AN: This is the last part. I think I will do a quick side story related to this.

Tamaki, carrying a glass full of medicine for Haruhi's throat, ran into Kurugano and Sakurazuka at the entryway of his mansion carrying school work for Haruhi in their casual clothes. Being a good host, he took them to a sitting room where Haruhi was laying on the couch by a piano. Tamaki went over to her and nudge her awake. Once awaken, she took her medicine for her throat and then noticed the two girls. "Kurugano-chan, Sakurazuka-chan," she said in a whisper.

"How long ago did you get your voice back, Haruhi-kun?" Kurugano asked.

Haruhi looked at Tamaki, and Tamaki understood what that look meant. "Two days ago, but if she talks above a whisper, she loses her voice fairly quickly," said Tamaki to the two girls before looking at Haruhi. "Do you want me to be here?"

Haruhi shook her head no before Tamaki ruffled her hair and left. "Was there anything interesting today?" Haruhi asked a little below a whisper.

"Not much," said Kurugano, "but are you able to talk above a whisper Haruhi-kun?"

"If I do, I can't talk afterwards for awhile," Haruhi said in a whisper.

"Oh, I think Tamaki-senpai mentioned that," said Sakurazuka.

"I think the twins are starting to miss you in class," said Kuragano.

"I can imagine," she said in a more quite whisper.

"Haruhi-kun, do you need something to help your throat? I could barely hear you that last time," said Kuragano.

Haruhi nodded and then picked up her whiteboard. "Shima-san and Tamaki-senpai are the only ones that know what the doctors want me to drink between doses medicine that will help," she wrote on her whiteboard.

"I will go find one of them," said Kuragano getting up before leaving the room.

"Are you doing anything with your grandparents this weekend?" Sakurazuka asked after Kuragano had left.

"Friday after classes, I will be going to see them and staying with them. Grandma offered dinner to the host club, and they accepted," she wrote on her whiteboard.

"I remember someone had mentioned that you hadn't seen them since a year after your mother's death," said Sakurazuka.

"Yes. My dad had called them when he found out that I was needing to stay in the hospital."

"Do you know why he called them?" Sakurazuka asked.

"He knows I don't care for staying in the hospital," she wrote.

Sakurazuka couldn't help herself and pulled Haruhi into a hug. When she felt the surprise radiating off of androgynous host, she realized that she needed to do something else and placed her hand on the back of Haruhi's head. Haruhi relaxed instantly and returned the hug as Sakurazuka began to lightly stroke her hair. "You don't have to hide what you're feeling Haruhi-kun," said Sakurazuka as she felt Haruhi begin to shake, slightly. "You can cry. I will try my best to help you when ever you need a good cry."

Hearing those words, Haruhi started to cry silently while Sakurazuka comforted her. Eventually, her tears run out, and she hugged Sakurazuka in a silent thank you. Sakurazuka handed her handkerchief that she blew her nose on. Wordlessly, Haruhi and Sakurazuka began to play various games on her whiteboard.

When Kuragano returned with Tamaki in tow, Haruhi and Sakurazuka were still playing games on the whiteboard. From the doorway, Kuragano could tell that they were fully involved in what they were doing. However, she knew that Tamaki had to change Haruhi's bandages and that would disturb the two. Tamaki, as Kuragano watched, walked right up to the two and took up a seat beside Haruhi to watch wordlessly. "Haruhi, I need to change your bandages," Tamaki said softly when Sakurazuka began to erase the whiteboard.

Haruhi didn't hesitate to hold out her right hand to Tamaki, but once Tamaki began to unwrap the bandages, she pulled back her hand when the bandages tugged at her skin. Noticing she had pulled back, Tamaki gently took hold of her arm before he continued to unwrap the bandages as gently as he could. Eventually, she pulled her arm back again so hard that she rammed her arm into Sakurazuka. Upon feeling it, Sakurazuka turned to look at Haruhi and noticed what was the matter. "Tamaki-senpai, you should look at the bandages," said Sakurazuka as she gently took Haruhi's injured hand and showed the palm of her hand, which were covered with dark blood.

Tamaki looked at her hand and began to press gently on the bandages covering her palm. "Did they change the bandages?" He asked after looking at her hand for awhile.

As soon as Haruhi shook her head no, Tamaki looked at her hand once again. "Is it bad?" Kuragano asked after she came over.

"I wasn't expecting the dried blood to be there," said Tamaki.

As Tamaki was about to pull at the bandages again, Shima entered the room with a bag and glass of tea for Haruhi. "Master, the doctor called and said you might need to cut the bandages to be able to get to the gauze," said Shima as she placed the bag and glass on a table. "The doctor also said that some seepage of blood should be present today and is nothing to worry about."

"Thank you Shima," said Tamaki.

"Everything you need is in the bag," said Shima before she left them.

Tamaki went to the bag and began to pull things out of it which happened to be everything he needed to continue to changing Haruhi's bandages. "Haruhi, if want your tea, Sakurazuka-chan and Kuragano-chan can help you," said Tamaki as he continued to pull out more things from the bag.

Sakurazuka turned to look at Haruhi before she asked her question. "Do you want your tea now, Haruhi-kun?"

Haruhi shook her head yes, and Kuragano went and grabbed the glass of tea and handed the tea to Haruhi. While Haruhi was drinking the tea, Sakurazuka held her right hand making sure that Haruhi didn't move that hand and get the lose bandages caught on anything. "Haruhi-kun," Sakurazuka began, "would you like to be held?"

Haruhi took her final sip of tea, emptying the glass of tea, and thought about it. "Please do," she whispered.

Sakurazuka instantly brought Haruhi into a hug after she heard her speak, but once Tamaki got up, carrying a pair of scissors, Sakurazuka switched places with Haruhi before wrapping her arms around Haruhi. Kuragano then took Haruhi's right arm, gently patting it before holding it. "Haruhi, I'm going to start cutting the bandages," said Tamaki before he took the scissors to the bandages.

As Tamaki cut the bandages, Haruhi relaxed and didn't even flinch when he had to tug at the bandages because, before he did so, Kuragano would rub her arm slightly while Sakurazuka would hug Haruhi tightly. Finally the last of the bandages came off, and Tamaki got up to dispose of the bandages. Kuragano let go of Haruhi's arm before Haruhi moved her arm to look at her hand. "Did you not get to see it, Haruhi-kun?" Kuragano asked.

"She was fairly out of it at the end of the surgery," said Tamaki as he was finding the stuff that he needed to bandage Haruhi's hand.

"Why was that the case?" Sakurazuka asked.

"The doctor had given her a sedative at the end of the surgery," said Tamaki as walked back towards them.

While they were talking about her, Haruhi had zoned out, ignoring what was going on around her. Once satisfied at how her hand look, she began thinking of all the things that she wanted to do once she was able to do them. She jumped slightly startled from her deep thoughts by Tamaki dabbing some peroxide on to her hand. "Does the peroxide hurt, Haruhi-kun?" Sakurazuka asked.

Haruhi shook her head no but then realized that no one could see her. "No, it did not," she said quietly.

"Then did I startled you?" Tamaki asked as he was finishing up cleaning her hand.

Instead of speaking, she yanked her hand slightly out of Tamaki's hand and tapped her pointer finger on his hand. Tamaki instantly understood and turned his hand palm up. Haruhi then drew with her pointer finger a y, knowing that Tamaki would get it.

"I'm sorry that you did," said Tamaki before he ruffled her hair and grabbed the bandages. "Do you want to watch me wrapping your hand again?"

Haruhi hugged Sakurazuka in a thank you before she made her way out of Sakurazuka's arms. Sitting next to Sakurazuka, she faced towards Tamaki and held out her right hand. "Haruhi-kun, can I hold your arm so you will not get tired of holding it up?" Sakurazuka asked once she was settled.

Haruhi nodded and allowed Sakurazuka to wrap her hands around her arm before Kuragano sat down on her other side. As Tamaki began to wrap Haruhi's hand, they sat in silence until Tamaki finished. "It's done. I'm going to go ahead and get your brace for your hand," said Tamaki before getting up and heading to the table.

"Why does she still need a brace?" Kuragano asked.

"When I move my hand," Haruhi said quietly, "I can pull the stitches out."

"Does that hurt when it happens, Haruhi-kun?" Sakurazuka asked.

"Yes," she said before she raised her voice slightly more. "Tamaki-senpai."

"Yes, Haruhi," he responded when he found her brace and started to walk back.

"When will I be able to get my next dose of pain medicine?" She asked quietly, now that she had Tamaki's attention.

"It should be about any time now," said Tamaki before he placed her brace on. "Is it too tight?"

She shook her head no right before Shima came with her medicine that she took. While she was taking her medicine, Shima asked the two girls if they were planning on staying for dinner. Both answered yes before Shima left. During their wait for dinner, Sakurazuka and Kuragano caught Haruhi up on what had been going on in class, academically and otherwise. After dinner, Tamaki played the piano for them before Sakurazuka and Kuragano left for the night. Once Haruhi was all dressed for bed, she had Tamaki play her one more piece on the piano before he picked her up and tucked her in for bed. He did not leave her until she was fast asleep.

By the time she had entered Music Room Three, Haruhi was tired and glad that there was no school tomorrow. Even though it had been two days since she had been released from the hospital, her pain was still needing to be controlled by medicine, which made her sleepy. However, it wasn't all that bad. The teachers had been understanding and had given her permission to take naps during class as long as she had someone who had agreed to keep notes for her. During homeroom, everyone came up to her asking her questions so often that she had to resort to writing the answers down most of the time. At lunch, a bunch of her regulars to the host club came to her at lunch while she was waiting for Tamaki to get her food. The group of girls around her were all happy when they heard that her voice was slowly coming back and all left her when Tamaki had finally brought her food.

When club began, she was sleeping on one of the couches, and one of the boys would come over to check on her. Most times it was Tamaki who was checking on her, and it was him who was checking on her when she woke up. However, he didn't get a chance to talk to her for very long because all of her regulars came up to her and began to chat with her because her voice wasn't giving out all that quickly when she would talk quietly. At the end of club, she was far more awake than what she was when she had entered the room. Then Tamaki came up to her with her bag and handed it to her. "Everyone is leaving to get change," said Tamaki once Haruhi took her bag. "We need to get going too."

"Is everyone going to stay long?" Haruhi asked quietly.

"I don't think so," said Tamaki as they began to walk out of the school. "I can stay as long as you like."

"I wonder if it is still there," Haruhi muttered to herself so quietly that Tamaki almost didn't hear her.

"What was that, Haruhi?" Tamaki asked.

"Oh, my mom," she said looking down at the ground talking only loud enough for him to hear, "hid two pictures at my grandparents'."

"Pictures of who?"

"I don't recall what she said."

"Maybe we can find them, Haruhi," said Tamaki recognizing the expression that adorned her face because he saw it that first time he had visited her house.

"That would be nice, senpai," said Haruhi.

Haruhi looked at her grandparents' place realizing nothing had really changed since she had last been at her grandparents. It was still a small house with a secondary unused house (at least it was when she last visited). As she walked the path up to it with the boys, she noticed the tile roof was a slightly different color than what it was last and the walls looked freshly painted. Once inside, her grandpa helped her carry her bags to the guest room while her grandma showed the boys to the main room of the house. As soon as she reached the guest room, a tatami room, the cleaned off desk and the shelves of many different books including ones pertaining to law were still in their place where she had last seen them. The guest room, as she had always known from the books, was her mother's room when she was still lived here. Giving her thanks to her grandpa, she made sure he knew she would be able to handle putting her bags away before he left her alone.

When she finished putting her bags in the guest room, she went to the kitchen to be greeted by a hug from her grandma, which she hugged back after a few minutes. As soon as her grandma pulled back from the hug, she was given a glass of the medicine for her throat, and her grandma shewed her out of the kitchen saying that she should be with her friends. While walking to the main room, Haruhi sipped occasionally from her glass as she heard the boisterous voices of the host club, mainly the twins, coming from the main room. She didn't really try to focus on the voices while she was plodding towards the main room, but when the twins began accosting Tamaki about him being her "father," she listened. "H-h-hikaru, K-k-kaoru, you can't mean I'm not Haruhi's daddy," Tamaki stuttered out.

"Tono, you sure are not acting like one," Hikaru scolded loudly.

"Hikaru, he is too delusional to realize that he sure doesn't act like a father," said Kaoru, his voice indicating he was shrugging with his eyes closed.

"I'm not delusional, Kaoru," Tamaki yelled making Haruhi stop and truly decide to listen instead of continuing to walk to where the boy were talking from.

"Tono's delusional, Tono's delusional," the twins jived in unison.

Hearing the twins continue to tease Tamaki and Tamaki yell at them, Haruhi felt glad that her grandma had not treated her like how the twins were now treating Tamaki. In the days at the hospital, she had spent a lot of her time with her grandma, and after seeing how she interacted with Tamaki, her grandma began to badger her about him. It was an embarrassing conversation that eventually lead a lot being said, and her realizing that maybe her feelings towards her senpai were beyond the normal waters of friendship. "Haruhi?"

Thoughts jarred from just the call of her name, Haruhi looked towards her grandma, who had called out to her. "Yes, grandma?" She responded before she took a sip from her glass.

"Why are you still out here and not with your friends?" Her grandma asked concerned.

"Hikaru and Kaoru were teasing Tamaki-senpai," she said quietly.

"About what?"

"His 'father' persona."

"His 'father' persona?"

"Yeah, he calls himself," Haruhi began before pausing to take a sip from her glass, "the father of the club and-"

"I understand," said her grandma cutting her off. "You might have to do something to make him realize that he is wrong. Um...have you actually thanked him for being with you all those times in the hospital?"

"No, why?"

"You should go ahead and give him a thank you hug," said her grandma causing Haruhi's mouth to drop open in surprise. "Oh come on you can give him a hug. It's not that bad of a thing."

Haruhi closed her mouth and glared at her grandma. "Why are you saying that?" Haruhi retorted back.

"You don't like him being teased?" Haruhi nodded before her grandma continued. "Well, I think you could help him by giving him a nice hug as a thank you for what he has done for you. Don't you think so?"

"Well...," said Haruhi looking away from her grandma before look straight back at her. "Why would hugging Tamaki-senpai help him?"

"That's something for you to find," said her grandma before sighing. "I'm very much sorry if I'm pushing you too much to do something." Her grandma smiled a sad smile. "Me and your grandpa didn't realize the true love that was between your parents. I might push you more so because of that regret."

"True love? How did you know it was such?" Haruhi asked quietly before taking a sip from her glass, realizing that there was something imperfect about her grandparents.

"I guess I could tell you if you want to know what you are looking for. True love will make you do stupid things like go against the wishes of people like your parents," said her grandma. "We didn't approve of your father since he was so much younger, but your mother still married him. I'm sure that if she was here today, that she would be a much better advice giver than me on this subject."

Hearing what her grandma was saying brought her to tears that she wiped away as best as she could. "Why would mom give me better advice than you grandma?" She asked before drinking the rest of her glass in one huge gulp.

"I'm sure you heard this too much, but you do look like your mother very much. The phrase 'daughter like mother, mother like daughter' applies to you perfectly because I had a feeling that your mother had fallen for someone long before I heard her talk about your father. To put it bluntly, I really don't think she knew she was in love for quite some time after she met him," said her grandma smiling at her.

Haruhi's mouth floundered open like a gaping fish. The implications of her grandma's blunt statement made sure no oblivious mind were to miss what was being truly said. "You are implying," said Haruhi as she felt her cheeks began to burn with embarrassment, "that I..." She paused and then whispered quietly, "I'm in love with Tamaki-senpai."

"Are you?" Her grandma said with a gently smile.

"Um...I don't know for sure, but those boys are different,"said Haruhi with her head bowed.

"Beside Tamaki-kun, those boys are more than happy to go the extra ways for you," said her grandma. "I am just implying because I don't know for one hundred percent that you are in love with that idiot."

A soft giggled bubbled forth from Haruhi's lips when she heard her grandma say Tamaki was an idiot. "I will go...hug him," she said yawning after saying go.

Her grandma pleased took her empty glass from and headed back to the kitchen before Haruhi went off on her embarrassing mission. As she padded down the hallway, she wonder about what she would find, but once she reached her destination, she looked into the room and was relieved. Tamaki was sitting the closest to the doorway, and the twins and everyone else was talking with her grandpa about everything that was the host club. Taking a breath, she rushed to Tamaki, sat down next to him, and threw her arms around him quickly. Surprised, Tamaki went stiff on her before he relaxed and hug her back. "What's the matter Haruhi?" He asked quietly so the others didn't know she was there.

"Thank you, senpai, for everything," she said with the top of her head resting against his chest.

"Haruhi, you don't need to thank me," said Tamaki as he noticed Haruhi's silent yawn. "Do you need to take a nap? I'll hold you if you want."

Haruhi nodded yes and allowed Tamaki to pull her into his lap and nudge her head on to his shoulder. As soon as Tamaki began to rub her back, she began to try to get closer to him for warmth and eventually ended up having to settle for her legs to straddle him slightly before falling asleep. When Tamaki noticed she was asleep, he didn't stop rubbing her back until her grandpa took notice of Haruhi. "Well, look at who decided to sneak in without telling," said her grandpa to the group before looking at Tamaki. "Do you need my help? We don't want your legs going to sleep on us now do we?"

"Um, my legs are falling asleep, sir," said Tamaki.

"No need to be formal with me, my boy," said Haruhi's grandpa as he stood up and walked over to Tamaki. "You can call me grandpa since you're great friends with my granddaughter. Now, let's get you better situated with her."

As Haruhi's grandpa began gently nudging her legs to be around Tamaki a little more than they were already were, Tamaki, unable to stop himself, pulled Haruhi as close as possible. Looking at Haruhi as she continued to sleep, Tamaki's eyes softened as what the host club members have been telling him all along began to sunk in finally. His affection wasn't not fatherly in all the little bit, but it was true love, the kind that men and women shared to each other traditionally. Tamaki revealing in this revelation blocked out the rest of the world, focusing on Haruhi and the fall and rise of her chest that happened at every breath that she took.

"Now stand up and sit down slowly with your legs out in front of you," said Haruhi's grandpa startling Tamaki out of his thoughts and constant focus on Haruhi.

Tamaki did as he was told, and once he sat down again, he realized that holding Haruhi was a lot more comfortable than before for more than one reason. Her head, although leaning against his, didn't feel all that heavy, and it was leaning just right that every breath that she exhaled touched the back of his neck softly and soothingly. With every breath, he felt her chest get closer to his, and he couldn't ignore that her arms were still wrapped against him. He allowed his eyes to lose focus and listened to his other senses. However, all of his other senses were so enchanted by Haruhi that he didn't hear the snide comments that the twins mentioned about him. A single hand touch his shoulder and gave his shoulder a squeeze, returning him to full awareness of all that wasn't Haruhi.

"Tamaki-kun, would you like to have your tea here or in the kitchen?" Haruhi's grandma asked.

"Oh, um...," Tamaki replied.

"You can have your tea while holding her or have it while she is laying across your lap," said the elderly women.

"I don't think I could drink my tea and hold her," said Tamaki.

"Stand up and follow me," commanded Haruhi's grandma.

Tamaki did as he was told and followed Haruhi's grandma with the said girl still in his arms.

The smell of food gave her clues to where she was, but she really didn't want to alert those around her that she was awake. Remaining content with her eyes closed, Haruhi stayed as still as possible to appear asleep, but when she heard footsteps come close to her and smell of food grew stronger, her eye open up quickly. "I knew you would wake up to try something," her grandma said holding a plate underneath some chopsticks holding a piece of something that Haruhi had never seen before.

"What is it?" She asked in a whisper as Tamaki sat her up.

"You should be able to figure it out," her grandma said as she held out the chopsticks with the piece of unidentifiable food.

Haruhi, deciding that her grandma was probably right, leaned and took piece of food from her grandma's chopsticks. As she chewed, the flavor of the food was bountiful and brought back memories she had long forgotten. "Is this the chicken that you had that one time?" She asked.

"Yes," her grandma said as she went back to tend to the food.

As Haruhi began to relieve memories of food and family, she only stopped thinking about those memories when Tamaki rose to his feet and began to walk away. "Senpai?" She questioned.

"I just realized that it's time for your medicine," Tamaki said pointing to the clock that hung in the kitchen.

"Oh, it is," she said when she looked at clock before Tamaki walked out of the room.

"He can stay until you go to bed," said her grandma as she tended the food on the stove.

Haruhi snapped her head towards her grandma with a look of surprise mixed with shock. "What?"

"I think it would be nice for you and him to have time some time alone," she said turning around to look at Haruhi.

And for the second time with her grandma, Haruhi was left floundering without a single word to say.

Tamaki was flipping through the pages of a history book he happened to have found in the guest room that Haruhi was staying in while Haruhi's grandma was helping her take a bath. Haruhi had come up to him and asked if he would stay until she would go to bed. Happily, he agree and had been in the guest room since Haruhi went to take her bath. Afer he looked up and saw that it had been almost an hour since Haruhi went to her bath, he turned his head instantly when he heard footsteps to see Haruhi entering. "Did you have a nice bath?" Tamaki asked taking note of her pajamas. "And are those pajamas new?"

"It was nice considering how long I haven't had one," she said in a whisper. "Grandma got me these since Dad told her that I don't really have a set of pajamas."

"That is really nice of her," said Tamaki smiling as he watched Haruhi walk over to the desk that was against one of the walls.

"This desk, my grandma has told me, has a secret compartment," said Haruhi placing her hand on the desk she had walked to.

"Are you thinking that those two pictures that your mom hid are in that secret compartment?"

"Yes, senpai, but grandma said she didn't know where they are at exactly."

"Then we can go look and see if we can find that secret compartment," said Tamaki as he got up and walked over to the desk.

Once Tamaki reached the desk, the two of them pulled out the drawer of the desk, and Tamaki looked around the area the drawer had revealed. Tamaki felt all over the cavern that held the drawer, and once he pulled his hand out, he shook his head and frowned in disappointed. They then put the drawer back in its hole. Then Tamaki crawled under the desk and began his search anew. Haruhi watched but was surprised when suddenly a piece fell from the bottom of the desk on top of Tamaki's stomach. However, the piece that fell wasn't what surprise her.

It was two pictures and a locket that slide down the piece that had fallen.

"These pictures," Haruhi said in a whisper as she picked them up with the locket, "are from the time that they first met." She then looked at the locket. "But this locket, I don't know where it is from."

"Well, why don't you open it?" Tamaki asked placing the piece that fell back to its place.

Haruhi sat down the pictures on the floor and began to run her fingers along the edge of the locket until she found a little latch. Pulling on the latch reveled the locket's inside: a picture of a younger Haruhi and her and a folded up piece of paper that had drifted out once the locket was open. As Tamaki sat down next to her after getting out from underneath the desk, she picked up the paper and unfolded it. "She wrote me," said Haruhi more quietly at the end.

"Go ahead and read it. I don't need to know what is written unless you want to."

Without hesitation, she read the letter and felt like she could not describe all the feelings that she felt from that one letter. Never before did she felt so close to her mother in the previous ten years since her death than now. It was as if her mother's voice was reading the letter to her in her head. Instinctively, once she finished the letter, she brought the paper to her nose and sniffed the paper. The smell that her nose picked up was of the air freshener that her mother had used when their apartment would smell stale.

She cast a glance to her senpai as she pulled the paper away from her nose. "Senpai," she said holding up the paper with the text not facing him, "could you find an air freshener with this scent?"

He leaned forward and sniffed it. "I would be more than happy to find it for you Haruhi!" Tamaki declared loudly.

Well, her grandma was right about Tamaki. "Thank you, senpai," she said as she decided to see how right her grandma was about Tamaki.

"You don't have to thank me, Haruhi."

"I feel I need to, senpai, for all that you have done."

"You've already thank me with your hug earlier."

"That was for everything else that has happen, senpai."

"Well if you say so..." Tamaki glanced at the two pictures lying on the ground and picked one of them up. "Haruhi, would you mind if I take one of these pictures, just so I can get frames for both of them?"

She really didn't want to give up either of the pictures even if it would be a short, but having them in a frame would be nice... "I really don't know senpai. Could you get a frame for them without taking these pictures?

"Maybe if I had the measurements of both of them. Oh...I have these for you tonight," said Tamaki as he paused for a bit before showing Haruhi a pair of ear plugs.

"I hadn't looked at the weather for today," she said as she picked up the ear plugs.

"You should get to bed before it arrives. At least, your futon is out."

The two of them walked over to the futon, and Haruhi got into it before Tamaki tucked her in. He patted her head reassuring her that everything was fine and helped put the earplugs in her ear. As he called his car on his cell phone, Tamaki rubbed the top of her head. Even after he hang up, he still rubbed the top of her hair, and it was making Haruhi fall asleep. Tamaki stopped rubbing her hair when a car could be heard idling outside. Before he rose to his feet and left, he kissed her on the forehead. When the car was moving away, sleep had already claimed Haruhi.

When she arrived at school after getting the stitches out of her hand at the hospital, everyone swarmed her. They all asked questions about how she felt and her time at her grandparents. In answering each of their questions, she was glad that her voice was back fully and that her grandparents had made her not talk often during her stay with them. Then when she arrived at Music Room 3, she was so tired out that she laid down and fell asleep for the first part of club. Tamaki always made an effort to check on her several time and even covered her with a blanket after she first fell asleep.

When she woke, the guests all surrounded her before Haruhi even had a chance to fully wake up. Tamaki was there in snap to encourage the girls give her some space. Then he leaned down and turned his head towards her. "Do you need anything, Haruhi?"

Instead of a reply, Haruhi ran off, feeling like her face was starting to become extraordinary hot. She was sure that she probably had stun people as she ran into the prep room and shut the door behind her. Slumping down to the ground, she tried to think about what to do next. She really couldn't go back out there. Everyone would just stare at her. As she was thinking of what to do, a knock brought her out of her thoughts and made her realize that she probably move so people could come in. She rose to her feet and walked away from the door expecting that Kyoya was the one who knocked on the door. However, she was surprised when Momoko came in instead.

"Hello, Haruhi-kun. Honey-senpai suggested I should talk to you," said Momoko after she shut the door.

"Did he say why?" Haruhi asked as Momoko came over to her.

"Not at all," replied Momoko as she and Haruhi sit down. "Haruhi-kun?"


"Why did you ran off from Tamaki-senpai like that?"

"Why did my face feel like it was hot at that moment?"

"So, he made you flustered, Haruhi-kun."


Noticing the girl's confusion, Momoko ran her hand over the top of Haruhi's head. Then she began to rub the back of Haruhi after she had flatten a few standing hairs. Momoko felt the tense way that Haruhi held herself lessen as she continued to rubbing Haruhi's back. The confusion remained, but the tenses did not remain. "Haruhi-kun," Momoko started softly as she continued to rub the girls back, "you will find that love will do crazy things to people. Sometimes it makes it hard to be around the person you love so deeply that you can't be in their presence.'s like, well, it's like you want to express your love but can't all at the same time. Am I making sense, Haruhi-kun?"

"Some what," said Haruhi before sighing.

A gentle silence lapse between the two with Momoko still rubbing Haruhi's back. Choosing the time to think and let her feelings settle, Haruhi closed her eyes and let her thoughts wander (which for her wasn't something she needed to try too hard to do). Haruhi found the quietness was just right for her. As she stared off into space, she didn't realize that quite a bit of time past until she sort of felt someone changing the small bandages she had over the place where the stitches were at. Focusing herself to what was around her, Haruhi noticed that Tamaki was putting a fresh bandage on her hand. "There," said Tamaki before looking up to Haruhi, "that should be good until tonight."

"Senpai, when did you get here?" Haruhi asked.

"So you were staring off for awhile," commented Tamaki. "Only a few minutes. Besides, Kyoya reminded me that I probably needed to change your bandage even though your probably you could do it yourself."

"Senpai, it's my dominate hand," said Haruhi. "How easy do you think I could do it?"

"Oh, you do have a point," said Tamaki before he held out his hand to her. "Would you like some help up?"

Haruhi nodded, took Tamaki's hand, and allowed him to pull her up to her feet. "Where did Momoko-chan go to?"

"She said she didn't want to encroach upon us being together. We could go and see if she and Kimiko-chan are still around the-"

As she listened to him tell her why Momoko wasn't around any more, Haruhi made the move to hug Tamaki, interrupting him before he could complete his sentence. "Senpai?"

"What is it, Haruhi?" Tamaki asked softly.

She squeezed Tamaki out of nervousness before rubbing her face into him. "I love you," she muttered somewhat quietly.

Tamaki tense somewhat and was surprised. "What was that, Haruhi?"

Haruhi, not wanting to repeat herself, loosened her arms quickly from Tamaki and step back to look up at her senpai. "Did you not hear what I said?"

"I heard it but couldn't believe."

Haruhi stood up on her tippy toes and then kissed Tamaki on the cheek before quickly running off in embarrassment to the exit of the room. As she was about to exit the room, Momoko and Kimiko latched their arms on her and pulled her out of that room. "You should go back to him," said Kimiko.

"Yes, you should," said Momoko.

"I can't go back there," muttered Haruhi as she glanced at the door to the room that she had left Tamaki in.

"Stop being so embarrassed about it," said Momoko.

Before Haruhi had a chance to reply, Momoko and Kimiko pushed her directly into Tamaki, who was exiting the room that she had left him. "Good luck, lovebirds," said Kimiko before her and Momoko walked off giggling.

"I feel they are a female Hikaru and Kaoru," said Haruhi, not realizing that Tamaki had his arms around her waist.

"Kimiko-chan and Momoko-chan have defiantly become quite good friends to you," said Tamaki as he gently tightened his arms around Haruhi.

"Yeah, they have," said Haruhi completely forgetting about the awkward situation that happened in the room that they were in a little while ago.

"Have they been helpful to you?" Tamaki asked before kissing the top of her head.

"Yes, senpai," said Haruhi before turning around to look at Tamaki. "And senpai, you can keep doing that if you don't think your my father."

"Certainly, mon amour," said Tamaki with a smile from ear to ear, "as long as you love me as deeply as I do to you."

"I love you," said Haruhi in a slight whisper.

Then Tamaki flashed her a toothy grin before he gave her a kiss that was so long that the French would be impressed. And on the other side of the room, their friends smiled in happiness knowing that they were together. After how far he went for her, everyone (who knew the pair) knew they would never break apart.