"Goodnight...and goodbye."

Those were the last words they would ever hear from the outside world. Robbie stared at the blank television screen, unable to believe this was the end, though he always knew. His mind drifted back and he thought of the time he asked his dad what they were counting down to. He smirked bitterly, well, now they knew.

They huddled together in coats and blankets, usually in silence. It was hell, having to look at the others and see the look in their eyes. The look of fear, knowing, and anxiousness in each face. Even Baby seemed to understand now; he didn't joke or play as he often did. He sat with the others in silence and played with a toy now and then to pass the time.

Days passed and it always got colder, darker. Grandma Ethyl was the first to go. She froze to death in her sleep. Robbie watched as his dad took her out of the room before Baby woke up. He gritted his teeth and clenched his hand together. He remembered saving her on her 72nd birthday, from being hurled of the cliff and now she was gone.

As his father came back in a few minutes later, he saw a look in his eyes that he hated, a mix of grief, sorrow, and guilt. He swallowed hard, looking away. He wondered how their friends were doing: Spike, Uncle Roy, and Monica. He even wondered about Mr. Richfield who had gotten them into this mess in the first place.

A few more days passed and Baby began to get sick. Robbie couldn't believe this, first his grandma and now his baby brother? He remembered idly; back when everything was fine how his teacher talked about survival of the fittest. At the time he couldn't have cared, but now...it meant everything.

Baby looked at Robbie, sensing his feelings. He crawled out of their mother's lap and into Robbie's. "Why is Robbie sad?" he asked.

Robbie sighed, "I'm just a little down. " he said.

"About us leaving?"


"It will be okay." Baby said with such confidence that Robbie had to ask.

"How do you figure?"

"We'll still be together, Robbie said so." Baby said, looking up at him.

Robbie bit his lip as he stared down at his brother. He hugged him to his chest and smiled a little "yeah...that's right" he whispered. "We'll always be together." Always.