Chapter IV

A Possible Love Triangle and a Surprise Challenge

After Lucy gets out of bed still thinking about her dream she still can't get Gray out of her mind after what he did last night. She is having thoughts that Gray actually wants her, but what about Juvia. Lucy chooses not to think about this anymore and get ready to go to the guild for the third challenge.

A little while later she leaves her apartment and starts walking to her destination, Plue is by her side keeping up with her. When the guild enters her eyesight she sees Gray standing next to the front door. When she gets closer Gray looks at her, "Hello Lucy, get enough rest". "Yes, thank you", she says happy while attempting to walk into the guild again until Gray stops her. "I can tell something is going on with you and I want to help you out despite what you said last night", he exclaims at her. She sighs and explains to him, "My work is nothing I cannot handle and it is personal for good reasons, not even the master or any of the S-Class people know". His look at her did not change at all when he says, "Please let me help out with something, and I don't like feeling useless". "You're not and I promise if I need your help I will ask you", she says. He nods walking into the guild.

Lucy walks into the guild as well ignoring everything and searches for Mirajane behind the bar. She spots her talking to Lissana and walks towards them. She looks at both of them and says, "Good morning Mirajane, what is the next challenge for today". "Good morning Lucy, well this challenge will be breaking one of the rules you agreed to, but this will be really important", she says seriously. She showed them both a job request that says, "Help, Demon on the loose in the area around Aqua Village, Reward is 25,000,000 Jewels, at the request of the entire village". Mirajane looks at Lucy and Lissana and says, "You will take on the mission with Natsu and I will ask him who helped him the most when you come back".

Gray sees Lucy looking at the job request and walks up to the three women. "Hey Lucy, I thought you were too busy to do something like this", he says surprised. Mirajane covers for her and says, "Well she still has to pay rent Gray". He nods in understanding, "Let me go with you remember what I said earlier". Lissana finally speaks, "We weren't thinking of asking you Gray, it was just going to be me, her and Natsu and what did you say earlier". He looks away from Lissana and says, "Nothing, but please let me go with you guys I want to help". Mirajane looks into his eyes and sees his eager and vigor, "Fine you can go, but don't fight with Natsu and don't do anyone else's work for them". "I promise, so when are we leaving", he says with a happy tone in his voice. Mirajane speaks up one last time, "Once we tell Natsu you can go when you're ready to leave".

Suddenly Natsu burst through the guild doors with his usual attitude. Lucy yells, "Hey Natsu, do you want to go on a mission with me, Lissana, and Gray". He looks at Lucy and exclaims, "I am always ready for a mission, yes". They all leave the guild and go home to get their things and head to the train station. When they board the train and leave Natsu gets sick once again on the way to Aqua Village.

Gray stares at Lucy while Lucy and Lissana stare at Natsu while he is face down on his seat. Lucy breaks the tension and says, "Let's get this done so we can go home as soon as possible". Lissana nodded her head and stared at Natsu again then the train began to slow down. Once they were off the train Natsu was acting normal again. They walked to the police office thinking they can inform them that they are here to get rid of the demon. After doing so they walked into the forest to wait for it.

"I think we should split up into two groups", says Lissana while walking. Lucy looks at her and asks, "Why, we don't know how strong this demon is, it's not safe to split up". Natsu looks like he likes this idea, "We should split up, and I can brag to everyone that the thing was defeated without Gray's help". Gray glares at Natsu and exclaims, "Things will go the other way around with Lucy's help you go with Lissana". Lissana smiles and says, "Great idea", then grabs Natsu by his scarf and pulls him away from Lucy and Gray.

Lucy and Gray's Point of View

"Why did you want to go with me", Lucy says while looking at Gray confused. He looks at her and exclaims, "I said I want to help you, that's why I wanted to go with you". "Thanks", she says and he says, "Your welcome and lets go so we won't get to behind on the search to find this demon". After walking for several minutes in nothing but quiet she finally speaks, "We need to come up with a plan so we won't be surprised if it chooses to attack us and not them". "You hold it with your whip and I'll freeze it into a solid chunk of ice", he said softly. She looks at him and says, "That can't work, it's too simple". "It will work and it doesn't matter if it's simple and the last time I checked Fairy Tail does simple things all the time". Before she could respond a loud scream is heard by them. They look around them, Gray moves closer to Lucy then they look up at the sky to see some sort of object with wings. The thing descends to the ground and they both get a good look at it.

It has glowing white eyes, a red-grey skin tone, green hair, and it is six and a half feet tall.

End of Chapter 4

Next Time it will be a Lissana and Natsu Point of View and the fight with the demon. If you're wondering why this chapter is shorter it is taking me longer to think of ideas. Don't worry I won't give up on the story until it's finished.