The Fruits of His Labor

Hey everybody! I just had this idea in my head for the past three days! I hope you enjoy! This is just a preview. I want you all to tell me how it is. If I should go further with it.

"Come on Nina!" An eleven-year-old Naruko yelled as she was running through the forest. The newly transformed Chimera was tripping from the long hair on her head and back. Her fingers and toes were the length of a humans' making it difficult to run on all fours. "Slow down Chiron. Nina needs to catch up." The other Chimera slowed his pace. He was a lion from the head, the front legs and stomach. He was, however, a lizard from the hips, hind legs and the tail.

Naruko was running with the two once human creatures. "Oww," Naruko said as one of her small white wings got caught in the low-lying branches. She paused and saw the dogs coming ever so closer to her. She panicked and tore loose her wing. It hurt like hell but she didn't have time to stop and cry. Naruko let Nina pass her as she ran swiftly behind her.

Naruko was too late in the escape plan and it cost Nina her humanity. Chiron was the first to be transformed by the snake man, Orochimaru. Naruko was the last. After Nina mutated she was injected and her DNA finally reacted to the animal cells and wings shot from her back. Naruko swore that was the most painful experience she had ever endured.

Naruko looked back over her shoulder once more and saw the large dogs running closer and louder. She turned back around and saw a cave where Chiron was leading them. The blond saw how high up it was and looked back again. She really needed to stop looking back.

Naruko saw Chiron jump to the first rock. Then Nina jumped up after him, doing her best to scale to cliff side. Naruko didn't have the physical power due to her malnourished state. She tried to grab a foothold on the rock and pull herself up but it required too much energy; too much strength. She could not do it. She then looked back up at her companions; they were at the cave. They were both looking down at her roaring and mewing for the girl to hurry.

Naruko began to truly panic. Before she had a direction to run, a chance of escape. Now that was stripped from the young girl. She quickly tried to still her fluttering heart. She tried to calm her rapid breathing.

She saw there was truly no escape. She looked back once more.

I also want you all to realize that I have been working on slowing down my writing so I can become emotionally in-tune with the story I am birthing. Tell me how I've done!