.

'Guess she doesn't trust me too much. Of course we just meet'. "Haruka Tenoh and if I'm not mistaken you own the restaurant?"

"That's right. This is my restaurant where only the best okonomiyaki in all Japan is served". Pulling a plate she carefully placed the pizza.

"A bit confident aren't we". Grabbing the fork and knife she began to eat the dish. "Wow! This is amazing!"

Ukyo crossed her arms with the spatulas on hand. "There's no other taste like Ucclllhans!" Fire works seemed to be exploding in the background of her statement.

While chewing the food Haruka said, "Indeed". Swallowing the food she took a drink of water. Raising an eyebrow she didn't recall ordering water. However from the corner of the eye she noticed a cute waitress serving drinks. Shrugging her shoulder she smiled at the cute sight in front of her. "What made you open in Juuban?"

"Well, there aren't much okonomiyaki restaurants around here. Saw an opportunity and took it".

"Smart". Giving her watch a look she said, "Seems this is where we say goodbye". Standing up she winked at the chef. "I'll be back soon".

Ukyo blushed lightly. "Thank you for coming!" She bowed her head lightly.

In the Masaki backyard Ranma was sitting cross legged on the green grass. He meditated with the sol purpose of unleashing energy. He could feel his energy deep inside, but just couldn't access it no matter how hard he tried. Becoming anxious and unaware of his surrounding his ki was creating small waves of wind but were steadily becoming violent.

Michiru happened to finish up her studying and stretched her arms high. Turning to her sliding door near her balcony she noticed a small breeze entering. It felt so good to have fresh air blow in. Noticing the curtains dance she kept an eye on them. 'Uh?' Soon right after the curtains were flying and paper was scattering all over the room. "What in the WORLD!?"

Walking up to the entrance she looked down and wide eyed her eyes meet the origin. "RANMA!" Her voice was not strong enough to reach. Running down stairs she reached the backyard entrance. Opening the door she went flying back. Using the elbows she lifted her self up. "I have no option". Transforming she managed to fight the wind. Using her arms to make an x in front of her face she reached him. She tried to talk to him but wouldn't respond. "I'm sorry for this!" Using her Deep Submerge she managed to knock him towards the concrete wall and activating the curse.

"Uh? What happened?"

Returning to her civilian form she walked up to her. "Are you okay?" She stretched her hand towards the wet girl. She also noticed the hard nipples penetrating the red shirt. There was an immediate blush.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But did I do this?" She looked around the yard and it was a disaster. Plants rooted out, the tree almost naked, and patches of grass missing, specially where the meditation had taken place.

Scratching her head she laughed. "Mom is so going to kill me!"

Michiru laughed lightly. "Guess I'll be free from the contract sooner than I thought".

A question popped on Ranma's head. "Why did you do it?"

She looked at her with a somewhat neutral expression. "I have my reasons". Seeing the redhead look unsatisfied she continued. "But if we hurry there's a possibility to clean all of this".

Suddenly a ring sound came from the front door. Ranma tensed and her pigtail rose straight high.

"I'll go get the door. You do what you can". Michiru quickly blurred out. Opening the door she was meet by the three Inners. "Oh hey there guys."

"See you haven't been sleeping either." Rei spoke, then she noticed a red pigtail pass by. Not really caring who that was, she resumed her attention to Michiru. "We were wondering if you've heard anything about Ranma."

"Actually-" She was cut off by a voice behind her. "All done!" Announced a young and cheerful female voice. Turning her head Michiru took notice of the redhead while the others peeked their head to see who that was.

Walking towards the door Ranma looked surprise to see them. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Who are you?" Asked all three girl.

'They don't recognize me from the battle?' "I'm Ranma's cousin."

"You're his cousin!?" The three blurred out.

Makoto was suddenly in front of Ranma. "Pleasure to meet you!" 'Great! If I can get close to her, getting to Ranma should be a piece of cake!'

Minako and Rei had a sweat drop run down their face.

For Michiru she wondered why Ranma didn't want them to know. Thinking about it he did put a resistance when she had found out his cursed form. "She has been staying here."

Waving at the smaller girl Minako walked past Michiru and slightly tilted her head down. "Hi I'm Minako, that's Rei-" The black haired girl waved. "-and you've all ready meet Makoto. What's your name?" She stretched her hand out.

Stretching her hand Ranma said, "Uh. Uh, Ranko! My name is Ranko!" She cutely announced as she shaked the blonde girls hand.

"Right. Well would you all please come inside to the living room."

"No, it's okay. We need to meet with Usagi shortly, but thanks. Um, so do you have news about Ranma?"

Ranma looked over at Rei noticing the maiden sound worried about him. He or she felt her heart pumped a bit faster. Turning to the other two girls she also saw a worried look on their face and deeply paying attention.

"Hes actually already 0home." The girls jumped a bit and Ranma looked tensed. "But he left not that long ago." She saw Ranma breath out.

"When, what, how-"

"See he uh was buried under the rubble and later came home!" Ranma said as she held one finger up high.

"How do you know?" Rei asked. "Well we share everything." Ranma laughed weakly.

'Interesting.' Makoto smiled. Suddenly their watches began to beep. The Inners looked at each other.

Covering their watch they walked towards the door next to Rei and Michiru before bowing their heads. "We have to go, but at least we know he's okay." Both Minako and Makoto nodded with a smile.

"It was a pleasure to meet you Ranko. Let hang out sometime." Makoto said as they walked away while waving goodbye.

Walking away Rei looked back for a second. 'Have I seen her before?'

Closing the door Michiru looked at Ranma. "Why didn't you want them to find out?"

"It's not that I mind. It's just…this curse-" she closed her hand and closed her eyes reliving old painful memories. "has brought me trouble and I don't want any."

"I wouldn't call it a curse. But if that's what you want." She smiled at Ranma. "I will respect your decision."

Ranma was surprised. She couldn't believe how different Michiru is. Anyone else might have tried to take advantage. "Thank you."

"Uh? For what?"

"Nothing." She said under her breath.

Usagi waited for her friends at the local park wearing her casual clothes. She yawned as she threw her head back on the bench. Her friends were taking forever. Looking at her watch she complained. Looking around the park she noticed all the children playing without a care for the world. All they cared for was play.

Lifting her watch to her eyes she was very tempted to call her friends. But didn't and slowly lowered her arm. "If I knew they were going to take this long I would've brought something to eat."

Rei, Makoto, and Minako finally made their way past the park entrance. "Think she'll still be here?"

"I hope so. Otherwise I'm not going after her." It wasn't that Minako would mind chasing her friend. It was because she was sleep deprived and low on energy. After all, searching all over the city for him was exhausting, but that search was now over.

The three entered the park with eyes searching for their friend. While walking they noticed not many people were gathered in the area as past visits. Perhaps it had to do with the resent attacks. Knowing this could be a possibly the girls felt guilty. They were failing the city they swore to protect.