"So, I was like 'Thank you, Catherine obvious' and they all looked at me like I was crazy." Tori explained with a pout. "Catherine could be a captain right?" She asked. "Got any three's?"

Robbie tried to hide his smile behind the abnormally large cards. "Catherine could certainly be a captain." He bit his lip to keep from laughing. "Go fish."

Tori nodded. "Yeah right, wait…" She lightly glared at him. "Are you being sarcastic?"

Robbie quickly shook his head, but he couldn't help snorting in amusement.

Tori frowned at him for a while. "I would be insulted if I didn't like you."

Silence followed her words. She likes me… Robbie couldn't help the flutter his heart made, though he was certain she meant 'like' in a very platonic way.

"Yeah… It was the worst moment in my life." The girl plucked a card. "It was so hot." Her eyes moved from her cards to look at him. "I'm always sharing stories, but you never share any of yours. Tell me about your friends."

The boy shifted in his chair nervously. You're already telling me about my friends. "Hollywood Arts sounds way more exciting than my school." He finally said. "All my stories would be boring."

She frowned again. "I doubt it. I feel like you don't really tell me much about yourself."

Robbie began coughing and he felt light headed. Not now… He tried to get on his feet but found he couldn't really support his own weight.

"Robbie!" Tori shouted standing up and moving around the table to him. "Are you alright?"

He tried getting up again, this time making it on unstable legs. "I have t- to… go…" He coughed again; his face had turned a sickly shade of white. "I'll see you tomorrow." He quickly stumbled towards the room's door.

Tori worried, made to follow but was cut off by Mary-Ann who had been coloring in the room. "Can you read me a story, Tori?" The little girl blocked her path. Tori frowned looking towards the closed door Robbie had ran out of. Finally she nodded and let the little girl lead her away.

Robbie leaned on the wall down the hall, one hand on the wall the other over his mouth as he coughed. Blood seeped through his fingers. Nurses quickly flanked him just as he lost consciousness.


Robbie couldn't fall asleep, though he watched the ceiling above him willing himself to fall asleep. It was morning now, after a long sleepless night, but all he could think about was Tori. He thought about how scared she looked when he ran out of the room the way he had. He felt bad.

Realizing he wasn't getting any sleep, until he had seen her and assured her he was alright, he got on his feet. He retrieved his bag of clothes from under the hiding spot under his bed, even though mostly all the nurses and Dr. Mellow were aware of what he was doing.

Weakly he removed his pajamas and put on his regular clothes and snuck out of his room. She wasn't in the common room, and he was at a lost for a while. Then he remembered the room she had asked for when he met her.

Room 333, belonged to a sick toddler named Mark; he usually visited the child around dinner time to make certain he ate. He avoided nurses hoping they wouldn't make him go back to bed.

The lights were on in Mark's room, and through the cracked door Robbie could make out Tori's voice. He realized she was reading 'Goodbye, Moon'. He leaned on the room's door frame, resting his pounding head on it. He listened to her read, her voice giving his pain filled body a type of bliss and calm.

He had lost himself in a daydream, so much so he hadn't noticed Tori had stopped reading. The room's door was pulled open and Tori gasped, while Robbie quickly stumbled backwards holding his chest.

Tori glanced behind her before quickly walking through out into the hallway, closing the room's door behind her quietly. "Are you alright?" She asked right away without any hesitation.

Robbie was still surprised by her sudden appearance could only stare. Tori frowned and took a step closer to him, her warm hand finding his forehead. "You're so hot…" Her bottom lip was captured by her teeth.

Robbie was barely listening. His eyes were focused on her eyes, the chocolate irises he could get lost in. He got lost in them, a lot.

"A nurse told me you had fallen ill. No one would give me your number though." She very slowly removed her hand from his forehead. "I was worried."

The removal of her hand from his person brought him back to reality. "I'm fine…" His gaze had fallen to her lips. Their closeness made him feel as if he could actually feel her breath against his face.

Her eyes were locked on his. A pink tint rose on her slightly tanned cheeks as he leaned in…

"Robbie, there you are." A nurse quickly stalked down the hallway towards them, seemingly completely oblivious to how the teens had jumped apart and there red faces. She gave him a look. "I need your help with something."

Robbie was aware that meant - it was time for his medication. He was really thankful that the entire hospital staff helped him keep his secret from Tori. He nodded. "I'm coming."

The nurse nodded gave Tori a kind smile before walking away.

Robbie lightly scratched the back of his head when they were alone again. His mind had gone blank again.

"I guess I'll see you later?" Tori asked uncertainly, her fingers combing her hair.

Robbie nodded quickly, making his head swim. "I don't believe it's going to be today, though." He told her remembering how his medication made him feel, "Tomorrow?"

"Yeah sure," The girl smiled.