Baka and Test: Bakas and Beginnings

I am going to keep my promise about making this but it may be short like 3-5 chapters maybe more. Again since I love putting in Oc's here's this story's.

Name: Joshua J. Adams

Age: Let's say 15 for this story.

Nationality: American

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, school uniform, carries a wooden sword, has a bento with tea, turkey, crackers, and fudge.

Best Subject: 1st Science, 2nd Math, 3rd German

Beast's Appearance: Same as the Oc's except the sword is steel and has a belt full of chemicals that cause small explosions.

Pairings: OcxMinami, AkixHimeji. I will add more later on. If you don't like that I got a tip for you. Look up something with the pairing you like! I will also take an Oc someone has come up with and incorporate it in the story and you can choose the pairing as long as it isnt OcxHimeji, Aki, or Minami (She's Mine!).



Fumizuki Academy

August 9, 2012

9:00 AM

It seemed just like any entrance exam day. Akihisa was getting almost every question wrong, Himeji wasn't even writing down her answers (She of course was doodling picture of Akihisa and her on a honeymoon with him enjoying her cooking), Minami was doing great in Math, but like a year before a student had fallen ill and was failed. His bag was taken to the infirmary. Akihisa had noticed an English to German book and a wooden sword.

"Why would someone bring an English to German book? We have a ton of Japanese and English books that are probably much more intresting." thought Akihisa.


"Oh well I guess I'll just have to worry about that later."

The next day in F Class.

"Attention students! We are getting a new student." announced Iron Man, "Please welcome Joshua J. Adams."

A boy with jet black hair, blue eyes, and a wooden sword entered the room.

"Hallo mein Name ist Joshua." said Joshua in German. Hello my name is Joshua.

"If anyone has any questions for him you can ask, but introduce yourself first." explained Iron Man.

Nearly everyone raised their hands.

"Who do you want to answer?" asked Iron Man.

"Nettes Madchen mit roten Haaren und gelben Bogen." said Joshua. Cute girl with red hair and yellow bow.

"I'm Minami Shimada. Are you from Germany?" asked Minami while slightly blushing.

"No I just speak that as a second language." explained Joshua. "Now guy with the red hair."

"Call me Yuuji Sakamoto. Why do you have a wooden sword?"

"I find that it fits with what my summoned beast looks like." said Joshua, "Hey Iron Man. Mind if I summon my beast in a science field?"

"You're new so yes." said Iron Man as he opened a field.

"Summon!" shouted Joshua.

Out of nowhere a little version of Joshua appeared in a cloud of smoke, but it had a belt full of chemicals and an iron sword. It jumped into the air and threw down a bottle that created smoke when it landed. After the smoke cleared, Joshua's Beast was gone.

"Where is it?" shouted a girl with pink hair.

"Wait for it," said Joshua, "When it comes back it may be a shock."

BBOOOMMMMM! Another explosion occured, but this time Joshua's Beast was there and above his head was the number...

"NINE HUNDRED!" shouted everyone in the class.

"Yeah, I'm a science guy." explained Joshua while rubbing his head.

"One more question." said Iron Man.

"What's his name?" asked Joshua while pointing at Akihisa.

"Akihisa Yoshii."

"Akihisa. What is you're question?"

"What is your nationality?"


"Okay. That's enough questioning." said Iron Man, "It is time for everyone to leave."

Wait for Chapter 2. There is gonna be a great Truth or Dare game.