We drove on the main highway, it was easy to drive on and the roads were clear- we'd be able to see any Walkers easily, and there was plenty of time to turn around and hole up until they passed. Me and Daryl were leading the group, on the few occasions when there were a couple of cars grouped together we went through and found the easiest route for the RV. Then we found a particularly large group of cars and the RV's hose gave out again. I jumped off and bent my legs slightly, they were stiff from how I'd been sitting. At least we were stuck somewhere he was bound to find a hose that fit. As the group spoke, I began rummaging through the cars.

"This is a graveyard. I don't know how I feel about this..." said Lori, trying to invoke from the group a reason as to why they shouldn't take things that would make them happier. I snorted. "Have you got a problem with me, Robyn?" I turned,

"Well, you say that we shouldn't take this stuff... do you think they need it? Do you think we don't?We need things like clothes for when ours are so worn that they are no more than rags- you can feel free to roam around butt naked around your son and the rest of us, but don't expect me to. I figure the dead will understand, there's stuff here that we need, that we can use"

"It belongs to the dead! They deserve respect!"

"I respect the dead- I think they're great, I imagine they're really looking forward to seeing you very soon when winter comes and you have nothing to keep you warm... or when you run out of water. Perhaps when you see them you can say, 'Robyn says sorry for taking your stuff, when you were dead, to stay alive'" I stormed away from the group and continued raiding the cars further away.

I scavenged up some more clothes, a couple of pairs of trousers, a leather jacket, boots and a few dresses that I shoved in my bag. I managed to find a couple of knives that I tucked into my belt and an atlas which I figured might come in useful at some point.

When I looked down at my clothes I realised that I desperately needed to change- my combats had holes all up the legs and my top was far too loose. I glanced back at the RV and figured I could change inside one of the cars. I'd managed to pull off my top, and had just got my trousers off when I saw the Walkers coming round the corner. I prodded the dead guy in the front seat to make sure he was dead and then pulled him on top of me to hide my scent from the Walkers.

Occasionally one of them would happen to look into the car I was hiding in, but each one passed on. Once they were gone from my area I pulled on one of the cute little dark green dresses that I'd found and climbed out just in time to hear screaming, "Sophia!" I called, I ran to the group, grabbing knives from the belt that I'd tied round the waist of my dress. There were two walkers chasing her into the forest, I threw one of the knives and it lodged itself in the head of the one closest to her, but the other one was too quick. I saw Rick run after them and grabbed Carol to stop her following.

"Carol, you can't help, let Rick bring her back" I quickly ran to get my bags, particularly the ones with the various weapons and dumped them inside the RV where Andrea was crying against a closet. "Hey" I said, I wasn't sure exactly what to do with crying people and I sat down beside her, "I know you're cut up about your sister, and I know that Dale put you in the worst situation imaginable when he made you save his life but we've got to pull it back together, your sister was a happy, outgoing person. This world would've destroyed her" Andrea's head snapped sharply to face me, "You are stronger than that, she didn't choose death, she chose to fight despite it being against her nature- so you need to fight, succeed where she failed" I patted her on the arm and then got up to join the others.

Rick came back a short time later, saying that he'd told Sophia to run back here after he'd drawn away the Walkers. When he realised she wasn't here he asked Daryl, Shane and Glenn to go back into the woods to find her, "Rick! I can help track, I know how people move in different terrains" I said, hopping over the rail to join them, "Robyn, you've got to help T- Dogg, he tore up his arm pretty badly, we've got Daryl, we'll be fine" I glanced back at T-Dogg who was feebly grasping his bledding arm, trying, unsuccessfully to stem the bleeding, "Okay."

I grabbed one of Dale spare reels for his fishing rod and one of the hooks, and sat T-Dogg down on the step leading into the RV whilst I set up a fire in the middle of a couple of cars so they wouldn't be seen easily by any passing Walkers, and then found Merle's bag of drugs that Daryl kept in the bike, I knew he wouldn't mind me taking some to take away some of T-Dogg's pain. I raided one of the cars and found some Vodka which I poured down T-Dogg's arm making him call out loudly, Carl and the others all flinched. I grabbed one of the thicker sticks and, after making sure it was red hot I pressed it to the wound, preventing it from bleeding out any further. "Alright, T-Dogg, I've cauterized the wound, now I'm gonna sew it up so the chances of getting a fever will decrease more, you need to stay still for me to do so though, okay?" he nodded and I grabbed the hook and wire.

It only took me twenty minutes to sew up the wound, and then I taped some gauze over it.

"You should be okay, the stitches will be in there for a couple of days though, don't you dare pull them" he nodded to show that he was indeed listening very closely to what I said.

We all waited impatiently for the men to get back with news of Sophia,but the hours soon began to pass, and I felt myself getting restless. Unfortunately, the men returned having found nothing.

I slept separate from the group and watched from atop one of the cars for any Walkers, most of the Walkers seemed to have been in the herd, and there were no others over the course of the night. The next morning it was decided that we'd all go out and look for Sophia, everyone except me, Dale and T-Dogg, Rick claimed that it was because someone needed to keep their eye on T-Dogg, but I didn't think that was the real reason.

"Where are you going?" Dale asked when he saw me grabbing my bat, the others had been gone for hours- we'd heard some bells a while ago but they'd stopped soon after, so we didn't panic.

"I'm going for a walk"

"You need to keep an eye on T-Dogg"

"He'll be fine; I gave him a tablet to fight off infection earlier"

"Don't go too far"

"Whatever" I waved away his concerns as I walked further and further away from the group.