Competition for a Heart

Chapter V: Don't Even Think About It.

Natsu and Lissana's Point of View

Lissana was dragging Natsu away from their teammates quickly so she and Natsu could be alone. After walking for about a minute they stopped and she looked at him while blushing. He said, "Hey Lissana is shouldn't we be talking about how to beat this thing". "We will later, but I want to talk about something else right now. Where do you see yourself eight years from now", she says calmly. He looks confused at her question, but he still answers, "Going on missions like this with all of you guys". She hides a feeling of annoyance and exclaims, "Do you see yourself in a relationship with someone you love". Natsu starts to blush and says, "I don't know, it that's going to happen I hope it's with someone I really trust". "Do you trust all the women at the Fairy Tail guild", she says concerned. He answers monotone, "Yes, but I trust some people more than others like you, Lucy, Erza, Mirajane, and Juvia".

When she was going to say something else they heard a loud scream and ran to where they think it came from.


Natsu and Lissana ran out from behind some trees to see Lucy and Gray standing close to the demon. "Move, out of the way", Natsu yells while he is running up to the creature with his fists on fire. Gray watches this and says, "You are not doing this on your own fool". He says this while he gets in a battle position. He yells out, "Ice make Lance", while Natsu exclaims, "Fire Dragon Iron Fist".

While this happens Lissana uses her take over magic to transform into a panther like creature. Lucy gets out one of her keys, "Open Gate of the Golden Bull Taros". She gets out her whip and now they are all fighting this demon.

After fighting the demon for a while it looks nowhere close to being tired. Grays yells out mad, "This isn't getting us anywhere, we need to find its weak spot". "Duh slushy, but I don't see one", Natsu screams in anger. Lucy begins to speak saying, "This is similar to my situation in the Tower of Heaven and the only reason I won my fight is because of a, Wait that's it a Unison Raid". Lissana exclaims, "Strange idea, but how can we do one and who is going to do it and we don't even know what that things weakness is yet". "Haven't you noticed yet. That thing always defends its mouth which must be its weakness and the Unison Raid will have to be Natsu and Gray".

"Hell No", they both yell out. Lucy stars begging, "Please you need to do this. That thing will defeat us if you don't do this". Natsu and Gray stare at her and both say, "Ok, but only because you said please". They get closer together and fist bump and yell out, "Unison Raid".

Suddenly the area is pelted with hail that is on fire which hurts the demon and the fire hail turns into steam when it hits the ground blinding the demon. Lucy runs out to where see saw the demon last and throws her whip out pretty high and luckily strikes the creature in the mouth. It begins to scream out in pain and falls to the ground. Natsu says, "Great job Lucy I am proud of you right now", "You are a genius Lucy I am glad I came to witness you in action", says Gray. Lucy blushes while Lissana pouts, then the creature begins to glow and disengages into nothing but a jaw bone. "What should we do with that", Lissana says. "Let's give it to the Magic Council and let them take care of it", Gray says and everyone else nodes.

After getting their reward they look for a place to spend the night, but instead decide to take a midnight train instead. On the train Lucy stares at Natsu who is drooling on her lap while Gray laughs and Lissana stares at Natsu. This scene happened the whole way home and when they finally get home they all part their separate and went to their homes.

Lucy arrives at her home and doesn't bother doing anything else and gets into bed.

Waking up later she showers, dresses, and eats breakfast. When she is getting ready someone knocks on her door. She opens it to see Gray, "Gray, what are you coming over so early", she says. "I came to see you since we were too tired to hang out after our mission", he says. "I was just about to go to the guild, do you want to walk with me", she exclaims. He looks into her eyes and says, "Sure".

On their way to the guild they start to have a conversation. Lucy starts to talk, "Hey, you have been hanging around me more lately, is something up". He breaths and answers, "Yes, I have been hearing rumors of a person who is stealing the souls of wizards who have rare magic and since you have 10 out of the twelve keys I want to make sure that you are ok. He was spotted in the forest near by a couple days ago and he may come here". She looks at him and says, "Thank you for worrying about me, but I think he will not come after me since I am not one of the well more known Fairy Tail wizards".

They are now just outside the guild and Gray says before he opens the door, "Just be careful Lucy and you are well known since you are a member of the strongest team". She smiles and walks in looking for Mirajane. She spots Natsu sitting at the counter talking to Mirjane and Erza. Lissana now enters the guild and follows Lucy towards the counter. When they both arrive Erza looks straight at Lucy and exclaims, "Good morning Lucy, Natsu told me about your mission and I am impressed. You took out the demon and got those two things to do a Unison Raid. I never imagined that would happen". With that Lucy smiled and Lissana forced one while Mirajane took out a clip board and made another mark.

Lucy: 2

Lissana: 1

Natsu looks at Lucy and says, "You have improved Lucy. I am definetly going to ask you to be my partner during the next S-Class exam". Mirjane finally decides to speak, "Good for you Lucy and Natsu she may be chosen to be a candidate for S-Class next time and I cannot believe that it's the end of the week already". Lissana frowns while Lucy smiles while Natsu says, "This week did go by fast and it one of my best ever it seems that this must have been a lucky week for me". Lissana speaks up, "Today is the last day of the week and there is still plenty of time for things to happen, right Lucy".

The guild doors and blasted away to reveal a teenage girl with long red hair wearing red pants and a white half shirt. As well she has several rings on her fingers in different colors. Natsu is the first one to approach her and says, "Who do you think you are busting down the door and what do you want". She looks at him and says, "You". He grins and yells, "If you want a fight you only had to ask me, Roar of the Fire Dragon". She puts up one of her hands and one of her rings begins to glow making the fire disappear. She speaks up and says, "I have one ring for each element plus two more for dark and light magic. None of these elements can hurt me they will just disappear when they get too close to me and they have one more ability". She raises both hands and all of her rings begin to glow, a bright light flashes in the room and when it wears off Natsu is gone. Erza now yells, "Where is Natsu what did you do with him".

She says, "My name is Rin and he is trapped inside my rings. I will be keeping him there till it is time to suck out his soul". Suddenly light surrounds her again and she vanishes.

End of Chapter V

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