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You're doing this. You are really going to do this. Yeah, let's go.

I buzzed Michael's room thankful nobody was at the desk this late. I hit the buzzer a few more times before his voice came over the intercom.

"Look, whatever it is I'm not interested." He grumbled.

"Even if 'it' is me?" I questioned with confidence that came out of nowhere.

"Who is this?" He shot back confused.

"Mia, your girlfriend." I told him. Who else would up at his dorm at 12:34 in the night?

"Mia?" He sounded surprised.

"Yes…" I answered. Seriously, who else could it be?

"Hold on." He grunted. A few minutes later I could see him jogging towards the door to let me in.

"Mia, what are you doing here? Where's Lars?" He asked looking around for my always present body guard.

I tried playing it off as if it were nothing special even though I haven't gone anywhere without Lars following behind me for a year. I shrugged and informed him, "I came alone. We need to talk." Then I walked to the stairs leading to his dorm.

He followed close on my heels. The questions just spilled from his mouth. "Did something happen? Mia, why are you here? Is it your mom? Your dad? Grandmere?"

Having made it up the steps to his hall I chose to ignore him and went to lean on the wall beside his door so he could open it. I followed him in checking the small room for signs of his roommate.

"Doo Pak still gone?" I asked even though I could tell by the perfectly made bed that he was.

"Yes. Mia, this isn't like you to just show up in the middle of the night. Does your mom even know you're here? Does anyone?" He asked worried.

"Nope." The word popped from my lips.

"You didn't come to break up with me did you?" He asked suddenly, hesitant, afraid of what the answer might be.

"What? No!" I assured him with a quick kiss.

"Okay." He still sounded skeptic so I kissed him again, this time with tongue.

He accepted it, finally. "So you aren't breaking up with me."

"Quite the opposite actually." I replied sitting on his bed, leaning back on my hands.

"Okay. What does that mean?" He asked crossing his arms in confusion.

"I'm ready. Ready to take the next step, ready for you." I replied then just to prove how serious I was I started undressing myself. My shirt hit the floor paralyzing him for a minute. I got up to undo my zipper just as he came back to his senses.

"Mia," He tried stopping me from taking off my skirt. "Mia." That tone got my attention. I sighed and looked up at him.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" I asked.

His brow furrowed. "Well yes but,"

"No buts. Nothing is stopping us anymore." I said this with my hands on his shoulders, staring into his eyes.

"Is this really how you want you first time to be?" He questioned.

"As long as it's you, I really don't care." I shrugged. I was done waiting and now he was holding back.

He looked at me like he didn't trust the words coming out of my mouth. "Your moods certainly changed."

I made sure I had his eyes again before telling him, "Michael, I'm ready I swear." Then, before he could do anything about it I let my skirt drop to the floor in a puddle at my feet.

"Why am I fighting this?" He mumbled as he took in my body. When his eyes finally met mine again I looked in them for signs that he was uninterested or disgusted but found none. Instead he was looking at me with loving, hungry eyes. Accepting defeat, not really caring about it anyway, he took off his own shirt and tossed it to the ground then pulled my body up against his pressing our lips together. He slipped his tongue inside to twist it with my own. Slowly he moved his hands over my exposed skin as he felt his way up to my neck and back down again to squeeze my butt. His hands roamed my body, touching me in places he hadn't before.

That was it, the moment I knew I made the right decision coming here. It was worth it, he was worth it. He brought his hands back up to unclasp my bra and shed the material from my skin. Yeah, he was hungry all right, hungry for me. I realized all my fears were irrational. He pushed me back until my knees hit his mattress and I fell on it sprawled out beneath him. He was looking down at me and I couldn't believe he was mine. He moved his hands to the top of his pajama pants and went to push them down and then…

…Then I woke up.

"Wow." I breathed out. Was it hot in here? Suddenly I felt like I was wearing too much and pushed off my covers. I tiptoed into the kitchen for a glass of ice water and took it back to my room. I set on my bed drinking it as I thought of my dream. That was just a dream. Imagine how good it be if it were real. I had to fan myself to cool down. I needed to talk to Lily, to Tina, to someone and pronto. The Mia in my dream was confident she went after what she wanted and took it. She wasn't scared and neither should I be.

I realized then that was me. I could be that version of myself. I was just going to need help like Sandy did to get Danny. Now I just had to wait for morning so I could get it.

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