Island of the Wolf


The quiet cool breeze brought with it a low wail-like moan. It made the fur on the back of my neck stand on end. The sound was nearly imperceptible to normal human ears, but I'd heard it as if I were standing in front of the cause.

I uncurled my body and stood up, shaking my fur out and lifted my head, pointing my nose toward the open ocean. I'd seen many boats pass by this island and fewer stopped to explore. But those who stopped left just as quickly as they set foot on the sand, no one stayed long after they'd gotten a good scare, and those who didn't leave on their own, would never leave at all.

I'd been ever so careful as to not let anyone see me…in any form. It wasn't allowed. Our tribal legends spoke briefly of the only she-wolf ever to be born, with fur silver as the light of the moon. Legends didn't say when this was to occur, but it had happened and here I was. I was brought to the island and left here alone, to fend for myself and to keep others from finding out the secrets of my people. We were simple coastal fisherman, with a penchant for unexplained happenings.

Anyone not of our tribe's descent that lay eyes on me were to be killed, the legends brooked no exception. I'd lost count after two full ships landed on the island several years ago, many died from exposure before I could get to them. The others, it was a grim task I was forced to undertake.

But one thing I'll never forget is the man…no the thing, if that was what it could be called, that I'd destroyed.

AN: Short and sweet prologue. Hope it has tempted you enough to want more. Let me know.