Telepath Wolf


Hello everyone, I realized while re-reading my fic in order to get back into it, that it had become quite long. So in lights of that, I decided to split it according to the Babylon 5 Seasons.

So if you reached this point for the first time after reading the New year's Boom with President Santiago, congratulations, you just finished canon Season 1 of the show. And you can head into my profile to look for Season 2 to continue reading.

Now, for those of you who were already ahead in the story, not to worry, I will keep in the "new Fic" the chapters with the same number as when you read them for the first time (example Chapter 1 (27)… and so on) until we reach the end of Season 2, that is coming soon.

This means right now that I am marking "Telepath Wolf" as COMPLETE and starting to upload the Chapters on "Telepath Wolf Season 2"

Any doubts, suggestions, comments… you can always review or send me PM.