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There will be blood.

The warp was the epitome of unnaturality.

The warp is chaos. Chaos is the warp. The two were indivisible.

There was one thing that remained constant in the warp though, and it was the presence of the Daemon Gods. The Great Enemy, Infernal Abyss, Madness incarnate, Evil given life, all these names were in some way linked to the 4 beings that ruled over the warp. In simpler to understand terms, everyone simply called them a name that connoted their entire existence.

The chaos gods.

First was Khorne. The Collector of Skulls, Lord of battle, and most commonly known as the Blood God. His realm is the Fortress of Khorne. Across the land, the skulls of all those slain in battle make up the ground that is walked on. Roaring spiked towers, bastions housing countless khornate daemons, vigilantly keep guard of the fortress. To call his fortress impenetrable would be an insult. After all, in a realm where everything is ruled by battle, invaders are practically invited in, to be gloriously slaughtered by horned daemons with flaming, soul rending hellblades. Like him, his daemons revel in bloodshed and battle. The daemons of khorne are unmatched in martial skill and brutal melee. Khorne is labeled the most powerful of the chaos gods at the moment for good reason.

Second is Tzeentch. The changer of ways, the master schemer, and Lord of Change. To describe the realm of Tzeentch is in itself, an assault on the mortal mind. It is an endless and confusing maze that to this day, untold millions are hopelessly trying to navigate through. Horrific mutations infest every square inch of rock and soil. Shapeless horrors of Tzeentch, adept in chaotic magic, maraud across the realm. Daemonic sky sharks scream across the realm, swimming through skies of multi-colored fire. The most powerful psykers and daemons travel here, in attempt to learn and exchange notes with fellow psykers and less volatile of Tzeentchian daemons. Tzeentch is change, and magic is simply another ability to change.

Third is Nurgle. The living plague, Grandfather of blight, and The lord of Decay. The garden of Nurgle is home to every disease, sickness, or contagion known to the galaxy. Poxes, sickness, and despair are as common here, as grass and air is to earth. Nurgle lives to bring about the beauty of disease and his daemons fuel this desire. Plaguebearers of Nurgle count the endless number of diseases Nurgle spends his time to create. As extension they make up the bulk of the plague fathers forces. Nurgle offers immortality and the absence of pain to all his followers. With such abilities, his forces wade through combat, speading death and decay gradually and slowly. War of attrition is the plague god's favorite and only form of warfare. For who can defeat those who cannot truly die?

Fourth and last is Slaanesh, the Goddess of pain, the Prince of Pleasure, and The Lord of Excess. Slaanesh is the youngest of the chaos gods. Khorne and Nurgle are assumably male. Tzeentch is so fickle and ever changing in its appearance that no gender can accurately be placed on it. Slaanesh is neither of these cases. His/Her appearance varies wildly. At one moment, Slaanesh would be the male symbol of masculinity and adoration. The next, she would be an unrivaled beauty of physical perfection and attractive curves. His body shifts in accordance with whoever is in his presence and whatever mood she is in. The Palace of Slaanesh itself is every part temptation. The walls are lined with gold and gems that a single touch will rob you of your soul. Food is cursed so that once one starts eating they will never stop, until their belly bursts. His daemons masquerade as undivine beauties that will rend you apart with their claws at the slightest touch. The very ground is soft enough that to rest on the soil means an eternal coma you will never awake from.

These 4 beings are the chaos gods, and the rulers of the Warp.

Now one may ask "if beings so powerful maraud across a universe beset by war and destruction for untold millennia, what interest could they possibly take in a boring earth? An earth devoid of the imperium of man, space marines, or any beings capable of rivaling their more powerful daemons."

The answer is simple really.

For all the excitement there is to combating the local residents across the 41st millennia, things get old. There's not as much horror or fear associated with the word chaos as there once was. Now, chaos is seen more as an individual faction, simply another player in an ongoing conflict, which will continue for untold millennia. Chaos, by nature, opposes stagnation. At the slightest hint of repetition occurring, something is done to break up the manotomy.

The chaos gods certainly aren't known for liking each other, but it happened to be on this day that Tzeentch felt more blood thirsty than usual and saw several mortals than until now were untouched by his schemes and the hand of chaos entirely. Who better to consult than his older brother, the Blood God? It wasn't a fault of earth that Tzeentch convinced Khorne to send his best daemon herald to their realm. It wasn't a fault of earth that a warp storm was rolling over the planet. It wasn't a fault of earth that many people would die.

They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And now, U'zuhl the Skulltaker would spill their blood for it.


The Slaughter of Karakura

Captain Yamamoto stared down Aizen.

Behind Aizen were his 3 top Arrancar and their fraccion, genetically altered hollows who were as powerful, if not more so, than a shinigami.

Behind Yamamoto were the elite members of the Gotei 13.

What few of their forces that weren't already there were fighting each other in Huecco Mundo. This battle now, would determine the outcome of the war. Who would be the victor? That was for them to decide. Both forces glared at each other, simply waiting for the order to attack.

Yamamoto began to speak

"Everyone. The lives of Thousands are at stake. Fight to the death. Even if the flesh melts from your bones, fight to the finish. Give it everything you have!"

And then everyone felt it.

A feeling of wrongness washed over everyone. It was as if something had entered into their dimension, and it had no business existing, let alone being here.

The sky….it was...pulsating.

It was turning blood red. There was an unholy sound that no mortal was meant to hear. It was the sound of disembodied daemonic chanting.

Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-…

Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-… Kill-..Maim-…Burn-…

Yamamoto was staring up at the sky, as well as everyone else.

What on earth…


A black and red mist shot down from the sky and directly in between the two opposing forces.

Everyone was forced to shield their eyes from the baleful energy taking form.

A horrible creature began forming from the feet up. The first thing that could be made out was 4 massive brass hooves, each hoof the size of a truck tire. The hooves lead up to insanely thick brass plated legs with piston machinery visible at the heels. The legs lead up to the rest of a brass colored beast. It was horrifying to look at. It appeared as a brass plated, mechanical rhino with predatory teeth. The eyes glowed a furious red, casting waves of almost debilitating levels of hate on everything it viewed. The top of its head was a viciously jagged horn blade, taller and wider than a fully grown man. Both its shoulders had spikes sticking out the sides, with impaled skulls on both ends. On its neck was a spiked, blood stained collar with a thick chain leash. The creature was quite literally the size of a monster truck.

But that was simply the mount. The rider was much more terrifying.

Riding on the back of this beast was something comparable to the devil. The creature had blood red skin that was simply bulging in muscles. It was clad in black obsidian armor with a brass trim. Every plate of armor was filled in wit brass skulls. The creature had an elongated, skull engraved, head that seemed alien, as well as 4 horns. There were 2 large horns that extended over his head and curled over 2 skulls. Two smaller horns extended downward, just past his jaw. On its back was a long flowing cape, which inspired fear in everything that lay eyes on it. All across its cape were dozens, maybe hundreds of different skulls, many of them non-human. All the skulls had copper weaving in and out of the skull's eye sockets to keep them in place. In its hand was what many hesitated to call a sword. It was a long black, flaming saber that branched out into a dozen more jagged edges. If one stared hard, unholy runes could be seen on the blade, faintly glowing.

This creature had absolutely no reiatsu. Not as in, so little it wasn't worth mention, but literally non-existent.

Everything had at least some reiatsu. From tiny goldfish to spiritually aware humans, there was always something. To have absolutely none would mean that the creature before him didn't have a soul, a spirit, or anything.

Yamamoto was beginning to realize why this creature reeked of wrongness and damnation.

A daemon. That was the only thing that could describe what he was looking at. It had no soul, and had a bottomless lust for destruction. But daemons are physically unable to leave hell!


The creature took notice of those that surrounded him.


The creature monster dismounted from its hell-spawned beast and banished it. The horrendously large bull morphed into black and red smoke and ascended into the blood red sky, waiting on its master's order to ride to battle.

Then the creature did what everyone was prepared for but prayed it wouldn't do. It attacked.

The creature moved forward in a red blur, as if the daemon's very essence was struggling to keep up with its movements. It came straight for the nearest target.


Aizen just barely managed to bring his blade up in defense. Then something impossible happened.

Aizen's zanpakuto started to vocally scream when contact was made.

The Skulltaker, as well as all bloodletters, wielded swords made from the Soul Forge of the warp. Every blade eternally burned with a fire that scorched one's very soul to the touch. Zanpokutou were no exception.


The daemon wrapped a thick hand around Aizen's head, with its free arm. The others could only watch in shock and awe as this daemon did something unbelievable.

It crushed Aizen's skull with its bare hand.

The Skulltaker cared not for this one's skull. This mortal was a grand schemer and a practiced magician. He could tell by simply looking into the impudent bastard's soul. Even this battle was simply a ploy, which he planned to use as a trap. Schemers were cowards, and the Skulltaker detested cowards. His skull was unworthy for Khorne's throne. The daemon raised his flaming blade for all to see and channeled his daemonic fury into the blade.

Before everyone, the edges of the blade glowed a seering yellow and khornate runes glowed across the blade.

The Skulltaker swung down in an arc and bisected the near headless body from shoulder to hip, leaving a flaming vapor trail in the blade's wake. Aizen's soul was rended apart and burnt to cinders. As an afterthought, the daemon turned and loped Aizen's Zanpokutou in half as well. Anything that willingly allowed themselves to be used in cowardly ploys was as much a coward as the schemers themselves. The soul of the Zanpokutou suffered the same fate as Aizen's.

Momo stared in shock and heartbreak. That…thing….had it just…?


The Captain-Commander tore his attention from the abomination that had murdered Aizen, and toward Momo, and his eyes widened. This girl flew toward the daemon at her fastest speed.


She yelled out as her shikai activated. She aimed her sword and shot a fireball at the Daemon.

The Skulltaker barely glanced at the attack and let it hit him full force. A fire ball erupted outward and many of the arrancar gathered enough sense to either move back or harden their skin enough to mitigate the fire.

Momo stared at the fire with the utmost concentration, when the smoke began to clear. She was deeply disturbed when she saw that not only was Daemons unhurt, but completely unfazed. Across the armor, strange symbols with a passing resemblance to the number "8" began to glow with a searing red heat.


The daemon fazed forward cleaved down at the tiny girl in an arc. The blade's edges glowed yellow and left a flaming after image in its path.

Captain Hitsugaya Shunpo'd in front of Momo with his sword poised to block. When the Skulltakers howling blade made contact however, the Zanpokutou parted down the middle, along with the good captain. Hitsugaya and his Zanpokutou's souls immediately were both incinerated.

Blood splattered across Momo's face. Before she could even realize that the two people she cared for the most, had been so easily, and brutally, murdered, a flaming blade parted her head from her shoulders. Momo's Zanpokutou helplessly fell to the ground below. The Skulltaker didn't consider it worth the effort to crack open the blade and devour its soul.

Especially with all these victims surrounding him.

Yamamoto finally found his voice.

"Warriors of the Gotei 13! Ignore the Arrancar! Kill that monster immediately!"

At the mention of their name, the Arrancar finally realized what was happening around them.

Tosen took charge.

"Arrancar! That creature has just killed Aizen-sama! Avenge him!"

The Skulltaker glanced at either direction and noticed he was being assaulted. The daemon's unnaturally long tongue lashed out and licked some of the blood clean from his blade.

Then it smiled as well as a saber toothed daemon without lips could. Finally! A Challenge!


The first few to reach him where Vega, Soifon, and Omaeda.

"Sting all enemies to death, Suzumbachi!"

"Now smash them, Getsuburi!"

"Bite off, Tigre Estoque!"

The Skulltaker figured there battle cries needed a little work. He was unimpressed by the slight change in gravity there transformations caused. The change in weapons, he could care less for. As long as his enemy was actually capable with their tools, he could care less if these mortals fought him with eating utensils.

The daemon then saw a wrecking ball fly toward him. The daemon caught the spiked wrecking ball with one hand. Omaeda's eyes bugged out of his head. The daemon swung his blade and severed the chain. Omaeda heard Getsuburi's death cries, and was terrified.

Hefting the object, the Skulltaker turned and hurled the useless hunk of metal at the Mortal trying flank him. Vega's eye's widened and he sonido'd to the side, to avoid the wrecking ball. The Skulltaker huffed in irritation.

*stab* *stab*

The Skulltaker idly registered that he'd been poked twice. He glanced to his left to see an odd female standing there with a smug look on her face.

"Suzumbachi's poison kills in 2 hits. You're finished abomination."

The Skulltaker was tempted to facepalm himself.


The skulltaker fazed forward, right into Soifon's face and kicked her away. The female rocketed through some 4 story, box shaped, human structure and out the other side. The Skulltaker cut down his enemies as fast as he possibly could on principle, but the sheer idiocy of trying to poison him, and with a mortal made weapon at that, deserved some extra torment.

The human he threw the wrecking ball at earlier, charged him. The Skulltaker fazed slightly to the left, making the mortal miss with all three of his meat cleavers. The Skulltaker slashed downward and decapitated this annoyance with arrogant ease. The Skulltaker didn't notice, nor particularly care, that he slashed off both the mortal's arms along with his head.

Realizing that the one that actually swung the wrecking ball in the first place was still alive, he fazed up to him.

"Please! Don't kill me! I have a fam-"


The Skulltakers hated beggers far more than cowards. A coward might come back to redeem what little pride it can, but a beggar honestly expects his better to spare him from a rightly earned execution.

The Herald of Khorne was suddenly blasted with a cero. He was knocked off balance briefly but otherwise was unaffected, thanks to his khorne blessed armor. The daemon turned and bellowed at his new opponent.


"It is I, Tia Harribel. You will pay for what you did to Aizen-sama monster." The blond Californian woman stated with confidence. Some of that confidence was lost when she felt waves of unreasonable hatred resonate on to her from the Daemon.


The daemon fazed forward and swung his daemonic sword at the woman. She was barely able to Sonido backward fast enough to avoid the swing. Before the Skulltaker could press his attack, he was forced to block a cleaving axe swing from an older mortal with a permanently closed right eye. The Skulltaker idly noticed that the swords belonging to these particular mortals simply had their own power sealed inside their swords, and not an actual piece of their soul. For him, all that meant was that they'd actually be able to parry his blows instead having their swords die the second their blades touch. Willingly locking away the bulk of your own power in a weapon you used for war, made absolutely no sense to the Skulltaker. Why willingly handicap yourself, when you'll inevitably bring that power to bare in a fight anyway?

"So you're a daemon huh? You are still inferior to me, monster. But I do thank you for killing Aizen. I always hated him."

The skulltaker pushed the irritating mortal off with his sword arm. With his left hand he punched away the annoying mortal.

"Destroy, Tiburon"

"Rot, Arrogante"

The Tercera and Segundo espada both activated their ressurecion at the same time. Barragan turned into a crowned skeleton in kingly yet flaming robes. Tia's clothes simply changed to something befitting of a Slaaneshi herald. Since both passively reminded him of the competitor chaos gods, Nurgle and Slaanesh, he decided they'd both receive a painful death.

Barragan emitted purplish smog that expanded outward. All of the Arrancar immediately cleared the area. The shinigami realized they were probably avoiding it for good reason and followed their example. The foreign substance washed over the Skulltaker and attempted to age him into non-existence. That Khornate daemon noticied the blood on his sword shrivel up, harden, and then turn to red dust. The daemon bit back the urge to laugh. Did this mortal truly intend to age him into submission? The Skulltaker had lived for countless millennia, creating folk legends of himself murdering the greatest warriors of some the oldest species in existence. He lived in a plane where time and logic had no hold. He was immortal for Khorne's sake! What could something as pathetic as time do to him?

The daemon fazed forward and wrapped one of his clawed hands around Barragan's skull. He yanked forward, but was disappointed when the skull didn't immediately brake off. Instead, he rammed his knee into the mortal's chest and broke every rib his knee touched. The mortal made a feeble punch at him with his bony arm. The Skulltaker loped the offending limb off the second he noticed it.


The Skulltaker paused.

A god? Him? This deluded mortal truly thinks himself divine? The skulltaker knew precisely how to punish him.

The Skulltaker's blade weaved in flaming and fluent arcs. In 3 flaming strokes of his hellblade the mortal was completely dismembered. Barraggan screamed in pain as his arms and legs were viciously sheared off.

The Skulltaker wondered if this next part was truly necessary. His opponent lay limbless and all the flesh was already absent from his body. The Khornate mentally shrugged and decided he should, if nothing else, for the sense of tradition. He'd been following the same practice religiously for untold millennia. No need to make an exception now.

The aging fog that this miserable whelp wielded had begun clearing away since the Skulltaker first placed his hands on him. Now that it was gone, all could bare witness to this next event. The Skulltaker lifted up the limbless Barraggan for all to see.

Then the Daemon spoke the 8 words of Sacrifice.

Magical flames engulfed the limbless body and burned away the crown, clothing, life, and the very soul of the Mortal. Barraggan screaming the entire time, only enhanced the experience. With a violent twist and yank, the skull was pried off the mortal's shoulders. The daemon gave the skull a baleful glare right before crushing it in his hand.

He felt a massive wave of pride from a daemonic entity infinitely more powerful than he was, and acknowledge it. Khorne was pleased with the Skulltaker's treatment of the fool.

The Skulltaker was quite sure he would have many more of such treatments to come.



The Skulltaker turned to face his attackers.

The woman from earlier as well as her 3 apparent underlings stared him down with wariness and fear.

Already, he was disgusted.

Of all the skulls he personally owned, a fourth of them were human skulls, space marines to be exact. They were mortals that would fight him without an ounce of fear. He could rend apart the strongest of their number and shower the rest with that champion's blood, yet they'd still each fight him to the death. In fact, they only became more vicious in combat when he killed their strongest, motivating the rest to fight harder. Unlike others, when they stated that they held no fear, they truly meant it. In truth, the mortals of the astartes, orks, necrons, and tyranids had spoiled him. Those being the most common foes he faced, outside of fellow daemons, he came to expect all of his enemies to be fearless ruthless, and aggressive. And he enjoyed it greatly.

Now, as he looked around and saw all the intimidated mortals around him, he suddenly remembered that most mortals were, at heart, weak and cowardly. He couldn't expect all his foes to be fearless, relentless, and persistent. As such, he threw away all notions of honorable combat and opted to instead, simply slaughter these mortals like lambs.

A bald mortal with pure white hair making up his mustache, spoke to him.

"We don't know why you have come here daemon, but it is our duty to-"

The Skulltaker had no such interest in listening to these mortals speak about duty and what they would try to do. He only cared for their actions, not their words.

He fazed forward and sliced downward at the balding human. This human teleported backward, using his infernal magic. Without even looking, the Skulltaker blocked a swing at his back from the mortal with a shark tooth shaped sword.

"Don't turn your back on me mon-"

The Skulltaker fazed so that he was face to face the annoying bitch. With a casual stroke of his blade, Tia Harribel's stomach was sliced open. Another stroke and Tia Harribel's head was loped from her shoulders.

The daemon decided he should practice more on his decapitation swings. The woman's neck stump was far more jagged a cut then he liked.

"MASTER!" 3 voices cried at once.

The Khornate looked up at this woman's underlings. They all had masks of rage, but he knew how mortal's minds worked. They would see someone dear to them get killed by his hand and either go to a fury before succumbing to fear and regret, or they would see their loved one die and go straight to fear and regret then and there. The previously listed enemies he faced back in his dimension were the only instances where neither was the case.

The Daemon figured he may as well savor their fury while it lasted.

Then these females did something odd. They all grabbed their left arms. The limbs turned into red lights and met in the center of the three.

The Skulltaker recognized what they were doing all too well. He had experienced it both on the giving and receiving end numerous times, and been raptly interested throughout the entire process.

These little witches were doing a summoning ritual.

But summoning what? What self-respecting daemon would take 3 left arms as payment? It was a rule of thumb that one soul was the absolute minimum payment to get a favor from a daemon. And more importantly, what daemon could these children summon that would honestly be a match for him? What daemon could they summon that would feel his presence and not flee with thoughts of self-preservation?

The creature materialized and Skulltaker immediately broke into laughter.

"Ha-HA! Ha-HA! Ha-HA! Yo-You Su-Summoned A-A Cha-CHAOS Spa-SPAWN To-TO Ba-BATTLE Me-ME?"

In truth, had it been anyone else, the Skulltaker would've been deeply insulted by such a thing, and have brutally murdered the one who summoned such a creature. It was only because he was quite sure they had no idea what they had just done, that he didn't punish them for it.

It was fairly powerful to be sure, but in truth they had simply summoned a giant undivided chaos spawn. Such daemonic creatures were so pathetic that at times they were simply thrown into battle for the amusement of the commanders both mortal and daemon alike. Something about mindless pounds of flesh that were once chaos champions, running into the guns and blades of enemy weapons was deeply satisfying to watch. At one point he had sent over a 100 chaos spawn to attack a force of human Grey Knights. The laughs that were had in watching those mutants being slaughtered by daemonhunters were priceless.

As suspected, the spawn didn't do anything to him. It simply stared beneath its fur, as if assessing a predator.

Spawn had very animalistic thinking. There was a master, there were those the master didn't approve of attacking, and there were predators. If you weren't one of the first 3 then you were a target. Unfortunately for the 3 witches, the Skulltaker was chaos daemon, a herald of Khorne at that. Chaos Spawn, by instinct, feared daemons of any and all sizes and considered them as predators. Chaos Spawn Allon had no desire to trifle with a high level chaos daemon, regardless of what feelings master felt for it.

The Skulltaker fazed directly in front of the giant spawn and spoke to it with warp energy. He demanded that it retreat back to the warp or face his wrath.

Allon immediately retracted back to the warp and returned the left arms back to the 3 witches that had summoned him.

Apacci, Sun-Sung, and Mila-Rose all were shocked to the core. Had this creature just…scared Allon away? How was that even possible?

Before they could ponder much more, the Skulltaker fazed in between them. The Skulltaker's hellblade carved swift and bloody arcs through the 3 fraccion. Before anyone could blink, the bisected bodies of the 3 fraccion fell to the ground.

"Ryuujin jakka strike one. Sweeping slice."

The Captain-commander swung his sword at the Skulltaker once, before sheathing his blade.

Then he waited for confirmation. Then he waited longer.


Captain-Commander's eyes widened. Did this daemon mean to say that reiatsu based attacks had no effect on him? Impossible! But…the evidence was there. The daemon had taken Momo's fireball and shrugged off the damage. Soifon's infamous 2 stings of death hadn't worked. The nameless Espada's ability to accelerate aging and decay hadn't even phased the daemon. It even took a cero the back barely even flinched.

"Everyone! Use your Zanpokutou and that only. Kido and other Reiatsu based attacks are incapable of defeating it. Cutting it to pieces is the only way to kill it!" Yamamoto announced.

The remaining Arrancar and shinigami obeyed. Some of the strongest attacks they could muster were thrown at the Skulltaker, and the creature hadn't even been scratched yet. The sound of drawn swords echoed across the sky.

For the first time this fight, the Skulltaker was genuinely excited. Finally! They realized how feeble their magic was and came to close in glorious melee!


The fools flew at him from all angles.

Choe Neng Poww came from over head with a downward swing. The Daemon blocked and fazed up to one of the fools that actually worshipped that piece of trash that he'd disposed of earlier. The Skulltaker couldn't decapitate this idiot quickly enough, in his opinion. The arrancar's head hadn't even fully rolled off his shoulders when the next one came. Findor had already activated his ressurecion beforehand and fired pressurized water at point blank. The Daemon was insulted by the use of water against him and flat out ignored its effects. The fool tried to clamp down on him with his crab claw. The Khornate herald removed the oversized limb with an underhand swing. A clean horizontal stroke and Findor's head and body fell in two different directions.

The Skulltaker inspected this neck stump. Cleaner cut, but still needed improvement. Warp dammit, these weaklings were making him sloppy.

"Flower Wind Rage and Flower God Roar, Heavenly Wind Rage and Heavenly Demon Sneer"

Captain Shunsui activated his shikai and held in his hands two scimitar blades. He was pleased to hear that his Zanpokutou was in the mood to fight, now that her life was in every bit as much danger as his. The Captain flashed stepped behind the Skulltaker and swung at his back. The daemon quickly whipped around with his empty hand and blocked the blade with his forearm guard. Captain Kyoraku's eyes widen as his blade is halted by the brass armor. That moment of hesitation nearly causes him his life. The daemon's hellblade would've impaled him had he not shunpo'd in time.

"Growl, Haineko."

The daemon looked around and noticed the ash that was surrounding him. The dust shot across his arm and made a light paper cut on his unarmored bicep.

The daemon frowned. Using dust as a weapon? He permitted whatever weapons his opponents wished to wield, but this was ridiculous. What's next? Using flowers?

"My Zanpakutou is the dust you see around you foul daemon." She sounded like a Grey Knight. He hated Grey knights. "You're surrounded by my sword."

The daemon suppressed a sigh and fazed forward.

"You'll pay for killing my-"


The bitches' eyes stared at the Skulltaker in shock before glazing over. Her upper body went in one direction and her lower body in the other. As payment for nicking him, the daemon caught the pommel of her sword and bit into it. He sucked out the soul of this "Haineko" from the sword handle and swallowed it whole. Her screams tickled his taste buds. Captain Shunsui appeared behind him once more, ready to swing, but the Khorne daemon was ready for him this time. The Skulltaker's elbow shot back and impacted his jaw. The jaw bone shifted unnaturally and broke. The flaming hellblade of the Skulltaker swung at the foolish shinigami with less than pretty results.

Kyroraku managed to bring both swords up on reflex but all that had served to do was damn both him and his Zanpakutou. The hellblade's flames sliced through the blade and soul of his Zanpokutou then continued onward into the good captain himself. The Khornate herald wasn't done however. He swung again and cleaved through the Captain's back, shoulders, and chest, bisecting him once more. Finally, the daemon decapitated Kyoraku entirely.

If a tzeentch herald was present, it'd have complemented the Skulltaker for "Changing a warrior mage into a collection of falling body parts". The Skulltaker disdained Tzeentch heralds almost as much as Grey Knights. Always schemeing and plotting behind his back. The few times he did have the pleasure of killing Tzeentch heralds, he always wound up finding out that he had simply been a pawn in a more complex scheme that involved a different tzeentch daemon. He had finally gotten fed up and avoided the scralls of tzeentch more feverishly then he avoided the plagues of Nurgle.

The Skulltaker reflexively blocked a sword strike from some obese, bone helmet wearing idiot who also worshipped that fool he had killed earlier.

Oh yeah. He was supposed to be killing these annoyances.

The arrancar flew backward before the Skulltaker could cleave him in two, as he had demonstrated his capacity for doing multiple times already.

"Trample, Mamu-"

The Skulltaker interrupted him by cleaving the bastards head in two. If he heard another pathetic battle cry like that one more time…

"We have no choice! Activate your full powers! Shikai, Bankai, Ressureciones! By any means necessary, kill that Daemon!"

"Reduce All Creation to Ash, Ryuujin Jakka."

"Roar, Todoroki. Bankai!"

"Extend, Hozukimaru! Bankai!"

"Cry, Suzumishi. Bankai!




The Skulltaker didn't hear the rest. He shuddered in pure anger at the list of absurd and incessant battle cries.

He idly noticed that a few of them were getting particularly stronger, while the rest simply got another pointless magical weapon, that the blessing of the blood god shielded him from. Figuring he'd have his desert first and save the damnable vegetables for later, he attacked those that had appeared to have grown in martial skill.


The daemon fazed directly in front of the human with 3 massive chain-linked weapons. The human wielded a weapon that most Bloodthirsters would find a bit of difficulty trying to wield. Logically, this human should be sufficiently skilled enough for a challenge. Right?

The human twirled his weapon in the sky before swinging it downward. The herald cut through the weapon with a simple under hand stroke and decapitated the human with another hellblade stroke.

The Skulltaker found himself suppressing the urge to run himself through with his own sword and fight the rest of the battle mortally wounded and with his bare-hands. Perhaps then he could find something vaguely reminiscent of a challenge.

The Skulltaker looked up and noticed he had been surrounded by some sort of black dome sphere.

When did this happen?

"This whole dome you see before you is my Bankai."

Khorne Dammit.

"Here, your vision, reiatsu sense, and hearing are all gone. You are surrounded in darkness and at my mercy. You'll die and never see me coming."


The daemon ran the dark skinned mortal through on his sword, and stabbed the sword into the ground with the mortal still attached. He yanked the blade out of the ground and the body and brutally stomped on the body for good measure.

How satisfying! Now he knew why Angron enjoyed doing this to the Grey Knights so much during the first war of Armageddon! Stomping a freshly killed carcass into the dirt was almost as good a feeling as decapitating a skilled warrior!

The daemon fazed out of the rapidly deteriorating dome he had been trapped in and gazed upon what was left.

An animalistic mortal had a giant armored warrior standing behind him in the exact same stance he was in. The old mortal that had kept taking passes at him was standing shirtless with his sword out and magical flames reaching across his body. A mortal with closed eyes was aiming a sword at him like a ranged-weapon. A muscular mortal under the impression that he was a female, was wearing a ridiculous outfit that even a Slaaneshi herald would hesitate to wear. A mortal had taken the form of a red bird. A mortal with 2 chain-linked short scythes stared him down with hatred. The impudent mortal he had kicked away earlier was aiming a magic missile at him. A man had 2 soul possessed pistols aimed at him. A mortal with peacock feathers had plant vines growing out his sword pommel.

The Skulltaker went over the memory of his first arrival and noted that there were at least 2 others absent from the group.

The Khornate daemon looked over his shoulder and saw a human with a box haircut and sun glasses standing behind him. To his right was a man with white hair and a black mustache. To his left was a man with white chest length hair. Directly in front of him was a man with a blonde comb over.

They rushed from all sides at once, blades drawn. In less than 3 seconds all 4 four the mortals and their soul possessed weapons were cut to ribbons. Not a single full body fell to the ground, that wasn't at the last missing a head or a few limbs.


The daemon saw these mortals were essentially prepared to fight with their all now that they were at their apparent "full power", as if such a thing made any difference since what he hesitated to call a fight even began. The Skulltaker saw the determination in their eyes and decided to test it.

He called back his mount.


The familiar black and red smoke descended from the clouds and the "fighting force" that had assembled looked on in dread. Was it another of those daemons? One of them had butchered more half of their original number. A second one would surely spell destruction for all.

The Brass clad bull from earlier materialized. The beast snarled at the mortals as if felt its masters' ire towards them.

Those that angered the master would receive the most gruesome and painful death that its forehead blade, steel teeth, and brass hooves could possible cause.

The Skulltaker mounted his brass colored juggernaut and both creatures fazed forward, both roaring and charging with unholy fury.



Author's note: Believe me. You don't want to know what happens next.

In my story "The Humans Strike Back" I noticied several of you were disappointed in the lack of casualties humanity inflicted on their Shinigami counterparts. I figured the best way to make it up to you was a short 40k crossover that has a Khornate daemon messing everyone's shit up.


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