A.N.: Okay, so I couldn't come up with a damn thing yesterday, woke up this morning and this is what was in my head. E/O challenge, WOW: Week/weak, went ahead and took that extra hundred words for the double meaning. :) Tag to 7x23, so big, GIANT spoilers up until then. Hope all who read enjoy.

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It's been a hell of week.

Bobby's gone, Baby's back, he just killed Dick and now he is stuck in freaking Purgatory.

Definitely not where he expected to end up seven days ago.

And Sam...Is he trapped here too?

Or is he stuck? All alone?

He's got to get back to him, find his brother and...

His thoughts break off abruptly as a dozen pair of crimson eyes glare through the copious trees at him, their intent malicious as a chill works it's way through his frame.

Cas picked a hell of a time to go MIA on him.

Rustles of sound register in his ears as he realizes with a loud gulp that he is surrounded.

He backs away from the hungry eyes in front of him, patting down his frame for a suitable weapon.

Where the freak is his gun?

He chuckles weakly. "I don't suppose you guys would just be willing to let bygones be bygones?"

A keening howl is what he receives as an answer, an angry rumble of teeth gnashing driving the point home.

"Yeah," he starts, his fingers closing around the hilt of one of his knives. "I didn't think so."