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Dave/Jade await!

Jade peeked around the corner of her halfway opened door and into the hall. She got the fluttery feeling she always felt when she saw him. Her stomach lurched but went back to normal ever so often and easily. He stopped to chat with John, her brother and his best friend. She hated herself for never being honest about the way she felt. They way she felt around him. This was her teenage crush and better yet one of her really good friends.

She planned on today being the day that she would be honest with him. Honest with herself, too. She looked back up at Dave and couldn't believe how "coooooool" he looked. Expressionless face, dark shades, God Teir hood, and his creamy white complexion. She had just realized how dorky she probably looked gnawing over him. She put her buck front teeth back into her mouth and straightened her posture. She glasses hung on her nose and ears making her look like she was back on her island as a little kid.

Jade stiffened as he finished up catching up with John and he started walking to her room. No. His room. Right next to Jade's. She then felt the slightest bit of drool coming about of the corner of her mouth. Heart racing she looked around the tiny square room as if it didn't belong to her. She spotted tissues and reached for them. Just a little further...


Why am I so fucking clumsy? She thought as her knees from under her tried to gracefully get her back to the bed. She sensed him at her door.

"Harley? You fucking fell of your bed," His cool monotone voice made her whip around and blush a full face cherry blush. She knew he could see it. But she was just silent trying to find the right things to say.

"W-Well..." She cleared her throat so she wouldn't sound like a total dweeb, " Ya know, experts say you should start every morning with a face-plant to the floor." She looked down at the floor and kind of twirled her foot the tip of her shoe trying to act cute and innocent.

"Haha. Sure Jade! Catch ya later," He put up a pistol and walked out of her room leaving her clueless and wishing he had a real pistol that really shot her. Her heartbeat started to calm the fuck down and she went to close the door and relax on her bed to try and stuff that moment as far down as she could just like the other ones.

Sighing, she hugged one of her many squiddles that she always had. Drifting in and out of sleep, you finally turn over and pass out with that embarrassing moment coming back through your mind and circling again and again. You started ti feel dizzy and clutched your eyes tighter finally letting your body release and sleep.

He walked into his bad-ass turn table style room and shut the door behind him. He always thought Harley was cute, but dammit! He was a sucker for boot-toe-spinning-stuff-that-girls-use. He was in a hopeless love and he couldn't show it. He new if he had to be cool and smooth, he would have to act cool and smooth. That means little expressions and wear your shades everywhere; including the shower.

He relaxed on his bed and stuffed down that 30- second embarrassment into his mind, all the way to the back. Starting up to the giant turn-table painting on the ceiling, he thought about Jade. She was always in your mind, you supposed. Always her little giggle or blush. Hell! You can even picture her blushing and giggling. You sigh and let dreams be dreams as you drift off into a mid morning nap to clear your head.

Jade wakes up in a rush of panting and deep breathing. She should be used to it by now she wonders. She has had dreams about Strider every night for the three years they have been on this meteor. This one was a lot more intense though. She could feel between her legs getting hot and damp. Her lower stomach folded over in pleasure. But nothing was pleasuring her. She knew she wanted him. She knew that her dreams revolved around that she was in bed with him. But, this was the first time she actually felt the heat from that area and she had to move her hips around to get out of it.

It really didn't help so she had the idea of just taking a shower to cool her off. Even though it was 2 am and everyone was presumably asleep, she just couldn't get rid of the hotness and her want for him. She went to her drawers and got a scampy shirt and shorts and panties for after her shower.

She opened the creaky door an inch at a time until she could squeeze through and go across the hall. Just as she was about to grab the handle to the restroom...


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