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Chapter Twenty Nine

Somehow, his sister and grandfather had missed the entire exchange.

He didn't care.

Hell, Team Rocket could come crashing through the door and he'd still be the happiest man on earth.

He'd always meant to make the first move, his teasing kisses on her cheeks and ears were all in good fun, and sort of his way of gauging how she felt. Well he'd gotten a pretty damn good idea, and he was elated.

Somehow, they both acted normal through the day; teasing and flirting like usual, and occasionally, if they could steal a moment, there was a little something else there. The scent he had picked up at the mall that week or so ago seemed to grow more as the day went by, each time alone making it grow stronger. It seemed to have the same effect as the pokemon move Charm. Well he didn't need charmed any more than he had been already this past month or so. She had him on a string.

He didn't realize what he ate for dinner, too busy watching her. Ash and Misty joined the fray that night with Delia for dessert, but he didn't really connect there either, he laughed and talked, but that night, when he found himself reclining on the couch with Eve in his lap sleeping, he couldn't recall any of it. He simply lay back and basked in the wonderful feeling he had, twirling some of her hair between his fingers, his eyes slowly closing in the warmth he felt.


He was always moving now, for two years he had hardly had a moment to relax. With Umbreon and the other two always on their guard, him adding his own perceptions which were becoming sharper as the years went by; they managed to stay just two steps ahead of their hunters.

Thinking this, he looked down at the Eevee beside him, freshly washed snow-white fur glistening in the sunlight as she trotted along over twigs, daintily picking her way around broken and weak branches, hardly making a sound. He was getting better at this himself simply by watching what she looked out for. The group moved almost as silently as the wind through the trees.

It was fall, but still warm. He wasn't looking forward to another winter out in the cold, but getting a hotel room or a room at a boarding house for travelers was too risky. They had spies everywhere.

It wasn't long before he found himself at a pond, different Pokémon floating about the surface and mixed in with the normal plant life. He sat down, taking out a testing kit to see how good the water was, as well as a small pot and burner to boil it down and make it drinkable. He never used fires anymore, they left a trail. His Pokémon went right to the water and drank while he waited for his, leaned back against a tree with his eyes closed. It was calmer here deep in the woods. Sadly, they also reminded him a bit of home, where he would sit under the trees in the Pokémon enclosures and nap or study them, writing notes on clipboards and such.

Gary was a long, long way from home now, had been for several years. Three years, to be exact. He hadn't contacted any one for the last two years and he knew they would be worried about him; but he couldn't put them in danger. He prayed they were alright, that his pursuers hadn't decided to snatch any of them for information as to his whereabouts. He hadn't even told them that during that first year.

Sighing again, the red head leaned forward to check the water, took it off the heat, and filled his two water bottles before drinking the rest after it cooled. Looking up at the sky he frowned, they had been in one spot for too long. They had to move.

Gathering his things, he and the three tiny Pokémon beside him got to their feet and headed off in search of shelter for the night, or else they'd be walking through it.


How had they caught up so quickly?

Gary huddled in a small cave hidden by brush, just barely large enough for him to curl up in a cramped position. Just hours before he had been relaxing deep in these forgotten woods, sitting beside a river watching a wondrous beauty bathe, completely taken by her. Then he had heard the motors down the river. Without a second thought, he had charged from the bushes back to his things to find Umbreon, Eevee, and Pikachu in a slight state of panic. He had grabbed his pack, Umbreon and Eevee skillfully hopping in as he did so, Pikachu clinging to his shoulder and in a matter of seconds; he was off, sprinting through the trees.

He didn't know how, but he had somehow lost them, and after crashing through a stream, he had found this little cave and slipped inside. Hours of running with little time to rest had him winded; so the tiny alcove in the cliff face of the ravine was welcome respite despite its cramped quarters.

The people driving by were firing haphazardly into every place they could find, probably hoping to nail him with tranquilizers and see him tumble out. He kept the Pokémon sheltered where the tiny little needles couldn't find them.

Then it happened so quickly, he had no time to react.

A Pokémon, one he never saw, ripped the brush from in front of the cave and shouts of success were heard all around him. He saw the glint of guns, and reflex had his hands and arms in front of his face to protect it. He felt needles puncture his skin down his arms and legs. He felt woozy almost right away, but had enough sense to realize moments later that he was enveloped in a purple light, and the shouts of anger faded to nothing as he and his little party were teleported away.

That was another thing about his little Eevee…. Not only was she solid white rather than sliver and gray, she knew how to teleport. He didn't know where they ended up, some cave far from their captors and from her frazzled, panting state; it was a very, very long way. He sat up against some mossy rocks and leaned his head back, panting again. He then set to work yanking out the tranquilizer darts.

They were very strange, about a quarter the size, a little wider in the canister, and each one had a different color fuzzed top. He'd been hit with these before, different colors every time, but the result was always the same; He reacted badly to the tranquilizer.

Groaning, he lay down, waiting for the fever, the delusions. He almost wanted them this time, to see that pale faced beauty that cared for him when he was like this. He knew she was simply a hallucination, but he couldn't help but want to see her again. There had been something familiar about the girl in the river… something enticing. Watching her gave him the same feeling he had when he saw his 'caretakers' face. He knew wanting to see her was bad, that eventually it would drive him insane, but right now, he didn't care.


He didn't know how long he had been lying there, but he'd been trying to reach his pack for what seemed like forever. Water, he needed water. Umbreon whimpered beside him, pulling the strap of the pack towards his trainer. Gary managed to grasp the pack, and pull it towards him, but untying it was a task. He didn't get very far in his attempt before he sensed someone beside him, and turned his head that way.

And there she was.

White hair tumbling over her slender shoulders, always clothed, it seemed, in nothing much more than a shawl. She reached over him and untied the pack, grabbing the water bottle. He reached for it, but she got up and walked away, leaving him weakly grasping at air. He vaguely heard the sound of it being poured out, and cried out softly; but she was back not long after and much cooler water touched his lips as she raised him off the floor so that he was lying in her lap, her free hand running through his sweat soaked hair. He relaxed, closing his eyes, signing his fate off to her.

'He's rather… trusting… is he not?' A voice floated through his head, deep and masculine. He opened his eyes to see someone standing beside where his mystery caretaker was sitting.

"Not at first." Was her reply; Ah, her voice calmed him so much… "He fought me the first time.

'What made him let you care for him?'

"He must have realized he couldn't care for himself. He got so bad that time, he could barely breathe…" Gary's brow furrowed a little, not only with the slight pain he felt, but confusion, trying to remember. Had he worried her that much? She seemed so torn up about that first meeting.

'I see…' the mysterious man said, pacing around Gary. He paused on the other side and leaned down. 'My little creation, how have you fared these many years?' Excited Pikachu babble came from Gary's right side. He watched the odd little pokemon waving his arms as he spoke to this man. 'Good.' The man said, straightening up after Pikachu was done. 'I am glad. My creations have scattered far and wide since I moved this place beneath the surface away from prying eyes that would seek it out, and I have worried about them. However, they seem to all have found people whom they can trust to care for them.' He moved around Gary again, the delirious young man following him, trying to see his face. 'I will see you soon, my young friend. If you need any help, let me know.'

"I will, thank you so very much." She said, and after he left, turned her attentions to the sick man in her lap, and began to sing softly. He fell asleep not long after, leaving her to her thoughts. She blushed furiously when she realized that not even a day ago, he had seen her in the river. The chase after had left her little time to be embarrassed until now. Letting herself blush furiously, she reached for a rag and gently patted his face dry, and after a moment, leaned down to kiss him softly.

"You'll make it through this." She whispered. "And when you wake up again, you'll think I was just a dream."

Oh how she wished he didn't… that he would believe that she was real, and always beside him.


Gary jumped slightly, scared awake, and frowned. Well that was a way to ruin the mood… he didn't want to think about his past, not about the strangely similar song Eve and the woman in his dreams knew, not about the mysterious man who had spoken with his caretaker.

He looked down as Eve shifted, noting her frown also. She turned her head to look up at him. "You okay?" She asked sleepily. He nodded.

"Yeah, just a dream." He said. "You?"

"Mmhm, had a funny dream too." She said, snuggling back down. He sighed and ran his fingers through her hair again, the only light in the room was coming from the tree, and he watched the blinking colors reflect off of her hair and in her eyes. Daisy and his Grandpa must have already gone to bed, all the other lights were off. Her left hand was resting on his side, and he was all too aware of it, even though his gaze was on her face. He still had his watch on, and she still had her locket on.

"I should go home." She said quietly after a few minutes, and his heart sank deeply at the thought.

"Nah, baby, its cold outside." He grinned, wrapping his arms around her. "Just stay here tonight, no one is gonna care." Eve giggled at his reference to the carol, but didn't budge, only snuggled into his arms. She too was far too comfortable and the thought of leaving had made her sad too.

She lay awake longer than Gary thought, and she listened to his steady breathing, looking up to see his face, relaxed and untroubled. She let her hand rest above his chest, feeling his heart beating beneath his shirt. He had come so far in the few months she had known him. Even from the start she had known they were tied together.

She thought about her dream, wanting to tell him if he asked, but afraid it wasn't a good idea. However, she heard him breathing deeply, and when she glanced up again, it was to see his face peaceful with sleep, a small smile on his lips as he held her.

Heart thudding wildly, hardly daring to believe she may have at last found happiness, Eve closed her eyes again and drifted off in the warm arms of her love.