This is in response to a prompt I got from a certain Lady Phoenix Fire Rose. I must use these all in one story. Frannie bonus! It will all be in one large sentance! (With paragraph breaks of course)

1) Giant flying winged flaming sabortooth tigers.
2) Draco gets a pony, but first complains about wanting a pony after getting a racing broom.
3) Salazar Slytherin comes back to life and changes his name to Rumpelstiltskin
4) Madeye Moody takes up Tap Dancing and Opera.
5) Lily and James didn't die, they had just been turned into poodles.
6) Death Eaters change their uniform to bright neon pink tutus, pink bunny ears, hot pink heels and flower filled pink flower baskets.
7) All the Weasley children are girls.
8) Harry is betrothed to all the Weasley girls.
9) Grindlewald invented lemon drops.
10)The song It's the End of the World As We Know It

Salazar woke up and decided he needed a name change, so he decided he would try Rumpelstiltskin and so Rumplestiltskin went to see a Slytherin and he found Draco Malfoy flying around on a racing broom complaining about how he wanted a pony and not a wizard pony, a muggle pony cuz those are better, and then Rumpy went to see the Death Eaters and they looked ugly so he changed their uniform and soon all the death eaters were running around wearing tutus and bunny ears and heels and flowers in bakets, and Bellatrix had to be imperiod to do it, but everyone else was fine

and so then Rumpelstiltskin took his giant flying winged flaming sabertooth tigers to South Dakota where he went to Grindlewald's lemon drop factory and he took them to Harry's wedding where he was marrying Billie, and Charlotte, and Percia, and Fredi, and Georgia, and Roni, and Ginny who probably should have been a boy but oh well and Lily and James Potter, the pink poodles were there and Mad-eye tap danced while singing opera, and than he sang It's the End of the World As We Know It and then Rumplestiltskin died cause he had "enough of this madness" and Bellatrix stabbed him with her high heels. The end!