Chapter 20

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The silence that followed was deafening. I had broken the room full of mythical creatures and my father. I could feel the red on my face deepen as they all just stood there, staring at me as if I had lost my mind. I mean, all things considering, they wouldn't be wrong. It wasn't normal to feel that way about two men at one time, was it? Especially when said me are natural enemies of one another. I could really use another pain pill right now, I thought to myself, really wishing I could be anywhere but there.

"Bella, what do you mean both?" Carlisle asked, in what can only be discribed as his doctors voice. You know the one that always makes you feel as if they can fix everything.

"Just what I said. Both," I mumbled, looking down at my hands.

"Do you mean you enjoy their company? That you enjoy being with them and enjoy their company?" Billy wondered.

"I do enjoy that, too."

"Too?" Charlie asked, raising his eye brow.

"They both make me feel safe, cherished, protected and even wanted. I enjoy being around both of them," I responded, looking down and playing with my hands. I didn't want to look at anyone at that moment.

"You have feelings for both of us?" Emmett asked, sounding both hurt and hopeful.

"I don't know."

"We need to research this," Billy declared, looking up at Sam, who nodded.

"May I ask a question?" I wondered, still not looking up from my hands.

"Of course," Charlie assured me.

"I have two questions really," I admitted.

"Go ahead Bell," Jared said, he's voice soothing my nervousness.

"What is an imprint? And do vampires only have one soul mate?"

"Do you want to go first or would you like me to go first?" Emmett wondered.

"You can go first," Jared replied, nodding.

Emmett moved closer from his position by the kitchen door, coming to stand where I could see him better. "From my understanding, vampires mate for life. When we are turned, all we can think of is blood and how to get it at any means necessary. After the initial new born year, we still think of blood, but we also start thinking and searching for something that is missing. Something that feels like you can't live your life without. The day I saw you I felt the hope that you could be that missing piece. And then I heard your voice and I felt the pull to you. I know you don't know me very well yet, but Bella, you are it for me. You are my heart and soul."

Jared sighed, rubbing his face. Emmett smiled down at me and nodded at Jared as he moved away to give the shapeshifter the floor.

"Bell, have you heard the stories that are told around the bonfires down at the reservation?"

"I have," I replied.

"Then you've vaguely already been introduced to what an imprint it. I can't speak for my brothers, but when I shifted for the first time, I was terrified. I had just transformed into this giant creature. I had heard all the stories but I thought that that was just what they were-stories. As soon as I shifted, I knew that everything that we had learned around the bonfires were true and not just a reason for the elders to get drunk. As I learned more about my wolf and what was happening to me, I heard stories about how our ancestors sometimes bless the protectors of our land with the ultimate treasure. The one gift that wasn't just for anyone, but created just for you. I never thought that I would be blessed with such a gift, until the day I looked into your eyes for the very first time and my world shifted. Everything around me moved and all I wanted, all I needed was you."

Holy hell. What the fuck have I just heard? I thought as I stared at Jared, dumbfounded. I then looked over to where Emmett was standing, his hand resting on his chin in thought.

"Fuck me," Charlie mumbled, rubbing his hand down his face.

"Research," Billy stated again, looking up at Sam.

"I believe we should do some research, too," Carlisle agreed, looking over at Jasper who nodded his agreement.

"Research is all well and good but what the hell does this mean for my daughter? Just because you both feel like she's the only girl in the world doesn't mean you have claims to her. She should be able to have a say in who she's with. Her life should not be controlled by some supernatural bullshit that she didn't ask for," Charlie stated, standing up to look at the other men in there room.

"Charlie, we would never make Bella be with anyone she doesn't want to be with. That is not what the ancestors gave this gift for and we would not use it as such. She is a gift to our tribe and she will be shown with the utmost respect," Billy assured my dad.

"Bella has every say in who she is with and who she isn't with, Chief. If she doesn't want to be with me, I will be upset, but that is her choice. She will always have a choice in everything she does as long as I'm around. As long as she's in my life in some capacity, I'll be fine," Emmett said earnestly.

Charlie looked at the men and nodded, but still didn't look convinced. I wasn't either if I was being honest.

"We will take our leave now, Chief Swan. Bella, if you need anything, please don't hesitate to call," Carlisle said, shaking my fathers hand.

"I'll see you in the morning, Bella," Emmett said, reaching over and gently squeezing my hand. I nodded at him, blushing at the goosebumps that developed as he touched me.

There was silence for a few moments, before Sam nodded at Billy. "Charlie, would you and Bella be willing to move down to the reservation?"

"What the hell Billy? Why would we need to do that?" my dad demanded, completely confused.

"I don't think you understand how important an imprint is to one of our protectors. She is now the most important thing to him. Before his family, before his responsibility with the tribe, she is the one thing he will focus on. She his reason for being. Nothing and no one will ever be more important to him, except for their children, if Bella decides she wants to be with him. Their children will be equal to Bella," Billy explained.

My eyes raised, cheeks turning bright red as I thought about having children with one Jared Cameron. The thoughts that began to develop in my head were definitely not appropriate for being in the same room as my dad.

"Why would we need to move though? He can still feel that way without my family having to move."

"It would be easier on him and the bond if his imprint was closer to him. This way he's able to be around her whenever he likes," Billy said.

"So he can constantly stalk her? Keep tabs on her 24 hours a day? Billy, I've arrested people for less then that and they weren't my baby girl. If I catch anyone stalking my daughter I will shoot and ask questions later, supernatural bond be damned," Charlie said, his hand going to his hip where his gun usually was.

"Sir, may I speak, please?" Jared said, looking Charlie in the eye.

"As far as I'm concerned, you shouldn't move. You should stay here, in your home where your comfortable, because Bell is comfortable here and this is her home. And this is where she feels safe. So I'm happy for her to be here. I won't be stalking Bella, sir. I will come check on her as often as I can, but it will always be through the front door, with your permission," he started. He turned to look at me and smile softly. "You have full control on everything that happens. If we are together, if we are are just friends, or if you decide you want nothing to do with me at all, its fine. You are the most important thing in my life." He kneeled beside me and tucked a stand of hair behind my ear. I'd never been treated like that before.

"See we don't have to move," Charlie said defiantly, lifting his chin in the air and grinning at Billy, who rolled his eyes.

Later that evening, as I laid in bed, I couldn't believe the things that happened that day. How was it that I was not one but TWO supernatural beings soulmate? How was that possible? How was I going to handle that? Why would they chose me? So many unanswered questions and honestly not enough answers. One thing I did know; whatever happened next, it would be anything but boring.

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