This is my first story that I'm posting, so if you readers like it once I finish it I'll post my other MM fics. What if Mia invited Michael over when she had the hotel room to herself instead of Lily? What would have happened? Read and find out! Also I over rated it just in case. Mature themes though so beware!


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"Mia? Are you in there?" Lily asked pounding on the door. With my mom and Mr. G gone for the weekend I got stuck with my grandmother until they came back. I really shouldn't be complaining though since I got my own hotel suite. Of course when Lily found out she wanted to have a sleepover and invite Tina but I told her no. I did want to have a sleepover; however I had a different guest list in mind. I invited the only person I wanted to. The one person I've been dying for some alone time with. The other Moscovitz, her brother, my boyfriend.

"What's my sister doing here?" Michael whispered in my ear.

"I don't know, I told her not come!" I whispered back.

"Mia let us in!" Tina shouted from the hall laughing.

"One second!" I hollered back. "Go hide in the bathroom until I get rid of them." I told Michael. Once he was out of sight I went and answered the door.

"Lily, Tina, what are you doing here?" I asked cracking the door.

"We came over for a sleepover like we talked about." Lily said trying to push her way in.

"Actually I'm not feeling too well, maybe we could do this another time?" I lied forgetting to hide my nose. Unfortunately Lily noticed.

"When is your mom ever going to give you a hotel room all by yourself? You're lying. Why are you lying?" She asked.

"Oh god, is your grandmere in there?" Tina asked trying to peek her head inside.

"No of course not, I told you I don't feel very good." I said covering my nose, pretending it was itchy.

"You look fine to me." Lily said scrutinizing me. Then her eyes got real big and her mouth dropped open. "Is my brother in there?" She gasped.

"NO!" I lied with wide eyes.

"Yes he is! Michael! Michael where are you?" Lily shouted shoving me aside.

"Lily! Stop he isn't here!" I lied some more, praying my nostrils wouldn't flare.

"Lily, maybe we should go." Tina said, her face growing red.

"You cannot have sex before me!" Lily shouted stomping her feet.

"Lily!" I screeched embarrassed. She glared at me but turned to leave.

"Come on Tina, you can spend the night at my place where at least you're wanted." Lily told her as the two of them got on the elevator. Tina waved goodbye to me, I watched until they dissapeared. I shut the door and slid down in front of it leaning on the cool wood.

"What was all that about?" Michael asked coming out of the bathroom first checking to make sure the coast was clear.

"Nothing." I blushed, staring at the ground and not his face.

"Mia, why did you invite me over here and not your friends?" He asked, kneeling down in front of me trying to make eye contact.

"We never get to see each other and when we do there's always someone around. This was a once in a life time opportunity for us to be alone together and I took it!" I replied honestly. Maybe I should have just gone ahead with Lily's sleepover idea.

"Were you, did you want something to happen tonight?" He asked with what I'm assuming was hopefulness.

"I don't know, did you?" I asked looking up at him holding my breath until he asnwered. I never actually thought that we'd make love tonight but I didn't want to tell him that.

"I'm not going to lie, the thought crossed my mind when you called and asked me to come over. I don't want to push you in to anything you aren't ready for though. I figured this was like some test run or something." He replied.

"Like a rehearsal for the real thing?" I questioned.

"If that's want you need then yes. I'm willing to wait Mia, just not forever." He answered after a minute. My heart was racing and my face was probably bright red but I didn't care. I'll I could think about was Michael wanted to do it. Maybe not today or the week after that but he definitely had sex on the brain and expected it sometime in the near future.

"Do you want to put a movie in?" I asked after a minute getting up off the floor. He sighed and followed me over to the TV.

"What do you want to watch?" He probed.

"I asked if you wanted to put a movie in, I didn't say anything about watching it." I replied crawling into the bed. He grinned and turned the television on before joining me on the mattress. I made up my mind that we wouldn't do it tonight, I wasn't ready. I did however let him take my shirt but that was it. He of course took his off too but I've seen him shirtless a million times before. I still wasn't entirely comfortable with him seeing me completely naked but I was getting there. We were making progress and he seemed okay with that.

xxxxXMichaelMiaMoscovtizXxxxx xxxxXMichaelMiaMoscovtizXxxxx xxxxXMichaelMiaMoscovtizXxxxx xxxxXMichaelMiaMoscovtizXxxxx xxxxXMichaelMiaMoscovtizXxxxx

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