Um, I can't really think of a good author's note to put right here, so I'll just tell you that this takes place in between The End part III and Homecoming part I. Oh, and, as obvious as this should be, I do not own Teen Titans or any other trademarked items appearing in this fic.

The Titans were rushing to the crime scene. Apparently, Cinderblock was attacking the mall (the third time this week) and the Titans had to stop him. They found Cinderblock destroying the mall. Robin jumped off of his bike, pulled out his staff, and was about to say a witty one-liner before he was interrupted by a girls voice.

"You're going to be doing hard time Cinderblock!" she said, then blasted him with a black beam of light, instantly defeating him. She stepped out of the shadows, allowing Robin to get a better look at her. Her body was a perfect hourglass shape, yet she somehow also had an athletic build. She was stick skinny, which made her perfect D-cup seem freakishly out of place, and she was so pale that Robin thought she was albino. Her Raven-black shirt was very low-cut, but in a totally modest way, and her completely non-revealing extra-short skirt made Starfire look like a Nun. Then Robin saw her face. She had waist-length hair that was as black as tar, but it had pink highlights that were totally natural. Her face itself was like Starfire's, but better in every way. And finally, her eyes. They were a mixture of Emerald green and Ruby red, and quite frankly, looked hideous. Pretty much, she looked like a Goth Barbie doll.

"Hi!" she said. "I'm Bella Whitney Rochelle Sanasana. But my superhero name is Nightingale."

"Uh, why did you just tell us your secret identity?" Cyborg asked. However, Bella completely ignored him, instead throwing herself at Robin, suddenly breaking into tears.

"Oh Robin, I know we just met ten seconds ago, but I'm already desperately in love with you. Finally, someone who I can share my feelings with without fear of you judging me because of my past!"

Robin was desperately trying to breathe. This girl was ridiculously strong for someone so skinny. "That's nice," he gasped. "Can you stop hugging me now?"

Bella immediately let go. "Sorry she said shyly. She then turned to Starfire. "Heaven, flew, black, and yes."

Starfire looked confused. "Please, why did you say that?"

"I was answering your question 'Where did you come from? How did you get her? What is your favorite color? Do you wish to be my friend?'"

Starfire was now even more confused. "But, I was not going to ask you those questions. Why did you assume that I would?"

Robin was eyeing Bella suspiciously. This felt like a serious déjà vu. "No offense, but we just met you, and we can't-"

"Oh!" Bella interrupted. "You want me to join the Teen Titans?"

Robin held out his hands defensively. "Whoa, hold on, I never-"

"Of course I'll join!" Bella squealed like an overly-obsessed fan girl.

Robin almost told her no, but then he considered the circumstance. She was obviously very powerful, and given the fact that she was very suspicious, it seemed practical to keep as close of an eye on her as possible. Robin sighed. "Alright, you can stay, but only for today." He had no idea how much he would regret saying that.

Meanwhile, in Slade's evil lair of evilness, Slade was plotting to destroy the Teen Titans. A sudden urge came upon him, one that he acted on immediately. First, he filled a mug that said 'World's Evilest Villain' with coffee. Then, he drank the coffee.

Who is this girl? What is her past? What does Slade drinking coffee have to do with anything? Why am I asking so many questions? Remember, I won't update this story unless I get ten good reviews…who am I kidding, I'm updating this whether it gets reviewed or not.