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Chapter Seven

(Van's POV)

I woke up that morning in a depression. When I opened my eyes, Hitomi was next to me, but I was the size of her nose. I had shrunk again. Hitomi was still asleep, so I didn't let my anger rouse her. She had a smile on her face, so she must have been feeling a lot better than she did last night. I ran the back of my hand across the bridge of her nose.

Eventually, her eyes blinked open. When she finally realized that I was in front of her, disappointment briefly ran across her face. But she smiled and me, none the less.

"Morning, Van."

"Good morning, Hitomi." I stood up on the pillow. "Did you sleep better last night?"

"Yes, thank you." She blushed and poked my chest.

Before I could say anything else, her mom called from downstairs. "Hitomi! If you're up, the vet called. Boofer's ready to be picked up!"

"Kay!" She called, her voice groggy. She lifted me to the table and commanded me to turn around while she changed.

I looked out the window as I changed myself, still being in clothes from the night before. "So, who's this Boofer?"

"My cat."

"You have a cat? You never mentioned it before."

"I never thought about it. He keeps to himself a lot. He's been sick for a long time."

"What's he like?"

"Feisty, grumpy, old, and fat."


"But he's my cat. I got him when I was little, so I can't help but love him."

"What's a vet?"

"A healer for animals."

"Alright…I thought you said there were no beast people on Earth?"

She paused. Then she began to laugh. "Because Boofer's not what you're imagining. You'll see soon enough."

Soon enough, we piled into the 'car'. This mode of transportation I was still getting used to. I had only ridden in one once before…which was yesterday. But I liked it much better than the subway. Hitomi sat in the front seat, and I on her shoulder.

Soon enough, we arrived at this 'vet' office. Inside, people sat in a waiting room with all sorts of strange creatures on ropes. Some panting, some hissing, some scratching, some whining. They all seem weird though, like nothing I had seen on Gaea.

After a little bit of waiting ourselves, a nurse came out with a blue box. It has a metal grate on the front and a handle on the top. Two green eyes glared out at me. I gulped.

"There we go, Boofer's all better. Aren't you sweetie?" The nurse turned to the creature in the box. A mournful cry elicited from the box in reply.

"I think he misses home." Hitomi grabbed the box from the counter and held it while her mom filled out some paper work.

With cat in possession, we were back in the car. Boofer's cage sat on Hitomi's lap while we drove. I slid down her arm and stood in front of the grate. The devilish eyes stared back at me. It made me slightly nervous and I moved away from the grate and sat on Hitomi's leg. Every few minutes I'd turn to see the cat staring at me, menacingly. This was not the kind of loving Creature we had on Gaea. Why Hitomi would house such a demon was beyond me.

I decided not to say anything to Hitomi or Boofer until we got home. Good thing too, I didn't want to make the monster any madder then it was. First thing we did when we got in, was set the carrier on the floor in the living room. I stood next to Hitomi as she undid the latch. The feline came strutting out and immediately I felt fear. I reached for my sword, but to my displeasure, it was upstairs, out of reach. Boofer stepped with poise and grace. His fur was stark white and his face looked like he had run head first into a wall. An ear was missing and his tail was bent in an odd way.

"Hey there kitty." Hitomi gently rubbed the cat as it purred…and scratched it's claws on the carpet. I gulped.

Even with one ear, the cat must have had really good hearing. Because his head turned abruptly and it's eyes narrowed on me. Not good. He started to come closer.

"Um…Hitomi?" I pleaded.

"It's okay Van, he's probably just curious."

"Curious about how I taste, I'm sure."

At that moment, Boofer crouched and raised his rear end into the air, shook it a little, and catapulted himself. (No pun intended.) I let out a squeamish squeak as I took off in a mad sprint. I had kept up in training for sword used and strength. Not endurance and speed. I made a mental note to start running with Hitomi if I got away from Boofer alive.

I ran in zigzags and curves, trying to out-run it. A plan suddenly hit me. It must have been from God. Boofer may have had speed, but I had size. I darted quickly under the sofa chair on the other side of the room. Boofer smacked into it face first and snarled at me. I huffed to let air get into my lungs. I thought I heard Hitomi yelling at the beast. I loved the girl, but she really thought he was going to listen to her? Suddenly, a giant white paw shot out and almost hit my leg. I drew myself into a ball and never wanted to hug Merle so much in my life. The shadow casted from the feline was removed, and Hitomi's socked feet replaced them.

"Bad Boofer! Van is our guest! You be nice to him." Why did she sound like she was talking to a small child? She left for a moment and then returned. "Van, you can come out now, I put Boofer in a different room."

"No thank you please. I'd rather return to my Kingdom at the end of the month then be remembered as the king that was killed by a household pet."

"It's okay Van, we'll keep Boofer away from you. Eventually, he'll get bored and stop."

"I'm good. Besides, there's stale 'potato chips,' 'popcorn,' and 'cheerios' for me to survive on."

"That's disgusting."

"On second thought, I think I'll fly everywhere." I cautiously snuck out and looked around. The coast was clear. Hitomi held her hand out for me and took me back up to her room. To safety.

She set me down on the desk. "I'm sorry Van. Mom says even though I have a guest, I still have to do my chores. You can just hang out in here. I can pull up 'Star Wars' on the computer if you want to watch it."

"I don't want to be a burden. Please, can I help with your chores? I know I can't do much."

She pondered a moment, then a light bulb appeared above her head. She sped out of the room, and then returned just as fast as she had left. She held up an white stick with cotton on both of the ends. "My mom's been nagging me to dust off my desk. That shouldn't be too hard for you, right?"

"Psh, I can handle that. What's this called?" I asked taking the utensil.

"It's a Q-tip. We use it to clean our ears, and sometimes other things like between tiles or window ledges."

"Another useful device."

"Watch out Gaea, here comes Fanelia's newest export." She muttered. A devilish smile came over my face at the thought of all the money it would bring in.

I got to work as she left. A few minutes had past and I had dusted around the 'computer'. I heard the door creek open and turned to see if it was Hitomi. My heart stopped when I saw Boofer slide in. I looked around the desk, there was no way he could get to me. I was safe as long as I stayed up here. So I tried to ignore my impending doom and just work.

A little while later, I looked up to see him sitting on Hitomi's bed. Still staring at me, mind you. It was waiting for a moment to strike. I have much more intelligence then your normal prey my friend. I thought. With pride in my chest, I continued to wipe the ledges of books and picture frames.

The clock indicated I had been working for a half rotation of the long hand. I still didn't understand how they kept time very well. It was much like a sundial, but worked without sunlight. Hitomi had explained a little to me. Enough to get the basics.

I turned around and my heart stopped. Boofer's head was peeking up over the edge of the desk. His eyes flickering in anticipation. His tail swishing back and forth in excitement. I gripped the Q-tip tighter.

I had another idea from heaven. Maybe not from heaven this time, because it sounded stupid and risky. "I must be out of my mind." I muttered. I crouched a bit to push off and ran at a beeline towards the feline's nose. I stepped on my target and used the Q-tip to pole-volt over his head. With the extra momentum, I smiled at the ripping noise that was my wings breaking out of my back. Spreading them far, I glided to the door, with Boofer hot on my tail. Of course, Merle always had an obsession with chasing things that flew. Great.

I raced into the hallway and past the bathroom where Hitomi was cleaning.

"Hitomi! Help!" I shouted.

Then I saw those stupid headphones in her ears and died inside. Boofer swiped and missed by a hair and I flapped to get the upper hand. I was running out of hallway as the stairs came into view. Soon I would have to descend. I turned to locate my foe, only to find him coming right at me, mid flight. Kitty's got some hops! I could only let out a faint shriek as a mighty paw came and swatted me out of the air. I crashed and tumbled down the stairs. The beast bounded after me. I realized I still had the Q-tip in my hands. It was no sword, but it would have to do. I spun it around to get used to it and let it slide across my shoulder blades like a bow staff. Boofer drew closer as we came to a face down. I realized at that moment, that it was either him or me. There's was no way I was giving up to an animal. So what if I was rusty? If I could beat a dragon, I could beat a cat. I riled my strength and plunged.


Bullseye! Er, Cat's eye! Boofer roared in anger and suddenly wreaked revenge. Kitty's got some sharp claws. I nursed the wound inflicted upon my chest and sighed inwardly, "Another scar?"

This was getting nowhere. My grip tightened on the Q-tip and I, like a mad man, started thrashing the cat's face with the impromptu weapon. "Bad Kitty! Bad!"

This only made him madder. His sharptastic teeth came straight for me. I wedged the weapon into his mighty jaws…only to have him snap it in half. I held two short sticks in my hands. I spun them around in my hands. What to do? What to do? Suddenly, I saw and opening and crammed the drum sticks into Boofer's nostrils. Strangely enough, it was effective. He franticly shook his face and sneezed. The sticks didn't budge. As a finishing blow, I grabbed a whisker and yanked on it. He turned violently and fell on his side.

Boofer panted. He was out of steam already? I approach the creature and pulled the now Boofer booger covered cleaning tool from his nose. He didn't look threatening anymore. "Um…Good kitty?" I scratched his head. He closed his eyes and began to purr. I won! And without having to kill Hitomi's pet.

I rode upon my past foe and present steed, his long silky fur rippling with feline muscles. I jerked slightly as the beast jumped, landing us in what looked like a small pit of sand. Ah, cats must originate from desert land on this planet. By having this pit owners must help the creature remember their roots. I wondered if the pit was for sleeping or playing or- suddenly the beast crouched.

"Hey, what are you- oh gross!"

(Hitomi's POV)

After I had finished cleaning the bathroom and the living room, I went back to my room to check on Van. But my tiny companion had vanished. "Van! Where did you go? VAN!"

"Hitomi!" He replied from the door. To my surprise, he was straddling Boofers neck, riding him like a Yerkle. He raised the Q-tip mightily in the air. "How doth thy maiden fancy my new steed?"

"It looks like you two finally got along." I smiled.

"Onward Boofer, Ho!" And they galloped off into the…hallway.

A little back story on Boofer. That was my grandparents cat. One day, he climbed a tree and then fell. You know that thing about cats always landing on their feet? They lied. No more Boofer.